Disneyland Drabble

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Author’s Note: I just got back from Disneyland, and I had a wonderful time. While waiting in lines, I decided to write this drabble. Hope you enjoy! I did all of this on my phone, so sorry if there are any mistakes.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Words: 1746

“You’re kidding me, right?” Tony gaped, holding up the skin for a holographic face.

“Would you rather be swarmed by fan girls?” you asked rhetorically with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, kind of,” Pietro stated with his signature smirk on his mouth.

You glared at the speedster. “Well, I don’t. I’d rather actually get things done and be normal people.”

“No offense, Y/N,” Steve started. “But do we have to go to Disneyland?”

“Hey,” you explained. “You guys let me choose the vacation spot after you all argued about where to go. This is my choice.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t expect you to choose an amusement park. We were hoping you would be more sensible,” Clint stated.

Your eyes widened with anger and your jaw clenched. That immediately shut everyone up. “We are going whether you like it or not. Next time, don’t let me choose if you hate it that much.” With that, you stormed out of the room, but not before yelling “We leave in a hour, so you better be packed!”

“Where are we going?” Nat asked, following right behind you. You were leading the way to your all-time favorite attraction. Fortunately, there wasn’t a big crowd, because you don’t think the others would have the patience to wait in line and waft through the crowds.

“We are getting Fastpasses!” You exclaimed, not stopping for a second.

“What’s a Fastpass?” Thor asked. He was fidgeting with his holographic skin.

“It’s a pass that let’s us cut the line,” you stated.

“Are we allowed to do that?” Bruce asked.

“Yep,” you stated. “It’s one of the genius ideas of Disney.”

You finally reached your destination. “Here, give me all your passes and I’ll go get them for us. Wait right here though. No wondering off,” you insisted. They gave you their passes and watched you walk off into a building that looked like a safari hut.

“I hate to admit this,” Wanda said. “But I’m actually excited to be here. I’ve never been here before.”

“Yeah,” Tony said. “Me too. But don’t tell Y/N, or we’ll never hear the end of it.”

They saw you approach them with double the tickets in hand. “I’m just going to hold onto these,” you said. “I think it would be best.”

“Okay?” Nat asked. “What now?”

“Pirates of the Caribbean,” you exclaimed, grabbing onto Nat’s hand. “This is going to be so much fun." 

The others chuckled behind you, following your enthusiastic self. They followed you into what looked like the French quarters of New Orleans. Pirates of the Caribbean was a fast-loading ride, so you guys got in pretty quick, filling up an entire boat with your party.

"Ready?” you asked once you settled into your seats.

“What kind of ride is this?” Clint asked.

“Oh, just a boat ride,” you stated with an evil smirk on your face. Luckily, it was so dark that no one noticed.

“Oh joy,” Tony said unenthusiastically, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The nine of you sailed out of the first room, entering a dark corner. All of a sudden, a skull with a pirate hat appeared. The skull said, “And remember dead men tell no tales.”

The boat in front of us was released and the people of the boat screamed when riding down the drop.

“Uhhh, Y/N. What’s that?” Steve asked.

“Oh nothing. Just a water drop,” you said coyly.

“WHAT?” your teammates said in unison. Your boat was released for the drop. You squealed in delight as the boat started to tip over of the edge. Wanda screamed, while Nat just smirked not affected by the drop. And the men,… Well, lets just say some masculine screams could be heard. The boat dropped down the waterfall and skidded down to the rest of the ride. You were laughing your ass off.

“Not cool Y/N,” Tony stated.

Still laughing, you said, “Awww, come on. It was funny. Here, I’ll give you a heads up for the next one.”

“Next one?” Bruce repeated.

The second waterfall came to view, and you were quite literally clapping with joy. The others just glared at you. When going down the drop, there were no screams, but you wooed when going down, totally enjoying your time.

Throughout the rest of the ride, the others were in awe at how realistic the wax figurines were and how real the sets looked. Pirates of the Caribbean has always been a favorite of yours.

Once you all got off the ride, you realized that you still had time until the Fastpasses, so you decided to go eat breakfast. Food at Disneyland was the best! Expensive, yes, but totally worth it. 

You took them to New Orleans Square to get the legendary beignets. Let’s just say that many of them had powder sugar all over their face and you caught the image on your phone.

It was finally time to go on Indiana Jones and you were ecstatic! When you guys got into the queue area, others stopped to look at the decorated room. The queue of Indiana Jones was one of the best,  for you go through the inside of the temple itself. Throughout the temple are messages and warnings written in Mara-glyphics. There’s always a line for this ride, but the others didn’t seem to mind, too focused on the realistic decorations.

You guys finally got to the front and hopped on aboard on the Jeep-like troop transport. “I’m so excited,” you exclaimed. “It’s been way too long since I’ve been on this.”

“Is this you’re favorite ride?” Steve asked.

“YES! It’s the best, not trying to put your expectations too high,” you stated, as the ride pulled up.

“Okay, hands in the air, hands in the air,” the cast member demanded. “Pull on your yellow straps. Thank you.”

“What is this ride?” Thor asked.

“It’s a roller coaster, but it’s so much better than that.”

“How so?” Wanda asked, gripping onto the handles, not like surprises.

“You’ll see,” you said.

“Hello. Hello. Come in. Ah, the brakes need a little adjustment,” the announcer said.

The jeep came to life, as if you were going over rough and rugged terrain. You were all led to the room with the three doors that can lead you to the Fountain of Eternal Youth, the Chamber of Earthly Riches, and the Observatory of the Future.

“You seek the Fountain of Eternal Youth,” the god Mara stated.

Mara’s announcement was no longer heard when Tony shouted, “YEAH! Because I’m already rich enough, and we have a Vision back at the facility.”

You rolled your eyes but quickly brought back your attention to the ride. The Hall of Promise depicted images of people drinking the magical water and becoming young and beautiful again. The room was illuminated by light that is reflecting off the unseen water, and running water can be heard.

“You fools! You have looked into my eyes,” Mara stated. And then the real ride started. 

The transport emerged into a massive chamber and teetered on the edge of a vast pit of lava. A rickety wooden bridge spanned the pit, and another jeep could be seen crossing it. The ride then started acting like a roller coaster, making it feel like you are taking sharp turns and riding over bumpy roads all made by the imagineers. Skeletons, snakes, and bugs popped out at you.

The jeep rode into the last room where Indy was hanging onto his rope, and the  big boulder ball looked like it was coming at you. Then, at the last second, the jeep jetted down to escape being crushed by a ball.

“Next time, you’re on your own,” Indiana stated, whip in hand and the Boulder behind him.

“That. Was. The. Best. Ride. EVER!” Tony stated. “The special effects and CGI was amazing!”

You laughed at his reaction, while the other nodded in agreement.

The rest of the day was spent going on rides and eating delicious food. One of your favorite things about Disneyland is the community. The people were always so nice and friendly. If you could, you would just live there your entire life. But alas, the world needs Avengers.

You were now waiting on a bench, eating the iconic churros with the team, waiting for the parade.

“Do we have to watch the parade?” Pietro asked, churro already eaten.

“Yeah!” you exclaimed. “You guys need to see it to get the full Disneyland experience. I already let you guys miss the Soundsational Parade. We guys have to see the Paint the Night Parade.”

“How much longer?” Steve asked, placing his wrapper in the trashcan.

“15 minutes,” you stated, already counting down the time.

“Ugh,” Clint exasperated. “I can take a nap in 15 minutes.”

“Then, do it,” you teased. “My feet are tired anyways.” You laid your head in Clint’s lap and released a sigh of content.

After 15 minutes and much complaining from your teammates, the music started, signaling the beginning of the parade. Your head shot up from Clint’s lap, which woke him up. You squealed in delight. Music was started playing from the speakers, and then the lights abruptly turned off.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!,” the voice-over sang. “Disney proudly presents our spectacular nighttime pageant of magic and imagination. In millions of dazzling lights, and astounding musical sounds: It’s the PAINT THE NIGHT …… PARADE!”

The music of the parade stared playing, and you started lip-singing to it, knowing all the lyrics by heart. The teammates looked at you with smiles on their faces, amused by your child-like antics.

The performers came to view with their butterfly LED costumes, dancing with the music. And to be honest, you knew a little of their choreography too! You just love Disneyland so much. Then, the first float came to view with Tinkerbell flying mid-air and Peter Pan in what looked like a large drum with projections on it.

The teammates mouths were agape, looking at the spectacle of a Disneyland parade. It was amazing, and they haven’t seen anything like that in their entire lives. The whole parade consisted of your teammates being in awe and you lip-singing. When it ended, you looked at your teammates with a bright smile.

“That was spectacular,” Wanda said.

“See,” you stated. “Disneyland isn’t all that bad.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tony said with a roll of his eyes. “You were right. Yada, yada. Let’s go on Space Mountain again!”

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