Just imagine this Hannah Baker lives. Her and Clay get together because lets face it they are soulmates. he goes away to college she stays back to help with the store and go to the community college in town but every weekend rain or shine he is there at her door holding flowers with a big smile on his face that makes you melt. Hannah squeals and jumps into his arms, he twirls her around finally letting go. Looking into each others eyes I missed you Helmet she giggles. Well you know I can’t stay away from a certain miss Hannah Baker. she smiles and they kiss, so happy, so in love. never letting anything get in the way of what they have. eventually they get engaged then married and someday have kids of their own. Hannah always understanding her kids because of everything she went through in high school and Clay just standing in the doorway listening.

Zach Dempsey (requested)

Anon asked if I could write an imagine where the reader was once close to Zach before high school but they drifted apart then reader stumbles upon that one scene where they are drinking near the liquor store and she knows it’s not like him and he says it is because he misses her

Okay so idk if this was supposed to be platonic or romantic, but i was thinking it sounded more platonic than anything so… yeah AND ALSO YAY FOR MY FIRST ZACH


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At first you were okay with it, the drifting apart. You two had been fighting over petty things and losing interests in certain things you shared. You two were maturing, becoming adults. While he became a jock and went out to parties and games, you were going to college ready classes and going on blind dates your parents had set up. You got a new group of friends and so did he. It was simple. But then you started to miss him, a nostalgia that needed three years to grow it’s biggest and harshest, a need for Zach to be with you once more. Because once upon a time Zach Dempsey did not care what people thought, and once upon a time, you loved him and he loved you. You were like Ying and Yang, the symbol without a bit of each of the other’s color was Ying Yang. Not Ying and Yang. Now you were just Ying. 

So High School was hard, it had always been that way. It became even harder when your newest friend Hannah took her own life. Even harder when Clay became distant because of it. Then you needed Zach more than ever; a simple hand holding yours in reassurance, a pat on the back… even a smile. Instead it was hushed whispers, ignorance, and condolences. They didn’t realize their somber looks helped nothing – they were nothing. The worst part was you or Hannah’s parents never got a note… or a goodbye. It was just done, like one day your relationship with Zach was. Now all that existed was memories and broken hearts. Just the two. 

So you found yourself reliving both every single day. A trip to the local liquor store, a chocolate bar, and a bottle of stolen vodka–sample size of course. Every day that’s where the memories sprung that slowly led to a good day’s heartbreak. Maybe if you had still been friends with Zach things would have been different. Maybe you would not have met Hannah– maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much. But you couldn’t ever say that out loud, because Hannah was the best person you knew. So losing her in any parallel universe would have stung like a bitch. 

it was an exercise in futility. You knew that the same clerk would be there, with the same expression on his face playing the same game. You knew he would charge you the same amount for the same candy bar and give you the same cheeky grin. 

So maybe this time it was different. Maybe you just needed a little change. So instead of coming and going, you stood for a while, contemplating the decisions before you. There were so many candies, liquors, and cigarettes. So you grabbed one of each. When the bell above the door jangled you paid no mind, just grabbed your different candy bar before going to the liquor aisle. 

“Well, well, well.” You heard a voice behind you. 

You didn’t turn. You didn’t need to. That voice was the one that near everyone hated around school but would never say it. Bryce Walker, the high schooler who looked more like a soccer dad than any soccer dad ever. The forty looking one. It wasn’t the time and you weren’t in the mood, so you grabbed the handle of the fridge and yanked it open, going in to grab the bottle you wanted. 

“Rum? Bad, L/N. Never thought you were one for drinking.” Bryce asked, suddenly behind you and very, very close. You shuddered and turned to glare at him, pushing his chest roughly. 

“Fuck off, Walker. Fucking grandpa looking ass.” You stormed to the cash register before he could react, ordering the clerk to get a pack of cigarettes for you as well. “Here, I’m going to use the bathroom, hold my stuff for me.” 

The clerk nodded with boredom before handing you the black key. You stormed passed Bryce once more and he just stared at you as you passed, winking before you were out of sight. You made a face of disgust. 

As you looked in the mirror you stared at the blue rings under your eyes, the nights of countless sleep. The nights that you wished your best friend Zach was holding your hand while he slept on the floor, the nights that you texted Hannah ‘til four. And under those bags were something deeper, because yes, you missed Hannah but you had been wrecked before she had found you. Before her death you were the same. It seemed the people kept leaving you; there was something about that that was ironic to you. The day Hannah died you had gone to the movies without her, the day you lost Zach you had told him you did not care. It seemed that you were pushing people away. 

When you were done in the bathroom Bryce was gone and you sighed with relief, going back to the clerk and handing him your money. As he counted your change you looked out the glass door to see Clay Jensen riding after Tony Padilla’s car on his bike. There was another friend who had distanced himself. 

It was almost serene when you exited the store, your expression placid and your bag full of shit you were going to do the first time alone and your wallet lighter. Almost. In this part of town it was quiet or way too fucking loud, and this time it was quiet… but then it wasn’t quite. There was yelling, whooping, and booing. The three things teenage boys did on a daily for every single reason they could conjure up. This teenage yelling though – it was familiar. It was the yelling you heard at any of Liberty High’s sports games, the yelling heard in the halls, the yelling that made you so angry you could cry. The yelling of the people who had torn you apart from the thing you needed the most. 

“Standall, I cant believe it! Jensen demolished you! What the fuck!” That was Justin Foley.

“Fuck you, Justin. I’m not in the mood.” Alex Standall, someone who had broken Hannah’s heart. 

“Give me the bottle, Alex. I’ll finish it for you.” That was the voice. The voice of a person who once loved you and you still loved. The person who was the missing piece of your life as of late. Zach Dempsey. 

During your freshman year when the blow of the separation was still a raw, open wound you had cornered Zach why he was acting the way he had been – ignoring you, playing mean games with other people. He had just rolled his eyes, “People change, Y/N. Maybe you should too.”. Maybe that blow had hurt worse than the time that he had stolen your smelly markers in the sixth grade and then denied the whole thing. Maybe that’s what made you a mess. 

But he could have told you that a million times on repeat, and you still would not believe him. People can change, but they could also just simply hide who they are. Underneath that cracked asphalt of a facade is the truth bleeding out like a nice, golden sunlight. This was not the Zach Dempsey that glowed like a rich, gold coin. This was the Zach that did what his friends did because he was scared that if he did anything else something would happen. His would be replaced, he would be made fun of, or his worst fear: he would lose all of his friends and just be ignored. Old Zach would never drink in broad daylight where any cop could catch him – underage and intoxicated. 

So you rounded the corner with you plastic bag swinging and faced the group you knew was there. They were all leaning against someone’s car coolly drinking from two bottles and laughing their woes away. Zach was sitting on the hood, his black hair sticking in all directions and his eyes squinted as he chugged the rest of the malt liquor. 

“Zach.” You said loudly, standing in the middle of the alley opening. All eyes turned to you as Zach nearly choked on the liquid, his eyes going wide as he swallowed the drink carefully before looking at you. He winced before throwing the bottle to Justin. He caught it and downed the rest. 

“Oh, uh, Y/N…hi.” 

“Get in my car, Dempsey.” You sighed, pointing to your car across the street. 

The other guys whooped and hollered, yelling out things you ignored as you stood there, swinging your bag around. 

“Y/N, I don’t think-” Zach started, taking a step forward, before Bryce stopped him. 

“Go, Zach. We’ll meet you at my house.” Bryce stared you down as your eyes flickered towards him – a dark, unreadable expression on his face. 

You turned without another word and walked to your car, knowing that Zach was following obediently. You threw your things in the back seat before sitting in the drivers side, waiting patiently while Zach took his time. 

It had been so long since you had spoken to Zach, so many years, but you knew what was right to say. When he was buckled up you stuck the keys in and turned the car on. “Alright listen, Zach. I know you. Say what you want, deny it, but I know you and your family. I know that the Zach that I used to hang out with – the Zach I still see in the hallways sometimes would never do something like this. How would your sister react if you all got caught? Your mother? It’s still light out, Zach. You’re not like this… and I care about you too much to see you do this. Especially with people like Bryce.” 

You sighed after your mini rant and started to drive, not giving him much of a choice in the matter. You weren’t driving to your house or to his – you were driving to Monet’s to get his system clean. He was sitting in silence, thinking your words over. 

“Y/N…” He said, unsure of what to say. 

“And I know we drifted apart, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss or care about you, Zach. The loss of Hannah just made it even harder to cope without you by my side. Clay Jensen has been too out of it lately. I just need someone, and if you need someone I’ll put you before me. Because I care about you more than I care about myself.” 

You stopped at a stop light and looked to see that Zach was wiping at his eyes, before sniffling strongly and shaking his head. “Y/N, there is a reason that I was doing what I was doing. I miss you too. I only do these things to fill the hole in my heart that you vacated quite a while ago. I miss you so much, you were my best friend.” 

You turned to Zach and placed your hand over his on his thigh before squeezing it reassuringly. He gave you a teary smile as you pulled into Monet’s. 

“Can we go back to where we were? I just really need someone. Preferably you.” You asked him softly, looking away slightly. 

There was rustling before he put his arms around you. “I was really hoping you would suggest it.” 

this made me emotional

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pls gimme the thing called love


You had to travel for a couple of weeks and Alex can’t stop thinking about how much he misses you, and about how much he needs you to deal with everything related to Hannah.

“I miss you” he whispered through the phone.

“I’ll be there tomorrow babe” I said trying to cheer him up. “We are all upset about Hannah. But you’re not alone, Alex. I know we’ll get over this with time. Remember that it was her choice”

“I know, but it’s not easy”

“It’s not for any of us either, A. Please, don’t do anything stupid” I sighed.

“I won’t, for you. I love you Y/N”

Guilty - Alex Standall x Reader

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Pairing : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why

Warnings : none

A/N: *cough* grammar mistakes *cough* 

It was late. Your day had been a though one and you were tired, but Alex brought you with him at Bryce’s. You were sitting by the big swimming pool, thinking about nothing, eyes gazing down on the clear water. You could hear Justin and Bryce shout, and the sound of shotguns from Montgomery’s videogame. You hated the fact that Alex spend that much time with them, because you knew he wasn’t like them. He tried his best to be like them, but he could'nt. He was so much different.You got out of your thoughts when you felt a hand on your shoulder. It was Alex, he looked particulary sad, but also pissed off.

“Hey.”  he said, sitting by your side.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I don’t know, Y/N.”

“Alex, you can talk to me.” you replied, placing your hand on his cheek.

“I know, It’s just…I miss Hannah. Like, a lot. She was my best friend and I let her down. I’m so fucking pathetic Y/N, I wish I could turn back time and tear that damn list into pieces.” you saw a tear streaming down his cheek.

“Babe, don’t say that. We all let her down, don’t blame yourself for her death, it’s not your fault, and you should know it.”

“Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?” he said calmly, staring into your e/c eyes, and you nodded. “Well, if I hadn’t wrote Hannah and Jessica’s name on the list, then nobody would’ve hurt Hannah, and Jessica would’ve still been her best friend. I started all of this Y/N, you can’t deny it !”

Just as you were about to answer, you heard Montgomery yell something about ’‘how bad of a player” Alex was. You rolled your eyes then took your boyfriend’s cold hands in your warm ones.

“Listen. I know how you feel, but we’re all guilty, Alex; you did something wrong, I did something wrong, Clay Jensen, THE Clay Jensen who was madly in love with Hannah did something wrong just by taking the wrong decision, and this fucker right there did something wrong” you said, pointing at Bryce. “But you know what’s worse ? What’s worse is that we’re hiding behind him. Look, everyone treats Tyler like shit because of the pictures he took of Hannah, but god know this kid doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets.”

“Y/N, I pushed a girl to suicide! I don’t care about who’s reason is worse, I just can’t live with the fact that I’m one of the reasons why she killed herself !” he said, letting go of your hands to bury his face in his.

“Standall, stop being such an idiot. Hannah needed to be loved and she needed help, but unfortunately we couldn’t see it. You are not the main reason why she killed herself. Bryce fucking Walker is, and you know it. He’s the one who made her take this decision Alex. He’s the one who should rot in jail right now, but instead, he’s having fun with his dear hypocrite friends “

"But I took away everything she had. I took away her best friend, I ruined her reputation. ”

“Justin, Courtney and Bryce did.” you added.

Alex shook his head and bite his lower lip. He knew how persuasive you were, and he didn’t want to fight with you, the last thing he needed right now was to lose you.

“Hey, come on…” you took his jaw in your hand and pressed your lips against his, kissing him softly. “We’ll tell the truth soon, I promise, it’ll be over soon.” he pulled you closer and you curled your arms around his torso, letting him rest his chin on top of your head.

“Thank you for being there… and for keeping me from taking more bad decisions. I don’t deserve to be with someone like you.”  he said, holding you tighter, leaving a small smile on your face.

"I love you, Standall.”

Dianakko~ Sick Of Losing Soulmates

Part 9/???

Story so far: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(5.5)(6)(7)(8)(9)

Summary: In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now. (Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate’s is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last)

A/N I am SO SO SOOOO sorry that this took so long to write, like I don’t know why but it was so hard to write with writer’s block and I didn’t have much time on the main pc as well to write but hey it’s here now, I guess that’s the important bit huh? Also I just checked the word count, it’s around 7.5 k words so enjoy! Hopefully it was worth the wait 

Chapter 9~ Thursday

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“I gaze out at the glittering sea, the breathtaking sky above it, and think of birds and the moment before the fall,… There is so much beauty in just existing. In being alive. I don’t want to miss a second.”
Hannah Harrington

The 13th Reason Why

Can I just say how much I appreciate Mr Porter being the 13th reason? Because god damn it we didn’t need another show where it’s ‘the kids are all evil bullies and they need to learn how to treat people!!!’ Cause it’s not just about the kids. Yes, you have the Bryce’s, Tyler’s and Courtney’s of the world, but you have the Mr Porter’s too. You have the teacher not well trained to deal with these situations and trying to reach out but, to quote Hannah, are missing the point entirely. Adults watching need to realise it’s not just kids being assholes, it’s adults looking at ‘teen problems’ as far less painful than they actually are.

Fic Writer Wednesday 6/14

In which I read too much fic™ (every week’s caption). 



Gallifrey, For a Moment by @goingtothetardis: Gorgeous Ninth Doctor feels. This is how it happened, absolutely.


please stay by @megabadbunny: far, far too much angst. This will rip your heart out through your stomach and you should absolutely read it :D

can I kiss you? by @lastbluetardis: 100% canon certified. This was their first kiss.

courage, dear heart by @starsandfairytales: Someone must always be the Doctor. This was painful but beautiful.

A Bit Dull by @jem-scribbles: GitF? What GitF? This is what actually happened and you will never convince me otherwise.

take my coatby @lastbluetardis: Ten/Rose wedding fluff? Don’t mind if I do!

Unprecedented Spark by @skyler10fic: Full disclosure, demi!Doctor is one of my most sacred headcanons so this was everything I needed. More exactly like this please!

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 6) by @chocolatequeennk: next part of the Pompeii saga!! Love the Talk Rose has with Donna and how improved the Doctor’s inner monologue is with his wife beside him

Getting Through (Chapter 5) by @khaelis: it’s not often you come across something so inventive that completely makes you believe you’re on an alien world with the Doctor and Rose, but this does! Beautiful references to their time spent apart, and is something wrong with the Doctor? 

At the End of the Day by @goingtothetardis: This fic has it all. Love confessions, telepathy discussions, sexy timez, Gallifrey… seriously go read it!

A Way to Move Forward by @goingtothetardis: If you know me, you know I love me some Doctor angst. And this delivers. Absolutely perfect, and the treatment of Martha is spot on as well!

A Shop Girl With A Broken Fob Watch by @licieoic: Fanfiction is at its best when worlds collide, and that’s exactly what this is: fanfiction at its best. Broadchurch? Doctor Who? Doctor/Rose? Hardy/Rose? Why choose? They’re all here, all fantastic, and the denouement is one of the best I’ve ever read in any Ten/Rose fic.

that we whisper by @lvslie: yes, I read it again. Might as well get used to seeing it on these rec lists because I may never stop reading it. Nightmare h/c is best h/c and this is perfection.

I Will… (Chapter 2) by @hellostarlight20: Does retaining a telepathic connection make BWB worse? Yes. Does everything make BWB worse? Yes it does. Do I care? Not as much as I probably should, because this is beautiful.

Trembling by @tenscupcake: too much angst? Absolutely yes.

5 Times People Asked Rose Tyler About the Father of Her Baby by @lauraxxtennant: the kidfic to end all kidfics, so far as I’m concerned. Rose is perfect in this, running the full gamut of emotions that she would be expected to in this situation. One of my favourite fics ever!


As Long as We Both Shall Live (Chapter 3) by @chocolatequeennk: Gorgeous conclusion that ends it perfectly, as was never in doubt! Barcelona (sort of), Bad Wolf!time senses (always), and fluffy fluff makes everything I need in a Tentoo fic!


ways to say I love you by @lastbluetardis: Also canon. The amount I am Here For Eleven/Rose reunions cannot be measured and this is perfection!


taken care of by @goingtothetardis: gorgeous Hannah/Hardy perfection.

More Missing Scenes by @fadewithfury: Hannah/Hardy, Season 3. I saw this when it was posting on tumblr but I had to scroll because I hadn’t seen it yet. So happy to have read it now! :D

Where Oceans Meet by @fadewithfury: Fake relationship perfection, angst perfection, Hannah/Hardy perfection… Did I mention this was perfect?

Here For You by @fadewithfury: Why yes, I did require a police procedural with healthy doses of protective!Hardy. So damn gorgeous.

Little Moments by @lostinfic: because I simply cannot get enough of these two and this is exactly why!


By Any Other Name (Chapter 7) by Khirsah: Dorian PoV of the infamous scene that started it all. Heartwrenching and beautiful, as always, and the gorgeous babies are so close to finally meeting!

  • Miss Militia: One in three?
  • Chevalier: Yes.
  • Miss Militia: They said one in three Protectorate capes are on drugs?
  • Chevalier: Yes.
  • Miss Militia: Where does the media get these stats?
  • Chevalier: Hannah-
  • Miss MIlitia: I mean where do they pull them from?
  • Chevalier: Out of the clear blue sky, but that doesn’t matter!
  • Myrddin: [entering office] Five Protectorate capes in the room. I would like to say to the 1.6 of you who are stoned right now that it’s time to share.