Young Justice! I haven’t done Invasion Miss Martian yet and Shay was going as Batgirl so I went along with the plan. Short haired Mgann is super fun to wear! We had a photoshoot Saturday night with Eddie and Laura(the photos look amazing and I can’t wait to see them all!) Sunday Shay and I were going to wear P4D again, then I met Joel Saturday, who was an absolutely amazing Superboy and was wearing him again Sunday, so we wore YJ again so we could get some photos with him. Ended up having another photoshoot and got some really good photos, plus a few SuperMartian ones! I finally got my SuperMartian photos my life is now complete! Batgirl: heartthrobtrashlord Superboy: joelxero

Jack Phantom

Oh my lord. This Cosplay was amazing! I saw him and instantly recognized the crossover and. geeked. out. I mean

Just look

At this

Freaking guy!

And he had effects and (granted the last picture is blurry) he is such a sweetie pants! Go follow him now! Go! 


He has GIFS in Jack Phantom! GIFS! All the awards.