I was one of those who campaigned really hard for S3 of Miss Fisher, the blog was partly result of that time. At the time it seemed like one more instance of sidelining by the boys club of a woman centric show - an unconventional one at that - and some of what EC alluded to at the time suggested this was the case. I - and many others I am sure - felt strongly about this. 

Then came S3 which to me was underwhelming and in many ways subtly undermined the Phryne of S1. I had campaigned for Phryne in all her glory, not Phrack or anything else, though the supporting cast do a splendid job in making Phryne’s world so interesting.

So I haven’t been very keen on campaigning for a S4 or a movie, though of course I am happy to have the franchise continue (I do support young Phryne though given it will likely be focussed on her and addresses a younger demographic). It’s great to see the overwhelming support of fans too. Now that the movie is crowdfunded I hope the constraints of what ABC etc wanted is lessened but the teasers don’t seem to suggest that we are heading back to the glory of S1. So I am still a little tepid on the movie

Still I do hope that EC given the funding by fans as well as the zeitgeist of the times brings a strong Phryne game to the movie. The landscape when it comes to women-centric shows is fairly dismal.  Of course there are exceptions but I often wish for something unapologetically focussed on women in the way every other male dominated show is. It isn’t so difficult and yet you can count the exceptions. Time will tell if the Phryne movie is one too.

I have a few questions to all MFMM fic writers...

So far, I have only asked questions of fanfic readers – but I would love to hear more from the fic writers!

I have asked the readers for fics they love to reread, and for passages in fics that are crackling with tension. Now I have questions for the fanfic writers instead – and by that I mean anyone who’s written at least one MFMM fanfic – I’d love to hear your answers. If you post them as a tumblr post on their own, or as a reblog of this post, I will create a master list – rather similar to what I did with the “MFMM Minor Character Love” some time ago. If someone is not on tumblr or doesn’t want to write it as a post, you can also DM me (here or on slack) and I’ll make the post for you.

It would be very interesting to hear more about what you as writers are thinking about your own fics! I bet there are many stories behind them.

Here are my questions:

  1. Pick one fic that you’ve written and talk about what makes it important to you.
  2. Pick one of your older fics and say what about it you like most, and what you would do differently now.
  3. Pick a fic and say something about why you wrote it – if there was a specific inspiration, perhaps from RL, fandom life, or a theme or a trope you felt needed to be written in a new way.
  4. Is there something you wrote in a fic that was read differently than you intended, and that made you see your own fic in another light?
  5. Is there a fic by another writer that has inspired you?

As you have probably noticed, I am primarily into Miss Fisher fics, but I know many writers write for more than one fandom. So these are my simple rules: pick one, two, three, four or all five of the questions and answer them, and let at least one answer be about a Miss Fisher fic. *

Write your post at the latest November 15, 2017. Please tag other writers to tell them you would like to read answers from them too – also tag me so I surely see it!

I hope the questions are inspiring – I would love to read your answers ❤︎

* If anyone who only writes in other fandoms sees this: yes, feel free to take up these questions for thinking about your own fic if you want to – they are free to use!

I’ve been reading so many marvellous MFMM fanfics these days on AO3, and I swear comments will follow those kudos I left! I am usually terrible at leaving them (because I am lazy in a way a human being should not be able to be) but I am trying to do better because I know how much they mean. (and, really, there are some real masterpieces out there that just deserve a comment). So, have faith. Reviews are coming.

In the meantime, I just want to leave a huge Thank You to all the amazing people who write amazing fics because they just make my day better!

consider: Diana making friends in the 1920s

Phryne: So I did the only thing I could in the circumstance. I stabbed him in the shoulder. 

Diana: Perfectly reasonable. 

Phryne: And don’t–wait, perfectly reasonable? 

Phryne: Diana, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

consider: Phryne “waltzes straight into trouble in a fabulous outfit” Fisher and Diana “doesn’t understand ‘subtle’” Prince getting into Shenanigans and giving Jack Robinson an ulcer.