Three-time Miss Singapore and weight lifter great-grandma

I had the God-given opportunity to interview Madam Ho Lye Toh, who’s the grandma of S. She weight lifted in her teenage years and won the title of Miss Singapore three times. I did think she was cool but I didn’t realise how interested people would be in the story – it’s been picked up by a news site and I’m trying to wrap my head around it…mostly because it’s my first big story with those kind of FB likes and social media stats etc. It’s a bit too premature for me to talk about what kind of interest she’s generating, but safe to say it’s definitely because she’s one of a kind!

You can read the article here. All images from Mdm Ho’s archives, while Mdm Ho’s portrait is taken by yours truly.



jparkitrighthere: 유희열의 스케치부욱 #우빠파 #AOMG #followthemovement

jparkitrighthere: SeAttle 2 Shanghai~ 🙌🔥🔥 #외쪽손위치 😅 #followthemovement #AOMG

jparkitrighthere: 파란머리 그립다.. Kinna miss my blue hair.. #SINGAPORE #AOMG #followthemovement

jparkitrighthere: Thank u Shanghai~!! Xie xie ni~!! 🙏🙏🙌🙌🔥🔥💯💯 #AOMG #followthemovement #Shanghai

朴宰范: Shanghai~! Xie xie  

朴宰范: Shanghai~!!!! Ni men jin tian daebak!!!!! 


​I’m (kind of) back!

Reason being I finally got promoted to a permanent employee and I feel like I’m starting to miss writing, so here I am. It’s been quite fun, well, as fun a programming job could be. The only thing that’s a major setback is the city, which is kind of better than all the scary news I’ve heard floating about, but still. Sigh. I miss Singapore.

Anyway. Stuff about me is pretty boring to read, so let’s move to the main announcements. In summary, there are five things:

  1. As I mentioned at the start of the post: Yes, the blog’s back. Although updates won’t frequent. As opposed to when I was in university, I have much less free time now that I’m working office hours. So updates will be much, much slower, and will be done with my own pace!
  2. I’ll be changing the blog name to morefandomscenarios on 18th July. Not so much a creative title but as I plan to extend the fandom list I’m writing for…. Best to keep possibilities open XD
  3. Related to (2), I’m adding in Tales of Zestiria to the fandom list. Pretty sure I won’t be getting many request for that, but still. I’ve fallen in love with the game and I’m obsessed with Mikleo to the point that my brother would refer him as ‘your Mikleo’ – I can’t say I don’t enjoy the sound of it but you know you’re in too deep if your brother recognizes your bias after like, only a week… Hmm…. Oh well.
  4. To start things off, the ask box will be open from 24th to 31st July for interact with your baes event! The tag will be interactwithurfaves072016, and this time there won’t be a limit cap. Send them all in, guys!
  5. I’m not accepting commision anymore, but the One Piece/Haikyuu!/KnB otome game project is still on! Vote will be open until I at least finished the basic game system, so keep entering your votes.

Thank you for still following this blog, by the way. After all the months I’ve been inactive, I still have followers and I’m very grateful for that. You guys are truly the best <3