I had a request from an anon for this little obsessive Shannon story!

She walks up to the house, unsure she should even be there. Her behavior the last few months has been far from that of a supportive friend.  She’s avoided seeing him at all costs, mostly because she’s been afraid he would pretend that nothing happened between them that night at her place after her date with the boring lawyer she went out with just to make him jealous ended with them tangled in her bed sheets.

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Struck Mute: Alfie Solomons One Shot - Requested

I love alfie can you write about how he’s never had problems with women before talking them up and shit but when he meets this one girl who’s a bit shy and reserved and the big boss starts stumbling on his words and she sorta stands there with a faint smile watching him struggle and he gives up and just asks if she’d come by and have tea with him one day?! I know it’s too specific but please I can’t write for shit and it’ll mean a lot thank youuuuu

 Warnings:  fluffy Alfie might just make ya swoon too


Alfie sat ramrod straight at his desk; an odd position as noted by Ollie when he brought over papers to be signed.  Usually his feet were stretched out across the surface as he leaned way back in the chair.   His usually rolled up sleeves were neatly fitted about his wrists, and it was obvious he struggled not to fidget with the scratchy cuffs.   Keen eyes that normally would have watched Ollie’s progress, were focused on the pocket watch sitting among the scattered paperwork.

He also never cursed once, easily scrawled his signature when presented with paper, and said not one booming word to Ollie as he walked back to his own corner space.

Something was definitely up.

Ollie peeked over the glass partition, saw his boss fidgeting with his shirt, patting his hair and beard, and finally glancing down at the watch when probably only 5.6 seconds had passed since his last glance.   He seemed very nervous.   Usually that didn’t bode well for Ollie.

All of sudden, Alfie jumped up from behind the desk and scurried towards the door; mumbling about needing a little something from the bakery.

Ollie stood confused as he watched his boss shuffle out the door, wondering if he meant bakery… or actual bakery.  


Alfie stood just within the doorway of the bakery kitchen.   That keen glare performing a quick scan of the days’ bakery orders.   If he was seeking something specific, his eyes held no hint as to what it might be.  Though an air of expectant waiting clearly lingered about him.   The kitchen staff held their breath, unsure as to the nature of this unexpected visit from the boss.    Each person holding to their own brand of nervousness, as Alfie stood staring into space; eyes intently focused on the bakery door.   Every now and then he would glance down at his watch, and over the shelf containing the daily pick-ups.   All of sudden his head snapped up and his body jolted to attention.

The woman who walked through the bakery door possessed the kind of beauty that immediately drew the eye. One could tell there was shyness to her in the slight hesitation of her body movements, as she proceeded across the floor, heels clicking over the mid-day customer din.   There was an understated glamour stated in her manner of dress.   A pinkish brown silk day dress with a pointed collar and tie, which dropped low and ended in a flared skirt.  The detailed embroidery above the waist bespoke of the cost of the garment.  Both colour and form suiting her willowy stature.  Perched atop her bobbed caramel toned locks sat a black velvet bucket hat, also finely detailed with feather and velvet decos.    The soft colour of the dress set off her peaches and cream complexion, and the low brim of the hat added an air of mystery to her person in how it shielded her eyes.   Approaching the counter, her hands twisted nervously around her beaded clutch.   Alfie remained with the door-frame, but his eyes never left the young beauty. 

She greeted the woman behind the counter with a quick smile and then quickly ducked her head once more.  “I’m here to pick up an order.”

“Yes of course Miss..?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  The order is not for me.”  A nervous laugh escaped.  “It’s for my aunt.  I’m picking it up for my aunt.”

The woman sighed, “And her name is?”

A bright flush crept upon the young women’s cheeks, and it was at that moment Alfie finally stepped forward.

“That’s alright now Ms. Shannon, why don’t ya go in the back and check on the bread while I assist this young lady, right?”

Ms. Shannon shot Alfie a look like he had lost his mind.  Serving customers in the bakery?   Hell must have surely froze over.   When she turned back, eyes raking over the young woman, who didn’t seem very smart in her opinion – not that anyone had asked mind ya – but her winsome face and form certainly suggested the reason for her employer’s sudden interest in legitimate business.    She rolled her eyes at Alfie, who cast her a don’t ya even think it woman glare, before she nodded her head.

“Of course Sir.  Only ‘ere to help of course.”  

“Thank ya Ms. Shannon, much obliged.”  

He cast a charming smile at the young woman who had stood quietly watching their exchange, lips pursed to formally introduce himself as the bakery owner.   Her head raised, uncertain eyes peeking out from beneath the hat brim, but she breathed deep and cast a small smile before once again dropping her gaze to the floor.   Alfie Solomons had more than sufficient experience in addressing lovely ladies, but his usual swagger fled in the face of her shy smile, and he stammered a greeting.

“Yeah right fu… well so, ” he swallowed past the lump in his throat, “ya must be Mrs. Abrams niece now right?  Told me ta expect ya comin’ by.”

The woman finally raised her head to meet his gaze and immediately felt as a small prey being hunted by a circling hawk under those sharp eyes.   Timidly her gaze draped, only to land on full lips fringed with whiskers that gleamed with ginger accents.   Her mouth hung slack at the sheer masculinity that oozed from every aspect of the man.   A nervous ball had settled in the pit of her stomach.

Alfie stared at her lowered head for what felt like hours, part of him simply enjoying her presence … and having the opportunity to roam his eyes over her entire form.  He liked the hat very much.   He shifted from one leg to another and finally found his voice again.

“Yer aunt is a longtime customer here, always lovely to see her,” he leaned a little closer, “but it’s my pleasure to finally meet you.  She speaks of ya often.”    He extended his hand towards her.   “Ahh…. um…. that is….I’m Alfie Solomons, owner of this lil enterprise.”

She presented her slender hand and he was slightly surprised by the firm grip and that she finally met his gaze.  Her voice came quietly and he had to lean towards her to hear.   “Pleasure to meet ya also Mr. Solomons.”   She quickly withdrew her hand and lowered her eyes once more.

But the gaze had been long enough and Alfie now stood struck mute.   Fuckin hell.   Her eyes were two different colours.   Fuck me?   One shone like liquid gold, a fleck of blue-green contained around the iris. The other a crystal clear shade of pale blue that pulled him into their luminous depths.  The overall effect of both completely disarming and for a few moments he couldn’t breathe.  He imagined staring into them in all kinds of scenarios.  Several of which were not proving helpful in the present situation.  Trying to suppress the flush that overcame, he pressed onward.

“Ahhh, um… apologies Miss…I didn’t catch yer name?”  

A glance over his shoulder revealed Ms. Shannon standing by the daily orders shelf looking at him like she didn’t know him at all.   Alfie shook his head and turned back to find the woman’s eyes on him once more.    Damn but they were completely bewitching.    He could stare into them forever.   First ya need to gather yer wits and ask her out.  It may have been the first time Alfie mentally told his own self to fuck off.  

“I’m so sorry.  How rude of me.”  Her hand fluttered about her chest before tentatively reaching out and touching his forearm.   A shock of heat shooting straight up and infusing his face with a warm blush.   “It’s Miss Sarai Fischel.”

“Well that’s just lovely innit?”  He took the hand that had touched his arm and softly squeezed it.   “Just lovely that is.”

He turned back around, motioning to Ms. Shannon to retrieve the bread order, ignoring the rolling of her eyes.

“So yer aunt mentioned that ya were new in town, yeah?”

“That’s right Mr. Solomons. Jest about two weeks now.”

“And how do ya like our town so far Miss Fischel?”    

Ms. Shannon had arrived with the order and sat it on the counter.  Right between the two of them and turned about, trying to contain the chuckle at his unexplained awkwardness.  Sure and if she had not entered his office to find some easy strumpet bent over his desk at time or two.   Here he were now barely able to string a sentence together.   Alfie picked up the bags, trying to keep the annoyance from his gaze.

“Well I haven’t seen much of it jest yet.  Getting settled and all.”   She reached out to take the bags.   “Ummm, my aunt said it would go on her account?”

Alfie nodded and flashed a smile, “No worries at all Miss.”  

He stood holding the bags, while she stood staring back at him, feeling the heat rising in her cheeks.  Her heart hammering and she wonders if one could ever hide from that unnerving stare.  She was certain no one had ever looked at her like that before.  Like they wanted to eat her up in one bite.  Yet also seemingly unsure in her presence.  The idea that she could affect a man so.   Her pulse was racing, and she knew a trace of fear that all her insecurities might be etched across her face.   He was so handsome.  So… male.  What would he see in her?   She wished he’s say something else.  Something indicating more than a passing interest.   Ms. Shannon appeared behind him.

“Mr. Solomons, why don’t ya carry the young ladies bags to her car?”  She offered a warm smile.  “I noticed they were quite heavy.   What with that all the special Sufganiyah ya included.”

She pushed Alfie forward and he raised his arm indicating to follow Sarai outside.   Suddenly remembering his manners, he shuffled past her to open the door; the bags bumping against both their legs in his haste.

“Ohh fuc…. I mean, apologies Miss Fischel.  Careful now.”

He followed her out the door and to her vehicle.  An older gentleman sat behind the wheel and he tipped his hat in greeting.   After placing the packages in the boot of the vehicle, they stood awkwardly on the pavement; Alfie feeling the gaze of her escort weighing critically upon him.  It was her timid voice that broke the silence.

“Thank ya so much for yer help Mr. Solomons.  ‘Tis most appreciated.”  Once more her hand darted forth and briefly touched his arm.  “I do think they would have been too much for me to manage myself.  I don’t know how we will manage to even eat all these wonderful baked goods.”  

“Yeah, well yer aunt does like her sweet breads, don’t she?”     What the fuck are ya rambing on about now?    Ask the lady out ya chicken.

She laughed lightly and then moved to step into the vehicle, when the low timbre of his voice halted her.

“Ahhh.. Miss Fischel?”

She turned back to him – damn, those eyes again – he swallowed his nerves.

“I was wondering.. that is.. um.. if yer of mind that is…”  clearing his throat he took a deep breath and forged on, “if ya be interested in seeing Camden  Town one day, I’d be more than pleased to escort ya ‘bout the Town.”   His eyes held a whisper of hope.  “Maybe a spot of tea. I know a lovely place.”

His breath held while he waited, unaccustomed to this new sense of apprehension before a woman.   Just when he thought his offer might be declined, her face split into the most beautiful smile he had ever beheld.  

“I think I would like that very much Mr. Solomons.  It sounds lovely.”

He nodded and tipped his hat; immensely pleased with how the exchange had turned out, despite it not being his best impression.  

“Well that’s great innit, looking forward to it then.”   He opened the car door and assisted her into the vehicle.   “I’ll be in touch soon Miss Fischel.”

She demurely nodded, “Until then Mr. Solomons.”

Her escort, having already drained his patience, immediately started the vehicle and drove away, leaving Alfie standing by the curb.    He fair skipped back to the bakery, feeling the surge of confidence rising once more.   When he stepped inside the bakery door, Ms. Shannon was there in a flash.

“Well, did ya manage to unfurl yer tongue long enough to ask the girl out?”

“Ya doubt me woman?”

“She weren’t one of her normal doxies sir.  I expect ya ain’t had much experience with a real lady like that one, to be sure.”   Alfie suddenly felt a return of nerves to his stomach.   “Well, did ya ask ‘er or not.”

Alfie’s eyes widened and a look of doubt settled on his face, “I asked her to tea.”

Ms. Shannon’s jaw dropped and her mouth silently formed tea?

“Fuckin’ hell.”   He mumbled as he brushed past her, shoulders glancing off her ample form none to gently.   As he entered he passageway,  he caught her parting remark.

“Do ya even know what to do at a proper tea sir?”  

Her peals of laughter followed him all the way down the passage.  

Everyone on Lost worrying about their love lives
  • Jack: Kate ilu
  • Kate: Jack I am not leaving you!
  • Sawyer: You got my back, Blondie?
  • Juliet: Of course
  • Desmond: PENNY
  • Sun: JIN
  • Jin: SUN
  • Rose: I'll just be over there with my hubby
  • Bernard: I love my wife
  • Daniel: Charlotte you're so pretty plz love me
  • Charlotte: Oh Dan *rolls eyes lovingly*
  • Charlie: Claire Claire Claire ilu and the baby
  • Claire: Charlie you're so adorable
  • Sayid: I miss Shannon
  • Hurley: Yo Libby wassup?
  • Libby: You're so cute
  • Miles: *laughs*

Here was my warmup from this morning.  Barbara from “Stranger Things”. From the moment she appeared with that frilly collar blouse and her purple Trapperkeeper, I knew I was going to like her.  She surprisingly has developed quite the cult following from the show. I was sad to find out what happened to her in the final episode, but I hope that the creators and writers keep in mind how popular shes become and find a way to bring her back.  Barb you’ll be missed.