Miss Martian cosplay make up test! Wig is just a placeholder under I find a proper colour, but I love thiiiiis.

My real name is Megan, and she goes by Megan… and I thought it was hilarious and I needed to do it.

Can’t wait to make the full thing! If you have any questions on the make up I used, feel free to ask me!! :) I’m happy to help!


We decided to have some fun taking pictures in our Young Justice cosplays because Teen Titans Go! was part of the reason Young Justice got canceled. 

I’m not watching it because I’m being a good girl and trying to study for my chemistry quiz tomorrow. So I don’t actually know if the show is any good. 

BTW, I’ll be taking a three week tumblr break because I really need to get my grades up. See you after finals! (:


I’m really into Young Justice right now, so I’m planning on doing a Miss Martian cosplay sometime soon! For right now, I just did a wig and make-up test for casual Human!M’gann. eue

And I also did an edit to see what the green skin would look like for funsies: