Her head immediately lifts and her eyes grow wide as nauseating dread trickles down her spine.

“He… He’s where?!” she exclaims. “Oh… Oh no… No...”

Please let him be all right please let him beallright pleaselethimbe–

“–Moirin!” she gasps, and then scrambles to her feet, hands grabbing the gloves as they fall from her sash. She wrings them in her hands, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “I’m so glad to see you! E-everything’s fine with me, I was about to… Never mind, it doesn’t matter any more; please, can you take me to the hospital the person in the grey cloak spoke of? I… I want to be with you and your family through this. And I-I need to see for myself if your husband is all right…”

She chews on her lip to hold back a sob. She didn’t know his heart was getting so bad; he looked haggard at times, it’s true, but he played it off so well that it wasn’t a worry… he played it too well. She didn’t worry enough, it seems. She can’t imagine how Moirin feels.

miss-amby  asked:

We all hate this game. We play it too much really.

I just… should have been there, you know? I should have at least taken the time to take Infinity out and about and befriended him so he might be less keen on—


Fin said he had something to do before we—

Oh, sosh, I was so stupid. That’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to exact his revenge on Ghost and I didn’t see it in time. Stupid, stupid!

*smacks his head into his hand*