Belgium: big brother, you should try making friends with others!

Netherlands: but I’m not good with… people.

Belgium: you should try at least! Why don’t you talk to Lithuania for instance! He’s normal.

Netherlands: fine… oy, Lithuania- … what happened to your hand??

Lithuania: hm~? Oh, I went on a date with Miss Belarus~ This usually happens when she holds my hand~ it’s quite romantic, isn’t it~?

Netherlands: … I’m never talking to people again.

meowdoglover  asked:

May I please ask for 1p Russia yandere headcannons?

Of course love!


🌻 He’s the most possessive of the yanderes, like he gets jealous when you are with your parents!

🌻 He stalks the most as well, he always knows what you are doing and where you are at all times!

🌻 He also has A LOT of pictures of you around his house.

🌻 He loves to draw you and is great at drawing.

🌻 He is crazy when it comes to you, if someone says your name wrong, they will be missing the next day!

🌻 Belarus is afraid to even go near you, afraid of what her brother would do to her if she does anything.

🌻 He’s a BIG fan of torture! Mental, physical, emotional… You name it!!

🌻 Since he’s been emotional scarred as a child, he’s very attached to you and wouldn’t let ANYONE near you.

🌻 He would never harm you in ANY way, only hurt the people around you. Like your friends, family, he would also go so low as in hurt his own sisters!

🌻 He loves children, note Anastasia. When he lost her, it left a hole in his heart. So he wants a BIG family!!

🌻 He’s very smart and will manipulate others and sometimes even you!

🌻 He will never touch you (other than hug you or hold your hand) until your comfortable with him.

🌻 Will do ANYTHING to get you to be with him. Holding your friends and family hostage/ hurting them is the least he could do!

anonymous asked:

Hello Miss Belarus! Would you ever consider getting a pet? I'm sure a dog or a cat would be lovely.

Ah- Actually…I already have a pet cat.

This is Milka..

I’ve never been good with animals, so when this one started clinging to me and following me around I took it in very quickly. I was so happy-..

Despite that, she’s never..shown any sign of liking me back though..

Even after all this time…

I’m beginning to think she just realized she could indefinitely prolong her life if she stayed with me.

But I can respect that too, so it’s fine I guess..

  • Russia: Ukraine, the baby's crying what do I do?
  • Ukraine: COMFORT IT!
  • Russia: *smiles* kolkolkol, hush baby...
  • Baby: *SCREAMS*
  • Ukraine: *Grabs baby and hums* Hush baby, please don't cry *nearly drops baby*
  • Baby: *cries louder than ever*
  • Russia: *points at baby* IT'S A MONSTER!
  • Belarus: *Facepalms, and grabs baby* *Starts rocking and humming* Shh, don't cry...
  • Baby: *Stops crying and plays with Belarus's hair* Ma...
  • Belarus: *Walks out the room with baby laughing*
  • Russia: Are we missing something or what?



Erika fidgeted nervously as a boy made his way off the little platform in the centre of the gym to join a group of cheering students over to the left side of the gym.Today was her first day at her new high school and the anxiety was slowly getting to her. It would be fair to note that she wasn’t going to just any high school, but one made for the would-be superheroes–or villains–that will someday take their parents’ place in society.

What was going on right now was the gym teacher sorting them based on how their abilities would classify them: hero or sidekick. It wouldn’t be until much later that they would establish which ‘side’ of justice they would choose to follow. She knew her brother had been classified as a ‘hero’–he had powers over electricity–but her…her ability was to go through objects. It wasn’t really something someone would deem ‘hero material’. She glanced furtively to the person next to her as the process continued before whispering to them, ”Hey…would do you think you’re going to get?