miss fisher's murder mysteries


best of phryne and jack (15/?)

“Just one dress can be lethal…”

#ummm??¿¿?? what is this?? #their sexual desire for one another is so obvious #that these two dummies are actually acknowledging it #jack’s like ‘if i don’t leave now things will go down. you know it phryne. don’t tempt me’ #and still he can’t take his eyes off her in that dress #he’s a man who knows when he has to make his exit in order not to screw up #BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS??? I’M DYING HERE.

Jack Robinson’s entire life is looking at Miss Fisher and thinking (a la Ben Wyatt) “I know this is a dire situation but I swear to God this is like a crazy sex fantasy for me.” But he’s also like In The Moment discovering this is a crazy sex fantasy, he’s watching her fly a plane triumphantly over a treasonous Russian saboteur and he’s like “huh. Specific. Arousing. Specific and arousing.”