You will always wander among my thoughts till the day I die.
—  Poets Love Her

You may not think you’re a hero,
But you’ve saved me so many times.
I couldn’t have made it through this year
Without you always by my side.

You’re always there to make me laugh,
Even when I’m a wreck inside.
You’re no doubt my other half,
On this crazy wild ride.

I wish that you could see yourself just as I do.
Those sweet blue eyes that changed my world,
And your love that made me feel new.
I’m by far the luckiest girl,
To be so deeply loved by you.

—  K.N.B.

I’m scared to look at the reflection in the mirror. She stares at me, taps on the glass and yells at me. Silent cries , silent pleas for help, she wants the violence that my own thoughts manifest into sharp words that cut and create invisible scars, to seize. She bangs in that glass every time with no hesitation, just asking for a chance to be loved by the person standing on the other side of her reflection.

There is no excuse for it the second time.

But we let ourselves go anyway.

Like leaves that have not learned from past seasons,
we wonder what it is like to taste the earth.

Drawn to each other before we notice the crash.

I do not know what I would say to love.

Only that it would not matter. It will not let me stop.

Because there is you. And I who know better. 
But this is not the affair of the mind.

It is only nature breathing and living between
two bodies the best way she knows how.

We are blooming together,
even as we fall and I cannot take my eyes off of you
to notice the ground beneath.
—  Love makes a fool of us all

Puedes hacerte adicto a cierta clase de tristeza,
como resignarte al final,
siempre el final.
Así que cuando nos dimos cuenta que no teníamos sentido,
bueno, dijiste que todavía podíamos ser amigos,
pero admitiré que me alegré de que se acabara.

Pero no tenías que cortar todos los lazos conmigo,
hacer como que nunca hubiera pasado,
y que no fuimos nada,
y ni siquiera necesito tu amor,
pero me tratas como a un extraño,
y eso resulta tan duro.

Ahora eres sólo alguien que solía conocer.

—  Somebody that i used to know - Gotye.