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What Katie Did - Brand Review

I bought my first What Katie Did corset as a 19th Birthday gift to myself. I had always wanted one but truly could never afford one just due to the high prices which of course is down to it being a small boutique with high quality products.

The Mae under bust corset in black satin was my first purchase, I ordered online and the delivery was speedy as well as the packaging being beautiful - so much attention to detail. The corset was packaged inside a large box - wrapped in tissue paper and then inside a dust bag [the original black satin bags with the light baby blue printed WKD logo and baby blue ribbon tie] as my birthdays close to Christmas a WKD Christmas card was inside, blank so you could write and send it but of course I kept it and still have it now. A copy of the latest catalogue and a beautifully illustrated ‘how to’ guide with illustrative work by Charlotte Thompson [a ladies who’d work I became familiar with thanks to Anna Fur Laxis & Dr. Sketcheys Birmingham] It was one of those special gifts that will always stick in my memory.

The corset was exquisite, sturdy and so much heavier than I had imagined. I wore it every day to college, to work and day to day which meant just under a year later I had to purchase another for rotation reasons of course and because of general wear and tear. This lead on to my saving up and on each birthday buying one a year.

However last year I finally made the pilgrimage to the boutique in London and gosh did it make me wish I’d visited so many years earlier. The staff were amazing! one lady has seen me in there a few times now and has always been the loveliest person and always remembers me which really makes your day. On that trip it made me change style of corset and opt for the Morticia.

The Morticia has a longer line than the Mae and the cut is a scoop creating a v at the top and bottom of the corset it actually holds you in ten times better than the Mae [well for me personally] and not only that I found I’d gone down a corset size again which is always joyous news - I’m naturally a 30" waist but corseting I go down to 24" that’s a 6" reduction.

What Katie Did corsets in my opinion are the best on the market, they are quite pricey around £150 and up but worth it. If you can save then they are an investment piece, I wear mine more often than most so wear and tear for me is highly likely but generally a corset will last you years!

This year as WKD have had a sale I’ve actually treated myself to three corsets a Black satin under bust Morticia, a white raw silk under bust Morticia and a peach cabaret satin and sheer under bust Morticia. The year isn’t out yet and I’m hoping to buy my usual Birthday Corset for next year too.