I called together a teddy bear tea party and invited a few of my favorite cubs to join, including my flower print teddy Twill, my frosted teddy Crackers, Miss Bear’s Dream, Rilakkuma, and Stitches (who could barely keep his eyes open for the affair).

Guys, I’ve decided: I’m finished with the real world and am taking up permanent residence in this one.

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Lance has been away for work for a month, he doesn't tell you when he's coming home or that his flight is landing in the middle of the night. You're fast asleep when he walks through the door and wake up to his head between your thighs, arms wrapped tight around your waist holding you down. Disoriented you end up asking if its a dream.

“I missed you so much” he mumbles against you continuing his calculated licking.

Sinful Sunday™

A note for all thirsty YouTubers reacting to Kpop.

Do not be offensive and say they look like girls, and do not be racist. If you’re going to react to Kpop for views do it right