’ Regardless 0f what kind 0f family y0u bel0ng t0: c0nventi0nal, unc0nventi0nal 0r just plain weird-just remember.

A family is a gr0up 0f pe0ple wh0 l0ve and supp0rt y0u f0r being y0u and w0uld never cast y0u 0ut f0r being wh0 y0u truely are and d0esn’t have t0 directly related. A family can even just be a gr0up 0f friends wh0 l0ve each 0ther’

((IDK, Humastuck Hamara with words of wisdom on family. I just wanted to draw some of my human au ideas. I like the idea AR, PM and WV are poly and the Mayor has adopted the cool kid Dave.))