Game, Set and Color (3)

This page was rather challenging for me because I couldn’t get the color of Jack’s blue suit right. I even bought a box of 64 crayons to supplement my 36 coloring pencils, but the color still looked off.

That’s when I had an epiphany. Who said I had to replicate the images from the show? Be creative, Foxy!

Once I decided that it was okay to deviate, the rest of the process went more smoothly. The plane turned out to be less rusty than I intended, but I like what I did with Phryne’s ensemble. All in all, I felt pretty good putting my fox stamp on the final product (and I made it blue to echo Jack’s suit).

(Posted 30-Jul-2016)


“Miss Fisher is that rare fictional example of what life can be like for women who chose not to get married and/or have children — and how that alternative can be just as fulfilling.

This isn’t a story about a spinster finding love later in life and finally getting the traditional family she needs and deserves. This is a story about a sexually-liberated, vibrant, empathetic woman who has a wonderful family and community of her own making. 

Phryne is not someone to be pitied. She is one of the most alive characters on TV — a master detective who speaks multiple languages, knows martial arts, and can fly an airplane. Miss Fisher is competency porn at its most addictive, and its main character is a new, much-needed kind of archetype.”

— “Miss Fisher Is The Feminist Sherlock You Should Be Watching”

Miss Fisher Wisdom and Life Lessons 1 - 30 Index

Overture (Posted 05-May-2016)

1. Miss Fisher:A woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure.“ (Posted 07-May-2016)

2. Jack:You can’t assume education and intelligence go hand in hand.” (Posted 10-May-2016)

3. Father O’Leary:You’re still a Proddie through and through! Pismires and spiders be in your marriage bed.“ (Posted 12-May-2016)

4. Dot:I just want to be the one to choose what I do.” (Posted 15-May-2016)

5. Miss Fisher:I haven’t taken anything serious since 1918.” (Posted 17-May-2016)

6. Miss Fisher and Lin:The reed which bends to the breeze does not break, and eventually that reed will stand tall.” (Posted 19-May-2016)

7. Letitia Prout (on Miss Lavender):Well it wouldn’t have been her heart. We all know she didn’t have one.” (Posted 22-May-2016)

8. Miss Fisher:I insist that you come to my cocktail party and show the world you’re above the fray,” and later “No hiding! You are standing proud and laughing it off, remember?” (Posted 24-May-2016)

9. Dot:That’s the hardest thing, isn’t it? Staying true to your team when everything’s going wrong.” (Posted 25-May-2016)

10. Murdock Foyle:Death is only a torment for those who believe it is the end of all things.” (Posted 29-May-2016)

11. Aunt P:Omnia vincit amor. Love conquers all.” (Posted 31-May-2016)

12. Mac:No-one wants him to hang, but we are talking about one life compared to a program that benefits hundreds of lives.” (Posted 04-Jun-2016)

13. Jack:They [The ghosts] don’t usually do anything, given they don’t exist.” (Posted 07-Jun-2016)

14. Derek’s school motto:Concordium cum veritate“, Harmony through truth (Posted 09-Jun-2016)

15. Jack:If you ever need to make some kind of romantic declaration, Collins, you can’t go past Shakespeare.” (Posted 14-Jun-2016)

16. Hugh:Dreams are for dreamers, Dottie. They’re not practical.” (Posted 16-Jun-2016)

17. Papa Antonio:There is more to life than love.” (Posted 21-Jun-2016)

18. Jack:I don’t want you to go; I need you to go.” (Posted 23-Jun-2016)

19. Miss Lee:I believe in freedom of speech, even for idiots.” (Posted 26-Jun-2016)

20. Madam Fleuri:A woman must know her style. Style is what endures.” (Posted 28-Jun-2016)

21. Mr. Butler:There are times when discretion needs to give way to common sense.” (Posted 30-Jun-2016)

22. Miss Fisher:I dance to no one’s tune.” (Posted 05-Jul-2016)

23. Logan Wren:If scientists didn’t build on each other’s work, then we’d all be making the same discoveries and there would be no progress.” (Posted 07-Jul-2016)

24. Miss Fisher:There’s no shame attached to indulging in the sensual pleasures of life.” (Posted 12-Jul-2016)

25. Mac:I’m only here because I was born with the type of inquiring mind that often gets me into trouble.” (Posted 14-Jul-2016)

26. Jane:But I like the books. The library is spectacular.” (Posted 17-Jul-2016)

27. Cec:And you can tell Mr. Johnson I’m not going anywhere until I choose to.” (Posted 19-Jul-2016)

28. Elsie:Life turns on a pin.” (Posted 21-Jul-2016)

29. Bert:You know losing mates in the war was bad enough, but pretending they never existed, that’s plain wrong.” (Posted 24-Jul-2016)

30. Miss Fisher:Every lady needs a hobby.” (Posted 26-Jul-2016)

Epilogue (Posted 27-Jul-2016)

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(Posted 30-Jul-2016)

Some of you came and watched me work on this earlier today. For those of you who dropped in, thanks! It was fun to have company over the computer.

I am really proud of this. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any serious attempts at good art, and this was a lot of fun and I think it went well. I’m sure there are some mistakes in there somewhere that I missed, but I don’t care at this point. I’m happy with how it turned out, and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about my art in a long while.

The circle emblems and the overlay pattern can be found here, and the font I used is called Eureka.

Now I’m off to bed because classes start tomorrow and I need sleep!