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Lab Partners TodoDeku (^・ω・^=)~

Omigod I can’t XD Such messers lmaooo! 

Dedicated to my ever so patient lab partner who had put up with me all this time xD There was just so much laughing!! But we’ve been separated this year.. Bad RNG system! >n<

I hope Deku and Todoroki stay together forever :3

…I miss you <3 


Olive: You know what, I can still change plans. I’m sure they can can go without me.

Charlie: Olive, you haven’t since your parents in such a long time AND  not to mention they offered you free tickets! Think about Sydney and how upset she would be if you didn’t go.

Olive: …

Charlie: Please go. You need a break. We’ll miss you <3

Olive: I’ll go. Well I guess this is goodbye.

Charlie: Stop being so dramatic dummy.

She smiled and grabbed his hand as she walked away.

Olive: Oh wait! One more thing!

;–; ♡

Hullo guys! I’m really really sorry that I was so inactive during this month ;–; I missed your wonderful blogs and posts so much! I was realy busy in my rl (finding a job and all these adult things, eww) and I got autumn depression (all these Halloweeny stuff doesn’t work) soo that’s why I was losted. Pls forgive me! ;–; ♡ I missed you all <3

First of all I planned to visit all your wonderful blogs and catch up on everything I missed <3 

And of course, I planned to reply on your amazing sweet comments under my last post, I still can’t belive that you like it so much! ;–; ♡ JUST THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, ATTENTION AND SWEET WORDS I APPRECIATE IT SOOO MUCH!

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Hey sorry if I am bothering you. Could you please rec me some new gramander fics

Sure ! I’ve mostly bookmarked Gradence fics recently (cause I’m looking for new, interesting stuff as well but I feel like I’ve already read all things Gramander) buuut here are the latest Gramander fics I’ve bookmarked/commented on as well as the latest one I wrote (in case you missed it !) <3 

Please pay attention to the tags and rating on each fic because they are very different ! 

Percival and Newt meet for the first time at a speakeasy, and get along quite well. Enough for the both of them to spend the night together. 

Newt had worked tirelessly last month to save the extra money, in cash, for his new purchase. He doesn’t expect to be interrupted whilst enjoying it, and definitely not by the one he’d been imagining in it’s place.

Graves’ animagus form is a Thestral and I am crying. 

Graves takes interest in the young, pretty woman he sees sneaking across his lawn when he looks outside the window. 

Okay so first of all - everything blueholder writes is GOLD and you should absolutely devour every single fic on their profile if you haven’t already done so. 

Second of all : while asking for a permit to keep his suitcase on American soil, Newt Scamander accidentally befriends Director Percival Graves, newly returned to office. In the months afterward, both men discover what it’s like to have a friend.

And after that, they discover what it’s like to have something more.

And I’m crying again. 

So almost everything @ladyoftheshrimp writes is crack and it’s hilarious and this is no exception. Percival is a photographer and Newt is a sniper. Both happen to have taken the best shot of their lives that day. They meet at a bar and discuss it, and the more they talk the more Graves realizes Newt might be a peculiar sort of photographer. It’s wonderful XD 

That’s all I got for now! I hope you haven’t already read them all ahaha. Enjoy ! :) 

Hey guys, we’re in production BUT:

We miss you too!!! <3

Ask me (Mod HKS) or our friendly neighborhood Art/Graphic Design Mod (Mod K) absolutely anything about US or THE ZINE or ZINE MAKING PROCESS or even HOW TO MAKE YOUR PORTFOLIO LOOK GOOD

24 hours only and you’ve got until Saturday October 6, 5pm Central to ask!


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I...I think I have fangs- Mark to My VampyDark love you sister floof missed you :D

( I miss you too <3 But you know I’m happy to deliver this! )

“I…I think I have fangs.”

The announcement was supposed to come as a surprise but Dark didn’t even flinch, sitting at the kitchen table diffusing blood tea. He hadn’t explained to Mark where he had got the blood from, but it wasn’t for the vampire himself but a friend who didn’t have a constant blood supply.

“Did you hear me?” Mark asked, sliding into a seat near Dark and reaching out to stop him from looking at the tea so he would look at him instead. “This is serious!”

Dark looked up with an annoyed expression, his own fangs cutting over his lips as he watched Mark fuss over his teeth. He pulled his lips back and bared his canines to the vampire, bending forward so Dark could see them better. With a sigh, Dark set the tea infusion aside and scooted the chair around the table to peer into Mark’s mouth. His fingers were gentle as he explored, holding Mark’s lips up and drawing extremely close.

“Hmm.” The vampire hummed, “Interesting.”

“Wha-?” Mark asked, voice odd as Dark held his jaw open to continue looking. “Wha’ is eet?”

“You have teeth.” Dark commented, pulling back and going back to his tea.

Mark glared at him, “I have fangs Dark I swear!”

“Everyone has canine teeth Mark.” The vampire said calmly, “It doesn’t make you special.”

Frowning, Mark folded his arms on the table and stared at Dark with a pointed look until the vampire sighed and stood. He took the tea to the fridge and slid it inside, teapot and all, before coming back over to Mark and kneeling down in front of him. Taking his hands, Dark pressed his lips into the back of Mark’s hand, teeth just grazing the skin and making Mark shiver.

“You will develop fangs, darling.” He purred, “That’s one of the side effects.”

“S…side effects?” Mark whispered, eyes never leaving Dark’s. “Wha…what side effects?”

“Humans who provide their blood willingly, who let vampires mark them-.” Dark pressed his fingers to the light bruise at the side of Mark’s neck, a symbol that he belonged to Dark and it made Mark shudder again, “-they end up with side effects. Slightly faster, slightly stronger, better vision, and last but not least, fangs.” Dark’s fingers ran over Mark’s teeth and Mark balked.

“I knew it!” He exclaimed, “Am I turning?”

Dark laughed, “No, no you’re not becoming a vampire.”

Mark looked a little disappointed. “Shame.”

“Is it?” Dark asked with a sly grin, surging up and hovering over Mark’s neck, teeth just barely on his skin but Mark already had his head tilted to the side to give him all the access he needed. “Wouldn’t you miss this? If you turned, there’d be no more biting, no more feeding, no more closeness?”

Sighing, Mark’s hands curled into Dark’s hair and pulled his face against his neck. Dark bit down, sliding his teeth into Mark’s neck and supping gently, mumbling around Mark’s skin as he did, “You might want to drink blood now. The tea will help.”

“Ew.” Mark gasped, body arching as Dark bit deeper, “Ah…I don’t wa-wanna drink blo-blood.”

“Why not?” Dark soothed the skin with his tongue and pulled back, blood flecking his lips, “You love the taste on my lips.”

“That’s different.” Mark grumbled, pouting again but still dragging Dark in for a kiss. He couldn’t deny that he did love the taste. And if small fangs were the price he had to pay to keep Dark this close to him, Mark would take them over anything.

Creepy/Halloween prompts

I was rewatching the most recent Nano’s Village with Hat Films and then i thought abut their GTA V stuff and then this post………

Stuff happened. UmU

Hi everyone

I’ve been gone for a few weeks travelling but I’m back home now. The return to real life is taking some adjustment but I’m hoping to be able to edit and publish some of what I wrote while I was away as well as contributing to Mystrade Challenge Month in October. A few things at home have changed too so everything has that ‘almost but not quite’ quality to it.

If you’re publishing a WIP and I was reading and commenting on earlier chapter rest assured I have been reading but forgot my AO3 login so was unable to comment. I have been checking my email and reading as voraciously as ever.

I’ve missed you guys. <3

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Top 5 Rose Tyler or Clara Oswald moments? :) (hi, I miss you!)

gonna go rose here :)

1) the “you don’t just give up” speech in PotW

2) her refusal to give up on the Doctor when they lose contact on Krop Tor

3) “you can go back and see days that are dead and gone, a hundred thousand sunsets ago. no wonder you never stay still.”

4) the entirety of Fear Her

5) showing kindness to the Dalek in Dalek

(hi darling i miss you too! <3)


@itsmeayishaa - thank you babe <3 hope uni is treating you well, I miss you <3

Kim Minseok

He would wake up before you, sees you lying there, curled up into his side and he’d be overcome with emotions. He would slide out of bed, careful not to wake you as he cleans up and prepares breakfast for you to wake up to.

Kim Junmyeon

Smiles brightly, he would wonder how he got so lucky to have you by his side and would plant a kiss on your forehead before slipping out of bed to order you both something revitalising to eat after such a big night.

Zhang Yixing

Wraps his arms around you, whispers his love for you before watching you sleep. He would want to memorise every spot on your face, watch how your lips twitch in your sleep and count every eyelash splayed over your cheeks.

Byun Baekhyun

Would accidentally wake you up with his happiness, he wouldn’t be able to keep still as he recalls the night you spent together and in his excitement of having you next to him, you would wake up. It’s okay though, his happiness is your happiness.

Kim Jongdae

Refuses to move, he would wrap his arms around you and just listen to you breath. He would wait until you were awake before leaving the bed and preparing you something to eat. Maybe ask to shower together.

Park Chanyeol

Blushes deeply as he sees you lying naked next to him, he’d breathe in deeply before rolling out of bed and dressing himself before tucking you in tightly to bed. When you wake up, you’d find him sitting at the table, writing you a song.

Do Kyungsoo

He wouldn’t be able to expresses his happiness in any amount of words or actions so he would make you breakfast in bed, complete with orange juice and you’d sit there and eat it together, both feeling a little shy but happy.

Kim Jongin

Would smile, wrap you up in his embrace and go back to sleep with a smile on his face. Don’t expect to be leaving the bed, he’d want to live in this moment for as long as he is allowed and won’t move until he gets hungry. Chicken and kisses in bed.

Oh Sehun

He’d want to tell the world, he’d want to scream and shout but instead he’d lie on his side and tuck a lock of hair behind your ear and watch as your eyes flutter open. He’ll say he loves you before planting a gentle kiss on your lips.

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Hi. I’m one of your mutuals. I mean I hope I still am. I haven’t been on tumblr for awhile and I just wanna say I love you and I really did miss your posts and blog in general.

Hi, sweetheart!! Message me so I can know who you are, exactly!! I wanna say hi to you since you’ve been away for a while. :D

but I’m glad you’re around again. I missed you too <3