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Can you write one where harry is missing you like crazy and he cant stop crying and y/n had a surprise visit planned but decided to tell him because she didn’t want him to hurt anymore? Please? And thank you!!

TFLN #10

Harry Y/N

Missing you like crazy Y/N, you free for a facetime?

I’m at work, sorry H – maybe when I’m finished, everything alright?

Just missing your pretty little face that’s all

Just under 2 months left H, and then you can spend all the time you want looking at this not so pretty or so little face

Don’t be silly Y/N, it’s the most beautiful face in the world, and I miss it

I hate being so far away from you

I know H, but we knew this was coming,

You were the one that decided to go on tour

I know, and I love being on tour, but it would be better if I had you here with me

I have a real person job though H, I can’t take 3 months off

It would be a lot of fun though

It would be, I came off stage tonight and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about having you here, and how nice it would be being on stage knowing that you’re out there somewhere in the audience watching, I think I under estimated how lonely solo touring would be, hotels are nowhere near as fun when you’re by yourself

Oh H, I’m sorry that you’re so lonely

I was going to surprise you with this, but since you’re hurting right now and I’m on the other side of the world and we can’t hug it out like we usually do, I might as well just tell you

Tell me what?

I’m coming to see you

I spoke to Jeff and I’m going be with you for the whole UK and Europe leg and then I’ll be able to get the Australian dates off work too

Your shitty girlfriend hasn’t seen you perform live yet and she can’t let it stay that way

Y/N! You are far from a shitty girlfriend, you’re pretty incredible actually, thank you for being so wonderful xxxx

You’re not taking too much time off work, though are you? I don’t want to get you in trouble

It’s fine H, I’ve got lots of leave saved up, I can take a few weeks off to spend time with you

Good, I can’t wait to see you

Can’t wait to see you either, I’ll facetime you when I finish work, yeah?

Yeah xx I love you

I love you too H, talk later xx


The Marks of Running Ink pt.12

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

Word count: 1,289

Summary: In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Warnings:  angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, cheating, general lack or morals, SLOW BURN. This far, no walkers, though. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: Guess what?! It’s my birthday! So as promised, I’m posting two chapters. I gotta thank the most awesome @jeffreydeanneganstrash, who I can’t ever thank enough for her support and help. You rock, darlin’. Well, onto the chapter, and remember feedback makes a writer happy :D

Want to be tagged? Drop me a line, seriously. 

Part 11  /  Masterlist


Negan didn’t go home that night, or the next.

He actually turned his phone off as soon as he got out of work the next day.

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‘’ Well, this is a surprise.’’ - Peter Pan x Reader. PT.2

Part 1

Estimated Reading Time: 9 Minutes
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt: Reuniting with Peter Pan in Storybrooke
Warning: None

A/N: Well, I don’t even know what happened with this one xD Wasn’t supposed to be a part 2 but you guys asked for it. It may suck so but I hope it will satisfy you hungry people xD

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B.A.P Le Noir AU: Ch. 5 The Knight

Happy Thanksgiving!! Well technically at the moment it’s Black Friday…..But anyways another chapter finished! I’ve been so addicted to writing these that I can’t stop! Teehee All of your guys’s sweet comments really give me the push to write these with as a good quality I can muster in a timely fashion! So I wanna thank the fans of this series! I am very grateful for you all! So here is my Black Friday gift for you! An extra long chapter for our favorite DaeDae :D

Comments and feedback are appreciated!

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You ran your fingers through your silky locks, a sigh escaping your lips. You took a long sip of your moscato, allowing the red liquid to linger on your ruby red lips. A strange itch haunting your mind. You were being watched. You didn’t know by whom or what, but you knew. The predatory pressure. The quick movements of shadows. You weren’t that naive to ignore the obvious signs. It wasn’t terrifying as it was tiring. Making sure your girls were extra cautious as they returned home. Acting as if you were not affected by the thought of being watched. You would rather have your stalker reveal themselves to you so that you could end it, rather than waste time wondering.

You let out another exasperated sigh as you took another swig of your poison. Your annoyance and frustration was starting to break through your professional facade. Even some of the boys began to notice…

Cat got your tongue, Ms. Bonnie? I kinda miss hearing your voice.

A furrowed brow doesn’t suit your pretty little face, Andenium.

Streak of bad luck? Looks like I might have to be your lucky charm, Fortuna.

No teasing today? What in the world happened to get little miss Artemis upset.

It wasn’t until the sound of laughter and giggles filled your ear, ripping you away from your thoughts. You looked up to find Daehyun flirting with some of the girl patrons in the club, winking at one of your girls as she handed him his drink. He took a quick sip of his copper poison, his eyes suddenly meeting yours. A small flirty smirk graced his plump lips as he walked towards you, placing his glass on the counter.

“Long day, beautiful?” He grinned a pearly white smile as he leaned his arms on the countertop.

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Preference: Valentines Day

Scenario: How you would celebrate Valentines Day with your boyfriend, Matt Espinosa.

You would wake up to the smell of delicious bacon, on your night stand would be a note with a dozen roses
“Good morning my precious princess, when you’re ready come downstairs and join me for a special breakfast. Ps I hope you like the roses, there’s more of where that came from now please hurry because I miss your pretty little face -Love from Matt”

When you open up your shared bedroom door you will see a trail of red rose petals traveling all the way into the kitchen where your lovely boyfriend Matthew is standing, placing a plate with Pancakes, Bacon with egg on the side opposite the other plate on the table with 5 red roses and 5 pink in a beautiful vase with 3 of your favorite scented candles around it.
After breakfast was finished Matt sent you into the bathroom while he washed up, you noticed the bath had a candle on each corner and it had already been made (Matt disappeared while you were finishing off your breakfast to do this.) On the counter there was a basket with 5 of your favorite bath bombs and a note
“I picked out a few of you’re favorite bath bombs, I’m a good listener I know… On the other counter you will see a stereo, I made a mixed CD of all your favorite songs all you have to do is press play I hope you enjoy it baby now lay back and relax I’ll join you in a little bit”

Matt ended up joining you in the relaxing warm water giving you a nice massage leaving a few kisses here and there letting the whole CD play through. Once it was back to the beginning he pulled you out and wrapped you up in a nice fuzzy towel, and drying himself off quickly before turning the CD player off putting it in the case that had ‘For my one and only’ with his and your name in small writing in the bottom corner

During the day you and Matt watched all of your favorite movies, every time you would want a drink or anything he would go get it for you if you tried to stop him he’d pout and give you the puppy dog eyes until you caved in. Kissing you everytime he’d leave the room, for lunch you two had your favorite home made meal (made with extra love according to Matt). After the 5th movie Matt told you he had a surprise putting in another disc, it was a video he made for you, footage of the both of you on different adventures, the announcement he made telling the fans how you were dating and a small clip he recently made expressing his love to you.

By this time it had started to get dark, Matt gave you a long passionate kiss before telling you to go upstairs to the room to get ready, on your bed was a beautiful gown with yet again another note in the middle of rose petals in the shape of a heart right beside the dress
“Surprise! Notice the designer of the gown I bought you? I know you’ll look as gorgeous as ever (if possible) Don’t forget to look at your vanity, I hope I got everything you need and make sure to look in the purple box, you’ll need it to wear with your dress, I love you baby I’ll be up to get you at 7:30 -Matt xo

On your vanity you saw all your makeup already laid out for you to put on including your hair curler and straightener (just in case you wanted to use one) on the side of all of the makeup was the box but you decided not to open it until you were finished doing your hair and makeup. Looking over at your clock you saw you had only 20 minutes until Matt was supposed to come up and get you and you had only just finished your makeup you put the dress Matt bought you grabbing the heels that were on your bed and putting them both on before opening the purple box

Inside the box was a piece of pink paper covering the item with 'Just remember I will love you forever princess’ written on it, taking the piece of paper out you saw the most gorgeous probably extremely expensive drop earings with a matching diamond necklace and of course some Hershey Kisses. Such a Matt thing.

Right on 7:30 you heard a car pull up and a knock on the door, grabbing your clutch you opened the door to find your boyfriend in a nice tux with a dozen red roses. Placing them in a vase before he takes you downstairs opening the door to a classic white limo that took you to the most expensive, fanciest restaurants in LA. You had a 3 course meal, before dessert Matt told you there was still one more surprise, pulling out a small box out of his pocket a worker from the restaurant came around with more red and pink roses, passing them to Matt as he started to promise his love to you before placing the ring on your finger.