Leader-Yan by Maiwenn

A gift for @giz-art with Yannick, one of her RPG character.
Yan is the leader of a little roller-skating/boarding/etc gang of kids of which my own character, Fix,  is part.
In the last game we played, Yan has been possesed by Peter Pan’s tale and we all have been captured by the magic forest living in the Opera Garnier, who offered us a nerveland in which forget the real world and make the tale realize. Our goal is now to save our little chief and come back to reality before he completly becomes Peter pan…

This one is a full gouache painting.  (I also added a bit of dry pastel to smoother the sky and stars.)
I’m very clumsy with gouache, still discovering it, but I feel some very nice affinities with it and want to dig further. After so long time without painting, it’s been so relaxing that this one came so easily… <3

.:: Din ::. by Maiwenn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIZMO!!! Ton of love on you dear! ♥ \o/ ♥

Din is the main character of her webcomic, “Sules”. He’s the most adorable cutest minibaby in the world! >3<
You can read her webcomic here.
Ou ici en français, parce que la mafia française est partout. )D 


Bory > Han tu connais la bambouseraie aussi?! Il faisait super beau, c'était vraiment agréable de s'y balader… ;3;

Marililc > La prochaine sera la bonne! (èvé)9

Plumy > Ça l'est! *v* Je me tâte pour m'en offrir un set… X);

Kin > Tu sais comment me parler toi… )D;

I didn’t plan to participate in inktober. I clearly have enough on my plate already.

But then some part of my brain decided that it would be a good exercice, as I really have to improve my inking skills. That it could be just a quick scribble. That I didn’t have to actually make it every day (which is definitely impossible for me at the moment), just as often as I can…

Well… I haven’t drawn at all since over a month, and I feel very rusty. I hope this will help me get more used to drawing again…

Anyway, this is “Morticia”, one of  Miss Gizmos characters in the “Es War Einmal” chronicle.

My birthday gift for my dear friend Miss Gizmo. ♥

Here are two of her characters, Evan and Audrenne de Pavilla, Pookah rat and Pookah mouse. This couple is sooooooooo sweet. ♥
Audrenne is a real chatterbox whereas Evan, emminent member of the shadow court, is feared in the whole city. But he loves her, really. He would have never thought this possible, but he really fell in love.
I always imagined him, the grumpy daaaark rat, being so tender and very precautious with his damn rat claws that could so easily hurt his beloved. ♥


Junie > Quelqu'un m'aurait dit il y a un an que j'allais me mettre à écouter de la daube coréenne plus de 10h par jour, je lui aurais ri au nez. Mais force est de constater que j'adore ça. Et ce qui me fait le plus peur, c'est que je ne vois toujours pas l'indigestion venir… XD;;;

UPDATE!!! A small one-shot bonus of 5 pages today! AND IN TECHNICOLOR PLEASE!! \o/
These pages have been colored by Miss Gizmo who had the kindness of pulling her hai … uh, paint my chaotic pages, and gave them a great atmosphere! Thank you again dear ♥

Enjoy our collaboration! X3 ~ ♥

EN : http://be-twin.smackjeeves.com/

FR : http://entreuxdeux.smackjeeves.com/


Giz > ♥

Kin > Alors là, avec des cookies maison moi je n'hésite même plus et je vends mon âme au diable! 8D

Jp > Tu peux être fière oui… )D (Où sont les cookies…?)

Moe > TROP! Ça devrait être interdit de créer des personnages aussi craquant… ;^;

A small sketch of Dragan, Miss Gizmo’s character, that I sent to her for Christmas. ^^

Dragan, count of Paris in Giz’s rpg campaign Paris in Vitro, is Yannick’s father. And Yannick is the leader of the group that parasitizes Fix, my own character in the campaign. Soooooo, IloveDraganIloveYannickandIlovelovelovemystupidfixounet. ♥

Mmh… that sure was a lot of links. X);


Scarlet-arlequin > Yes, I plan to. ^^ I still don’t know exactly how and what because I have like thousand of stories in mind for them, but I really intend to draw them more when I’m done with my webcomic! For now I just don’t have time for them… orz

Marililc > Merfi! >v<

JP > VIENS, ON VA PLEURER MUTUELLEMENT DANS NOS BRAS!!! ;A; (Mon neurone est trop crevé pour me confirmer que ce que j'ai écrit a réellement un sens grammaticalement parlant… =3=; )

Louvive > A 100% l'effet Tany! X’D


I begun my part of the artrade with Gizmo, at last!

Here is a part of the sketch, featuring Stuart and Evan, two brothers, two rats pookah, almost ten years of difference. Evan left home when he was a teenager, leaving his little brother behind… Does it remember you something…? 8D

It’s Giz who proposed an artrade on the theme “brothers”, and she did such a marvelous illustration with my two idiots. ;A;