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“Worried about your girlfriend, DiNozzo?”


I just really want him to punch this fucker in the face.

Again: Ziva never liked him or trusted him, so there’s no reason Tony should, either.

But more importantly: EVEN FOREIGN MERCENARIES KNOW ABOUT TIVA. Everyone knows what Tony and Ziva meant to each other, let’s be real.

I love (hate) that Kort knows which button to push, and gets exactly the reaction he’s aiming for out of Tony. Because nothing will get Tony to want punch your lights out than threatening Ziva. Even if he hasn’t seen her in almost three years.

And taunting him about her too, because I’m sure Kort is as aware as everyone else in that room about their history. Hell, he’s been with them before, he’s seen their whatever for himself on numerous occasions. 

Like, it’s such a juvenile tactic but it’s so effective and as much as I’m rolling my eyes at this whole story, I love this scene, because it’s the most fire we’ve seen in Tony in months, if not seasons, and someone just really needs to punch Kort is what I’m saying.

Second favorite bit:

Kort: Gonna call off your attack dog?
Gibbs: No

Because you don’t mess with his kids. And Gibbs, like me, would like to see Kort punched out. Win-win.

Little Reid Writing Hood

requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl

Reader is Reid’s twin sister, and works on the same team. Her and McGee hit it off, romantically wise, and she also gets along with Ziva really well. And Reader is extremely naïve and innocent, so she doesn’t understand Tony’s teasing. (And please involve some of Gibbs classic slapping!!)

Title : Little Reid Writing Hood

Pairing : Tim McGee x Reid twin reader

POV : Third person

Word count : 1202

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“Why do we even need the FBI on this one?” Tony whined throwing his legs of his desk. 

“Because Ducky needs help building a psychological profile” McGee replied tapping at his computer. 

“ But I don’t wanna work with Fornell” Tony pouted walked up to McGee. 

“And you won’t be, Agent Reid meet Agents Dinozzo and McGee. Agent David seems to be running late” Gibbs said slapping Dinozzo on the back of his head. 

“Oh boss know I can’t deal with two geeks’ Tony groaned remembering the lanky genius they worked with last time. 

“Relax ,I’m the cool twin” someone said. 

The two men turned around to see a short curly haired girl smirking at them as she sat on Ziva’s desk swinging her legs. 

“I didn’t know Reid had a sister” McGee stuttered getting up. 

“A hot sister” Tony mused.

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“Listen you can bag groceries for all I care, just come home. I just want you to come home with me. Listen, I know it’s hard and I know you want to change. I can change with you. I’m fighting for you Ziva”

I miss them so much. NCIS isn’t definitely the same without Tiva