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Klaine fic: I'll Be Your Thrill (Pocket!Blaine)

Title: I’ll Be Your Thrill

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Warnings: Brief embarrassment from getting caught, Dirty talk, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, references to fisting-esque penetration, extreme size difference (pocket!Blaine, normal sized Kurt).

Rating: NC 17

Wordcount: ~2300 words.

Summary: Kurt and his small friend Blaine have been close for a while, but Kurt’s started to look at him differently. One day he comes home early unexpectedly and then he sees him really differently.

Notes: Title from All The Small Things by Blink 182.

Also on AO3.


Kurt didn’t know that much about Blaine’s history. Why he was only about six inches tall, how he’d managed before Kurt met him, whether he’d always been that way, was all a mystery to Kurt. He’d found him one day, trying to sneak onto the train to New York. Kurt had decided to help him out - he understood needing to get out of Lima - and they’d been inseparable ever since.

Kurt didn’t pry into his past, and in return Blaine didn’t make him relive his and it worked. It had taken a while for them to figure things out, Rachel had been if anything too fascinated in Blaine to begin with, which had left Kurt strangely jealous, but the three of them lived happily together.

Blaine had surprised Kurt by being an incredible performer, and his hit YouTube channel was doing so well that he was easily paying his third of the rent by himself. They’d tried to let him pay less, as he took up so much less room, but he’d insisted.

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fic (ish): Social Media

A semi-sequel to missbeizy’s delightful fic, Switch. I read it and immediately wanted to know what happened after Kurt and Blaine became official. So…I made this!

Images are all taken from google. If they belong to you and you want credit or have it taken down, let me know and I’ll do that!


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"Tomorrow" - Kurt/Blaine

6x05 elevator reaction fic.  Relationship talk and a little phone sex.

It takes four days for Kurt to work up the courage to text Blaine. When he does, he’s half asleep in bed and he doesn’t let himself think about it before he hits send.

So, truth time: that gas? I was not entirely immune.

He goes to sleep to avoid the response, but it’s there when he wakes up.

Oh my god, Kurt.

After his morning coffee, just before he gets into the choir room, he sends another.

Come on. Be honest. Not even a little?

In the middle of practice. Can we talk later?

He has no idea what that means, precisely.

Has he made Blaine uncomfortable? Was it too much? He’d had this itchy urge to begin a dialogue with something semi-comedic, in the hopes that Blaine might respond casually.

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En Garde (Klaine, NC-17)

Summary: When Blaine behaves poorly during Combat Class, Kurt decides that he needs to learn the consequences right now. D/s AU with sub!Blaine and Dom!Kurt. Warnings for public punishment and sex with D/s roles.

A/N: I couldn’t handle the sexual tension in this post, so I wrote a thing with a cheesy title. ((also it’s my first time writing smut))


Kurt adjusted his gloves before heading over to the selection of foils available for combat class that day, handling three to check their balance before choosing one for him and his sub. Stage combat was one of three classes the pair shared that semester, and although Blaine was normally ecstatic for more time together, he had been acting off all week. When Blaine took the foil from his hands with hardly a thank-you, Kurt narrowed his eyes but added it to his mental list to go over later as the professor moved toward them.

“No, Mr. Hummel, Mr. Anderson; after observing the class during our introduction to fencing, I’m going to make pairings myself so people can be more evenly matched,” he said matter-of-factly. “Kurt, how about you give it a go with Marcus?” Kurt nodded at the Dom across the room whom he recognized from his mime workshop elective. “And Blaine, I’d like you to work with Ben over there,” he said, pointing to a short sub who gave Blaine a wave.

“Seriously?” Blaine muttered not-too-quietly under his breath as he sulked over to the corner of the room.

Kurt fumed; this wasn’t his sub. Blaine was almost always good to the point of being ridiculous. Excusing himself briefly, he jogged to the edge of the room under the pretense of grabbing his water bottle. He stopped on the way back to get Blaine’s attention.  “I don’t like your attitude right now, Blaine,” he said quietly. “I don’t want to see any more of it, or the conversation we’re going to have later is going to turn into a punishment right now. Understood?”


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Favourite fics as fake film posters → The Anderson Rose by missbeizy

There are nods and smiles, and they continue speaking until it is Blaine’s turn to say something.

And Kurt—

Kurt is still staring at Blaine, and Blaine at Kurt.

He knows the words, but Blaine is supposed to speak first—and that’s for the best, because all he wants to say is Blaine’s name, over and over again, and that would not do.

He doesn’t move or speak or even breathe, waiting for Blaine to begin.

And then, without warning, Blaine closes the distance between them—Kurt feels his insides try to crawl out of his body, and is so shocked that he almost takes a step back—wraps his arms around Kurt’s waist and presses his face into the crook of Kurt’s neck—the inch or inch and a half of height that he has on Blaine is enough to make that placement perfect—and hugs him tightly.

Well THAT was fun.

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Fave fics as fake film postersSwitch by missbeizy

They dance off in a corner just for privacy’s sake; Kurt doesn’t want to embarrass Blaine too much (he’d honestly expected his insistence to be laughed off by now and he mentally high fives Blaine for being nice enough to indulge him) and, well. Kurt’s sort of slutty when he’s drunk. Before he can give Blaine the chance to take charge he’s turned around, settled low on his knees and pressed his back and ass into the curve of Blaine body.

He can feel Blaine inhale, surprised. He can feel surprise turn to acceptance when Blaine’s wide hands slide around his body, trace his ribs and belly and then settle on his hips. He doesn’t hold back—he writhes, side to side and back to front, letting Blaine feel his body. The music has a heavy bass line and he lets it vibrate the lines of his thighs and arms in all the right ways. He knows he’s putting on the drunk club act a little heavily—but Blaine doesn’t seem to mind.

Rather the opposite.