Miss and Mister Idol Korea 2012!

The show has finally been subbed and it’s by the wonderful kshownow :D I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since I read the article on Allkpop! Some of the groups I like were there: MBLAQ,Infinite,BAP,Apink and FT Island (which I’ve missed seeing on variety show). Too bad BEAST,SHINee,Miss A or Suju weren’t there…but I guess they can’t have every idol group ^^; 

Joon got so happy when he found out that he’s first place in the “Beauty and Charm” round. I think he got 91.3, a really high score! Yay for Joonie~

Sunggyu got also a pretty high scoore, around 85 ^-^ He was  really cute, and when they were going to have the t-shirt ripping match,he just had to pick Hoya :P