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Do Alex and Willy have matching necklaces? I thought I say a picture awhile back, and they both wear a necklace. I was just wondering.

olivia i swear to god.

but in the case that this isn’t olivia and i just jumped to conclusions, apologies my dude and yes they do!!! and it’s really cute and i died when i accidentally confirmed it whilst scrolling thru alex’s insta.

so. the nylander bros matching necklaces. i present you with my findings courtesy of instagram and a couple of sabres development camp photographs. be prepared for a lot of pictures of hot nylander bros.

Also this is going under a read more because it gets quite…long.

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What'd I Miss
Hamilton Chicago Cast
What'd I Miss

Hamilton Chicago - Opening Weekend - What’d I Miss

Alexander Hamilton - Miguel Cervantes
Eliza Schuyler - Ari Afsar
Angelica Schuyler - Karen Olivo
Aaron Burr - Joshua Henry
Lafayette/Jefferson - Chris Lee
Mulligan/Madison - Wallace Smith
Laurens/Phillip - Jose Ramos
Peggy/Maria - Samantha Ware
King George - Alexander Gemignani
George Washington - Jonathan Kirkland

i love my hometown team the chicago blackhawks i’m glad they’re resting but i miss the chicago blackhawks i’m so excited for october to arrive so i can watch the chicago blackhawks play hockey again and love and support the chicago blackhawks to the fullest extent possible