Zulu Animal Vocabulary

Ape - inkawu
Baboon - imfene
Bird - inyoni
Crocodile - ingwenya
Dung-beetle - inkumabulongwe
Elephant - indlovu
Giraffe - indlulamithi
Hippopotamus - imvubu
Lion - ibhubesi
Meercat - umhlangala
Ostrich - intshe
Leopard - ingwe
Rhinoceros - ubhejane
Snake - inyoka
Spider - isicabucabu
Springbok - insephe
Warthog - intibane
Zebra - idube



Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia 2014

Sabrina Beneett - Miss Malaysia 2014

Nia Sanchez - Miss USA 2014

Josselyn A. Garciglia - Miss Mexico 2014

Kaci Fennell, Miss Jamaica 2014 

Diana Harkusha -  Miss Ukraine 2014

Desire Cordero Ferrer - Miss Spain 2014

Yulia Alipova -  Miss Russia 2014 

Elvira Devinamira - Miss Indonesia 2014

Karina Ramos - Miss Costa Rica 2014

Noyonita Lodh - Miss India 2014

Niketa Barker - Miss Guyana 2014

Tegan Martin - Miss Australia 2014

Keiko Tsuji - Miss Japan 2014

Ziphozakhe Zokufa - Miss South Africa 2014

I miss him
I need to be able to squish his lil baby cheeks. I need to be able to feel the struggle of needing to kiss him but can’t because he’s so tall. I need to be able to see him at a funny angle because I’m so much shorter than him. I need to be able to show and appreciate new music with him. I need to see how he acts under pressure. I need to see him mad. I need to see him be kind. I need to see him in his uniform as he stands at attention. I need to see him in his underwear as he’s making breakfast for dinner on a Tuesday night.
I need to be with him. -V.r.H
Honeydew and balm. Roads tar-black, rolling in front of us, waves and waves of heat & mist. The sun, gold pouring across the plains. Sky an open palm, swallowing, cradling. Every night was wind, bonfire, looking into each other’s faces. No mirrors but a million reflections. I remember the night we thought we would die – lightning exploding in front of our faces, the rain luminescent, endless, everything cowered and small. In the afternoon, a boy stabbed a snake. The next day, we found a bloated frog in the pool. Every morning, the mosquitos loved us ferociously, kissed splotches into our brown skin. Cracks of light in the wet grass. The mountains bigger than our gods.
Miss Universe 2015 in National Costume Disaster

Miss Argentina: I think the concept for this dress was: “how can we use the most fabric and material for this dress and still not cover her body?”

Miss Canada: This dress needs to be put into the penalty box indefinitely. As if the peacock placed hockey sticks weren’t bad enough, the Stanley Cup crown and silver hair were also added just make sure there were no redeeming qualities to this miss. 

Miss China: They were like, “can we remix all of the different types of dresses we have in China and make it into one?” Yes, was unfortunately the answer.

Miss Colombia: The umbrella is nice.

Miss Czech Republic: They were really struggling for the right concept for a national costume this year. The someone said: “let’s make a hat dress.” Then unfortunately everyone agreed and this happened:

Miss Dominican Republic: National Costume: “Our Lady of Perpetual Wow this was a really bad idea for a costume, but we went with it anyways Rodriguez.”

Miss Finland: Elsa called, she wants her dress back. #LetItGo

Miss Jamaica: National Costume: “The physical embodiment of a Hot Mess.”

Miss Lithuania: Apparently, the birthday suit is their national costume.  

Miss Nicaragua: At first glance, didn’t even know there was a person in there.

Miss South Africa: National Costume: Marty from Madagascar.

Miss Singapore: National Costume: “A surrealist depiction of Sailor Moon.”

Miss South Korea: National Costume: “We are the World.”

Miss Spain: The Spanish Inquisition forgot to burn this costume at the stake.

Miss Sri Lanka: National Costume: The Eight Leaf Clover.

Miss Switzerland: The theme is “Wedding Dress with the Swiss flag as the train.:#TheyToldUsAboutThisLastMinute 

Miss USA: Dear Argentina, we like your style, but we felt it needed some Stars and Stripes, but mostly just stripes. #IveSeenThisTree

Miss Venezuela: Theme: "The tree of the lack of Knowledge about selecting an appropriate National Costume.”

From left to right: Miss Serbia, Miss Slovenia and Miss Slovak Republic: We thought this was the after party. #TurnDownForWhat


Miss Universe 2015 [African contestants]

Miss Angola - Whitney Shikongo 
Miss Gabon - Ornella Obone
Miss Ghana - Hilda Akua Frimpong
Miss Mauritius - Sheetal Khadun
Miss Nigeria - Debbie Collins
Miss South Africa - Refilwe Mthimunye
Miss Tanzania - Lorraine Marriot