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“We bonded instantly on the film, and laughed our way through the production. Ever since that time, we never referred to each other again as Julie and Mary. Whenever we bumped into each other, people must have thought us nuts…screaming across some shopping aisle in a supermarket or yelling to each other down the corridors of CBS…’Millie! Miss Dorothy!’ She was a joy to work with, her talent was monumental. She was brave, kind, generous and an activist for many causes. I will miss my ‘Miss Dorothy’ so much, but I’m comforted to know that the joy she brought us all will be everpresent in her many films and television shows.” - Statement from Julie Andrews on the death of Mary Tyler Moore

girls in the spotlight
songs that are sung by women on stage** *expect for heart full of love, i chose it because ponine is a strong girl who takes a bullet for her love because he was too busy pontmercying around * annnd the schuyler sisters but come on, leslie odon jr is cool af enjoy x

The Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton // Everything Else - Next to Normal // A Little Fall of Rain - Les Miserables // Cornet Man - Funny Girl // Oom Pah Pah - Oliver // Cabaret - Cabaret // Nowadays - Chicago // Bend and Snap - Legally Blonde // Thoroughly Modern Millie - Thoroughly Modern Millie // I Can Hear the Bells - Hairspray // The Dark I Know Well - Spring Awakening // I’d Give My Life For you - Miss Saigon // Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Beautiful, A Carol King Musical // Candy Store - Heathers // See I’m Smiling - The Last 5 Years

Dangerous Woman- Part 16

A/N: Hey everyone! I am getting ready to go on a trip for the weekend but I wanted to make sure that I posted something before I left…. Just remember that I love you? PLEASE? haha!

Warnings: ANGST- I know I don’t normally do angst in this story but BUCKLE UP. Fluff of course. Swearing.

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader 

Part 15/ Masterlist

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You let out a loud, exasperated sigh as you leaned back in your chair. It had been four weeks since Klaue’s capture and you were getting nowhere. He had sang like a canary when face to face with the Black Widow but had no information. He had apparently been given his force of sell soldiers who then turned on him and caught the attention of the Avengers. Klaue had no clue about Rumlow or even who he was, so you were back to square one.

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Papa says the demons can’t find us here, but it’s been hours since Lionel left, and I’m getting cold. I can’t stop thinking about the others. I can’t cry—it’s too loud. I can’t believe they’re all gone. Even Owen. They don’t care whether you’re old or young. I miss the fields and Millie. Sometimes I dream I’m on her back, that we’re cantering through the meadow. But the farm burned, and Millie died, and everything is red. Lionel, please, come back.

                                                                                                   —a tattered notebook


Do you even remember what happened on the Bloodstone Pass? 

We couldn’t agree on what path to take so we split up the party and those trolls took us out one by one. And it all went to shit. And we were all disabled! 

So we stick together, no matter what!


If you’re a Phantom fan you should watch this. I actually laughed out loud.

Millicent Bulstrode Headcanons

not enough people talk about her and I love her to bits, so here’s some of my headcanons I have for her..

  • People call her Millie for short and she really hates it and always tells them to call her Bulstrode instead - except her friends, they're the only ones who get away with it
  • Millie is a halfblood
  • Millie’s parents died when she was young (about 4 or 5) so her grandmother from her mother’s side raised her
  • Millie’s mother was a muggle and her father was a pureblood
  • Millie’s father side of the family has snubbed her out and refuse to have anything to do with her for she is not a pureblood
  • Millie used to hate Pansy Parkinson and they never got along until 3rd year where Pansy was being harassed by an older boy and Millie walked in on and quickly assessed the situation and then hexed the shit out of the guy - ever since then Pansy won’t leave Millie’s side
  • For being large and sturdy, Millie is exceptionally fast and stealthy and uses this to her advantage as no one expects this from her 
  • Millie used to be really insecure about her appearance and always inwardly winced when she overheard the comments about her from the other students
  • Millie tried so many diets and potions to lose weight but none ever worked
  • Millie never lets her emotions and feelings show to anyone but at night when all the other girls were sleeping, she would cry and weep into her pillows
  • In a moment of vulnerability in 5th year, she confessed to Pansy how she feels about herself and how she feels she’ll never be good enough or pretty enough
  • Pansy slapped her so hard that Millie had to blink away the tears that formed and Pansy continued on how amazing and inspirational Millie is, how strong she is and that Pansy wishes she was strong like Millie - physically and mentally, Pansy assured Millie that she is good enough and that she is more than good enough, Pansy told Millie that just ‘cause she doesn’t fit the ideals and standards of society and what is deemed beautiful does not make her any less beautiful, this is reality, there is a reason ideals are just mere ideas
  • Ever since then Millie has been working on her self-confidence and on accepting herself and has never felt as good as she does now
  • Having the best of both worlds, Millie is well aware of both muggle and wizarding worlds
  • Millie really hates potions, it’s not that she is bad at it, it’s just too rigid for her liking
  • Millie’s grades aren’t bad but they're not the best and if Millie doesn’t like a subject she’s not going to bother at all with it   
  • Millie hates butterbeer but loves hot chocolate
  • Her and Pansy go out to the movies every Saturday
  • Millie loves animals and her favourite subject was care of magical creatures and got the best grades for it in her year
  • Millie, Blaise, Theo and Pansy all love Italian food and every month they get together at this quaint Italian restaurant 
  • Millie and Theo are really close and have a sort of brother/sister relationship
  • Blaise once bet that Millie couldn’t take Vince or Greg on in a fight and if she could Millie could slap Blaise in the face once a day, so Millie took both of them on and using both her strength and speed, she whipped both their asses, Blaise fears for his life - and face- from there on forth.
  • Millie has an unreasonable love for ice cream and will eat it even on the coldest of winter days 
  • Millie loves chocolate and so does Draco, they once got into a fight over the last chocolate frog that was so bad they ignored each other for over a month 
  • Millie and Pansy during the 7th year with the “new teachers” used to protect and watch over the younger slytherin girls and soon began to look after other girls from other houses, especially protect them from the Carrow’s leers and perversions. Millie used her brute strength and Pansy used her quick thinking to get them and other girls out of dangerous situations. 
  • Millie really misses Vincent Crabbe sometimes and the way they used play fight and then later sneak into the kitchens late at night, but if anything, she really misses his friendly smile and Greg is just not the same anymore without him.
  • When her friends (Blaise, Pansy, Draco, Greg and Theo) found out that she was a halfblood they were all really upset with her. Crying for she thought she lost her friends she confronted them and they said they're not upset that she’s a halfblood but that she never told them. Smiling at that she replied that they can’t blame her for that.
  • Millie is an activist for muggleborns and halfbloods and muggles
  • Millie taught her pureblood friends about muggles and opened their minds to that world. 

Wow, this is really long and I still have so many more headcanons about her.

@sleighleefabulous a list of reasons most (if not all) american girls are gay:

  • rejection of social norms
  • often tomboyish or enjoy traditionally masculine pasttimes (sports, bicycle riding, navigation, reading)
  • politically minded (child labor, native american relations, patriotism, disability rights)
  • fighting for womens rights (title ix, suffrage)
  • exploration of nature
  • passion for animals (saving endangered eagles, pet goat)
  • empowering female role models (swan circling, magdalena, aunt cornelia, aunt millie, miss campbell)
  • close friendships with female friends
  • extreme sadness when friends move away/reject them

personal story time: my best friend always dressed up as kit and i was always ruthie, and yes, she was my first kiss

anonymous asked:

10, 14, 17, 27, 37, 40, 54, 63, 69, 70 👀👀👀

10 - When was your last physical fight?
Me? Fight? Bitch please I’d run off crying I’m weak

14 - Do you miss someone?
I miss my dog Millie, every single day

17 - Ever made out in the bathroom?
Omg I actually have…lmao in the pub bathroom how cute

27 (I answered this by mistake before so I’m changing to 26 what I should have answered) - What are you craving right now?
I’m craving….pizza, ice cream and dick

37 - Is it easier to forgive or forget?
Deffo forgive

40 - Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
Not yet

54 - is cheating ever okay?
Erm….N O

63 - Would you change your name?
I love my name but I wish I had a cool unique name so yeah in a way I would

69 - Do you believe in soulmates?
I dunno? I want to but I dunno. Like two people designed to meet? Nah sounds fake

70 - Is there anyone you would die for?
My Mom, my younger family siblings, Rachel, Bryony, Callum and you know what even George since everyone out of them means a lot to me.