The reason National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Day is so important because many indigenous women (obviously including trans/2spirit) have gone missing & murdered in an alarming rate. Our silent sadness was left without awareness, even our own people didn’t know what a national crisis this was. Too many missing & murdered indigenous women are left out of the inquiry and in discussion. 

I burn sage and sweetgrass for you, Tina Fontaine. For you, Loretta Sanders. For you, Delaine Copenace. For you, Annie Pootoogook. For you, Marilyn Munroe. There are so many names that should not be forgotten. MMIW awareness is important.

Random: Do you watch *insert show*?
me: Are there lesbians?
Random: uh no
me: no


Don’t forget to wear red today in honor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

Amnesty International reports that in the US native women are 2.5 times more likely than their non indigenous peers to experience sexual assault and rape.

In Canada, over 1200 First Nations women and girls have gone missing since 1980. The majority of these disappearances are murder cases.

Stand in Solidarity with us. Protect us and each other.

These stats are particularly important to note with the recent #ACA changes that may re categorize rape and sexual assault as pre existing conditions. Further convoluting an already traumatizing experience, when looking for help.