Boston (March, April, May)

We’ve continued to take cars of animals in homes all around Boston. For 2 months, we’ve been taking care of a wonderful dog named Willa who is one year old and full of energy and love.

Although she needs a lot of attention and woke us up at 6:30am to go outside, she’s one of our favorite dogs and we already miss her.

The hosts also have a summer cabin in Vermont which they lent us, so we stayed in a cabin in the middle of nature for a week. It was absolutely stunning and Willa had so much fun running through the woods.

As always, Boston is fantastic city and we always love visiting.

Really missing California but enjoy this random selfie of me in a random store, and yes I’m wearing my jacket backwards¿😂

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Kids are wild. This is only my second week of my volunteer job where I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at a school, and one of the children said ‘I miss you on Mondays’. There’s been exactly one Monday since I started.

I had a bitchy woman call yesterday complaining that she got someone’s emailed receipt and because of that she MUST have her credit card info stolen! I explained to the fucking idiot that all she got was someone’s receipt on accident and that no one has her card info and then I asked “miss did you look at those last four digits? Do they belong to any of your credit cards?” She goes silent and says “no I didn’t check” and I wanted to scream so I told her “miss I’m 100% sure if you check the four numbers on the receipt they won’t belong to any of your cards. You were just emailed a receipt on accident. No one has your credit card info” and she got even more nasty and said “YOURE BEING RUDE THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL” so I told her I’d get her a manager and my manager tried explaining to her the same shit I did and she bitched at my manager and hung up lol. People are fucking stupid. Her email address was a fucking common one like ex: too. Anyone COULD MAKE THAT MISTAKE BITCH. But these ppl think we save credit card info in the register, bitch what the fuck??? We don’t.

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anonymous asked:

hey, it's 11.45 pm here, i'm in Italy and i'm just thinking about my upcoming exam and about my little brother who is far away from me. i miss him so much. hope you're having a good day! xx

good luck on ur exam!! sorry ur brother is far away, i know how it feels to be far away from family :(

Every time I go into work after having a day or two off, a couple of my coworkers go on and on about how much they missed me.
I was gone for A DAY YOU GUYS

Honestly what did I do to deserve such love

So I understand that milkshake brings the boys to the yard, Saturdays are strictly for the boys, completely assuming that the boys are back in town, but what is the formula for attracting strictly fat boys or wannabe fat boys? Do I turn the bass up and the treble down? Do I replace milkshake with gainer shake? Do I sacrifice a copy of The Santa Clause to the gods? I’m missing something important here.

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Dearest Stephen, It has been quite lonely here without you, not a day goes by that I think about you. I do hope you and your men are safe. I'm sure you're doing a great job out there. I miss you darling, I miss our talks and walks out in the gardens. Playing cards together. I miss nights in your arms and waking up to you next to me. I've been occupying myself with a painting, this one is for you. And I'll be sure to bake you a chocolate cake once you come home. Yours truly, Gabbi

Dear, Gabbi

We are fairing as well as any man can in this war…the higher ups would have us believe it to be for a just cause. Yet, I only find this to be an exploration of how far men can be degraded. I do not wish to hurt you with details, but know that I love you, and only time will tell when I can be by your side again. I think of you often, and it helps on days I no longer feel the drive to continue…

I fight to get back to you.



I used to post on a second Instagram account and when I was 11-13 I was skyping older people to help me …
and I’ve tried to kill my self and self harmed for 4 years..
but it’s like… the police and social services never took me away and I’m never gonna be able to leave until I have money.. which will be never …
Im not complaining I know people have it worse… and that doesn’t help to know that.
Still… It’s everything is building up again … 43 days without cutting and now I’m just missing it?? But I don’t want people to think I want attention.