Reblog if..

Reblog if you a CROWN(CClown)

Reblog if you a L. O. Λ. Ε (Nu'est)

Reblog it you a PRISM(Blanc7)

Reblog if you a VAMPZ(VAV)

Reblog if you a 24U(24K)

Reblog if you a TOPPKLASS (TOPP DOGG)

Reblog of you a ALPHA(AlphaBAT)

Reblog if you a ELF(Super Junior)

Reblog if you a SAY A(MISSA)

Reblog if you a ELVIS(AOA)

Reblog if you a L. E. G. O(EXID)

Reblog if you a HOTTEST(2PM)

Reblog if you a FANTASY(SF9)

Reblog if you a ROYAL TREASURE (Royal Pirates)

Reblog if you a SUNDAY(it is undecided but I love the name)

Reblog if you a MONBEBE(Monsta X)

Reblog if you a MeU( F(x) )

Reblog if you a IGOT7(Got7)

Reblog if you love and stan underrated Kpop groups.

I felt like doing this because all the fandom’s I listed feel dead so reblog if you are part of one of these groups and of you never heard of them be nice enough to watch their MV

I know Monsta X fandom ain’t dead but I just had to add them.

I know Got7’s fandom ain’t dead. But it felt like y'all was

Let’s all take the time to remind ourselves that there are more Kpop groups out there. Just gotta look

And if there is more underrated Kpop groups out there let me know cuz I like to explore shit.

P. S

I’m still will always be a ST⭐RLIGHT

VIXX is my babies

Shout-out to every member of girl groups that gets period but still performs as well as always

I heard that a lot of them have irregular periods or don’t have them at all due to meds they take or dieting

But there probably are some girls who get them and I just want to say how much I admire them for that (not hating on anyone who doesn’t of course)

I can’t get out of my bed for 2 days.. not even thinking about moving or even worse-dancing

They make it look so easy and dance and sing with a smile while they’re in pain


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