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[BREAKING & CONFIRMED] missA’s Min & G.Soul are DATING!

Good news for JYP stans/shippers!

It has been revealed today that missA’s multi-talented member Min is dating label-mate RnB vocalist G.Soul! The two are both long-time trainees of JYP Entertainment (Min for 8, G.Soul for 15) and are close from their years together in the US JYP office.

Read JYP Entertainment’s official statement below:

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All My Idols Ch 19: Chasing Me

“I feel offended for some reason,” GD says as he spins around in the studio chair.

“I’m with you,” Seungri pouts down at me where my head is resting in his lap. The other three nod in response. I sit up, pulling my legs off Youngbae’s lap to sit cross-legged on the couch.

I sigh, “You guys seriously, just let me fan girl for like two minutes.”

They groan, Youngbae huffs at me, “We love talking to you Charlie, just not about the amazing day you had with the love of your life.”

“You never talked about us like that,” Ri continues to look like a sad puppy as he plays with my hair.

“That’s because I had no one to talk about you with. I didn’t have a real conversation with someone until you called me to meet you at the fan signing. So I didn’t really get the chance here, but if it makes you feel any better my friend and I would fan girl over you constantly,” I smile at them.

“Good enough I guess,” Youngbae ruffles my hair, “Where are you headed today?”

“JYP, I think, I don’t know if I want to deal with JYP Ahjusshi, “ I grimace at memory of the last time I saw him on stage performing Who’s Your Mama? And the awkward eye contact we made.

“Can’t you just sneak in?” Daesung suggests.

I shake my head, “The minute I walk into the building it’s like an alarm goes off, and everyone is suddenly there ready to do something.”

“So don’t go,” Youngbae wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me in close.

“I promised, Oppa, I can’t go back on it now,” I yawn as I jump to my feet. “I’m going to head out, I’ll see you guys tonight, right?”

They shake their heads, GD answers for them, “We have scheduling up the ass, get one of those Got7 boys to get you some dinner.”

“It’s fine, I can eat dinner by myself, won’t bet he first time, and definitely won’t be the last,” I wave their worry away as I head out of the studio. In the hall I easily maneuver my way to the front door where a taxi should be waiting, but when I peek out I’m disappointed not to see one. Instead there is a group of fans crowding a bus with Ikon trying to climb into. Smirking I bust threw security, giving the guards an apologetic smile for scaring them, before rushing and jumping into the van just as the door closes. Thankfully, I’m caught by a very confused blonde giant. “Hey guys,” I wrap my arms around Junhoe’s neck to secure my spot on his lap, his arms going around my waist helps as well.

“Noona, what are you doing here?” Bobby looks back from the front seat to stare at us.

“I’m hoping I can catch a ride to JYP, my taxi can’t get threw because there seems to be a crowd of screaming girls around the building,” I tease.

“How else are we supposed to keep you all to ourselves? The wall of fan girls usually works,” Hanbin winks at me.

“JYP please manager oppa!” I beam at the blushing man behind the wheel who just nods before driving down the road. The drive is filled with laughter, teasing, and way too much flirting for such normally sweet boys. I switch seats half way threw the drive due to Junhoe’s wandering hands and my oppas insistence, resulting with me plopping down in Hanbin’s expecting arms. It doesn’t surprise me when his arms wrap around my waist tightly, what does surprise me is when his thumbs start rubbing my sides gently, sending tingles threw out my body. No one notices the small motion and continue their loud conversations. I try my best to participate but my mind is on the hands on my waist and their owners warm body pressed against my back. When the driver pulls up to JYP I contemplate telling them I changed my mind just so I could enjoy Hanbin’s warmth a little longer.

But I convince myself to get out of the car, giving Hanbin a glance I’m surprised to see him biting his lip flirtatiously at me. I close the door before they can see the blush on my cheeks. Flirting is nothing knew to us but that is different, it feels a lot different. Pushing that thought out of my head I walk into the building, bowing politely to security that wave me threw without a thought. Right as I walk in I’m greeted by a giggling girl who basically throws herself at me.

“Unni!” She screams as she latches on to me; we fall back into someone’s arms.

“Suzy!” I giggle along with the younger girl.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Her face burrows into the crook of my neck. I look up wondering who is nice enough to catch us and not drop us even when we act like idiots. “Oppa!”

Mark chuckles, “Hello Charlie.”

“Suzy! Get off of her!” Jackson whines when he comes to join our growing group.

“Go away Oppa, I get Charlie first!” Suzy declares as she pulls me away from a pouting Mark.

“You got her first last time,” Jackson snaps back.

“Because I’m her favorite, right Unni?” She looks at me for help.

Thankfully Fei appears and pulls the younger away, “Suzy we have to go practice.”

“But Unni, Charlie’s here, it’s like a company holiday.”

“I’m sorry for distracting her,” I apologize Fei who just waves it away before giving me a brief hug.

“I’m happy to see you, we should get lunch,” I nod at the suggestion and wave as she drags the younger away to the practice room.

“Good, now we get you,” Jackson basically jumps on my back, making me almost fall.

“Ya, get off her,” JB appears to be my knight in shining armor and pulls me away from the crazy blond.

“Noona!” The four youngest members come bouncing over to me, big grins on their handsome faces. I beam the boys, opening my arms wide for all of them. But someone wraps their arms around my waist and holds me away from the youngers.

“My Charlie,” JB sticks his tongue out at them.

“Hyung,” The chorus of boys whines.

Before anyone has the chance to snap back at the other from the balcony we hear a very familiar voice yell, “Oh Charlotte!” All our eyes go wide as we scramble to hide from the man we can hear running towards us.

“Are you guys done here?” I wonder.

They nod, Mark understands where I’m going with this, “To the dorm!” We all book it out of the building and down the street. We ran the whole five blocks to their dorm where we are waved threw security without a second thought. Once we reach their dorm we collapse on the floor, chests heaving.

“It’s nap time,” Yugyeom grumbles as he crawls his way over to where I lay on my back, resting his head on my stomach. I giggle when he moves his head around too much, tickling me. “Noona, you lost weight,” I see him frown at that.

“I probably lost a little.”

“Chicken or pizza?” JB automatically jumps up to order food.

“No guys it’s fine.”

JB shakes his head, “We need to eat too, we just needed a reminder.”

I sigh knowing it would be pointless to argue with them, “Are you guys excited for your tour to America?”

Yugyeom nods eagerly, “I can’t wait!”

“I’m excited to see my parents and go home,” Mark agrees.

“You guys should stop and say hi to mine,” I joke.

“I’ve always been interested to know what your family is like,” Youngjae says.

“Have you even been to New York or LA?” BamBam asks.

I shake my head, “But I have been to Chicago multiple times. The exact same theater you guys are performing in.”

“Have you been home since you moved here?” Youngjae questions.

“Nope, can’t afford it.”

“Do you miss America?”

I shake my head again, “I’m happier here than I ever was at home. I was always so bored at home, always went to work, went home and go back to work. Here, I have so many people that I love that care about me too.”

JR nervously asks, “Do you ever plan on going back?”

“God no.”

Jackson beams at me before rolling over to snuggle next to me, “Good! We were going to keep you anyway!”

“Ya!” JB kicks Jackson away and nudges Yugyeom’s head off me to the floor. “Get off my Charlie.”

“She’s not yours,” The baby whines.

“You’ll have to fight Yoongi hyung about that,” Bam reminds him.

“And definitely GD sunbaemin,” Mark adds in.

“All of Super Junior, 2PM, and Shinee,” Jackson continues the list.

“If anyone can stake a claim it’s TOP sunbaemin,” JR decides.

Mark shakes his head, “TOP sunbaenim is definitely the older brother, GD on the other hand is in the race.”

I scoff, “The race?”

Mark nods as if it’s the most common thing he’s ever said, “The race for our princess’s heart.”

“Who else is in this race?” I wonder letting the maknae rest his head on my stomach once again when his hyung leaves the room.

Mark pauses for a minute as if he’s thinking up a list and to my surprise he provides one, “JB obviously, Yoongi, Hanbin, though Bobby seems to be wanting to step in lately too. Most of EXO except for Suho and Chen, Big bang is pretty unclear except for GD who is all in and TOP who is completely out.”

“Himchan hyung has been eyeing you up lately,” Jackson adds. “Taemin too.”

Bam clicks his tongue at me, “Lets not forget almost all of AOMG.”

“You are Taceyeon hyung’s ideal type but Junhoe hyung might fight him for you,” Mark chuckles.

“Speaking of Junhoe’s, I’ve been hearing that Ikon’s is head over heels for you,” Yugyeom teases.

Well that explains this morning.

“How do you guys know all of this? Did you guys have a meeting or something like when I first started getting knights?”

They all nod.

“Can we please stop talking about this?” I grumble burring my blushing face in my hands.

“If you had to pick someone, who would it be?” Yugyeom asks as he stares up at me.

I shrug, “To be honest I don’t think I could say no to anyone.”

“I said pick.”

“Um…Probably GD.”

Jackson jumps to his feet, “Called it!” He rushes off to find JB, “Yo!  You all owe me five bucks!”

I roll my eyes, “You guys had a bet?”

“I was hoping you’d go for Hyung,” Bam sighed in defeat.

“Sorry to disappoint.”

Hours pass of us laying on the floor talking about nothing special, eating massive amounts of unhealthy food that will make us feel horrible later. But right now is for enjoying bad food with good friends. At five they tell me they have something on their schedule but ask if I want to tag along or hang out at the dorm but I turn their offer down figuring I could find someone I haven’t seen for awhile just by wandering around the right area. So I pull on my timberlands that I received from a very cute Kookie and a warm winter jacket before walking with the boys back to JYP. I continue my walk with my scarf wrapped around tightly and a mask covering up most of my face just enjoying the cold weather.

As I expected, only a mile away from the JYP building I find a cute man wandering around drinking coffee outside of a café. Even in his full disguise I can tell it’s him by his perfect heart shaped lips. Without him noticing I sneak up behind him and yell boo. The cute man jumps, almost spilling his coffee, those eyes that I love so much are open wide with surprise.

“Hello oppa!” I beam at him, pulling my mask down to let him know it’s just me. I find comfort with his awkwardness, knowing that I’m the more confident one out of the two, unlike Chanyeol or Baekhyun.

“Charlie-ssi?” His eyes don’t blink until I give him a soft glare. “I’m sorry, I mean Charlie.”

“What are you doing out here?” I ask casually.

“I’m waiting for the others.”


He nods, “We go into different coffee shops so we won’t get noticed.”

“Charlie?” A deep voice rumbles behind me.

I turn to greet the giant, “Hello oppa.”

“What are you doing here?” He grins down at me.

“Just walking home.”

“Have you eaten?”

I nod my head, though it was around noon, I still ate something and I don’t know if I’m comfortable enough with them yet to go eat dinner with them. I try to think of all the excuses I could use to say no but once I see Lay basically booking it to us I know that no is no longer an option.

Okay lovelies I just want to let you know that I will be posting a new chapter of Bad Girl tomorrow night!