Who is the ACotA?

Simply put, we are you! But more descriptively, here is our story:

A group of women from as far north as Toronto to as far south as Rio de Janeiro were brought together by the awesome power of a certain lady detective and her found family in Melbourne, circa 1928.

After countless hours (days, weeks, months…) were spent discussing Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries ( both Kerry Greenwood’s original books and Every Cloud’s TV show) online and even in person, a glorious idea came to be: What if we could set up a spot where we not only met up in person, but had a chance to dive into the topics we love about the show? In real time. And thus, the idea of a Miss Fisher convention was born.

In the true spirit of Phryne, the ACotA is not an exclusive group of fangals and celebrates our diverse joy in all things Miss Fisher.

We embrace each and every one of the thousands of global fans that the Honorable Phryne Fisher has acquired over the past few years. Think of us simply as a chapter of the wider Adventuresses’ Club of the World.

PHRYNE FICATHON TWO: Day Sixteen Smooth Seas - gaslightgallows (hearts_blood) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating M

Words 1500 approx.

Prompt: Winter in London. A big warm bed. And two sleepy people tucked away from the world.

For Allison_Wonderland