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The Way Home (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,405

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, some drinking

A/N: This even hurt me, to be honest. Sorry in advance.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter 5

It had been about a week since the greenhouse incident and Caroline was still completely spooked, especially after her and Paul had searched the greenhouse inch by inch for any signs of a stray to no avail. Paul tried to convince her that it was probably just a strong draft and that maybe the plant had been too close to the edge of the table but Caroline knew better, she knew it was a sign that she needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.

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Imagine #2

Imagine about Hvitserk part 2 , found part 1 

Note : also very short.
Warning : none

Requested by Ano :`
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the imagine of Hvitserk ^.^ I do not know if I should ask for another imagine xD But if you want or you can do the second part of the imagine, I am so ashamed to ask for another. If you do you could do it where they have a baby and Aslaug finally accepts them thanks to the baby. Thanks *.*

Hvitserk POW :

« As a king son you can have as many woman as you like » I stay quiet, before meeting Y/N I would agree with her, but not now.
« I don’t want any other woman »  I yelled. « Ivar can have everyone but I can’t marry the woman I loved?! »
« HVITSERK » yelled even harder mother. I saw pain cross his face « I’m sorry mother »  

Reader POW :

I didn’t saw Hvitserk since this night, I wondered if this was the end of us.
I was in pain and it hurt like hell, I wasn’t feeling great all day long, paler as shit. At the end of the day, in front of my door house, I throw up. Holding my belly I knew exactly what this was about.
2 days without Hvitserk, how could he do that? I pray the gods last night about the child. How am I going to tell him if he has decide to leave me.
On the third night, he knocked at my door, I stand in silence, waiting for him to speak. 
«  I miss you so much » He hold me in a giant hug, and I rest my head on his chest, holding him. 
« I have a lot to tell you » « Me too » you whisper.
« Is everything ok? »
« It’s you to tell me that » your eyes start to fill with water, and he pat your cheeks « What’s going on? »
« I’m in child » you say touching your belly on your dress. Hvitserk freeze, mouth opened. « Are you serious? »
« I am » He started to turn around in circles « I’m going to be a daddy » he opened his arms and punch his chest « a daddy.. » he finally got closer to you and gently touch your belly. « This is unexpected »
« I understand if you know, don’t want to be related to him, because of Aslaug and.. »
« What? This is my child we talked about and this is you, don’t you know already know how much I love you, I want to marry you, and raised this child together, no matter what. »
You start to cry really hard, and he hug you again « Ubbe is going to be over the moon » he smile for himself, his eyes full of sparkles.

« This is not a good idea », now your belly show enough for everyone to know your pregnancy. 
« She will found out, she’s my mother, I want her to know, even if she don’t like it » You enter the throne room, Hvitserk holding your hand, your belly hidden by a large coat. 
«  I have something to annonce » say your boyfriend
«  I know » reply Aslaug, I glance to Hvitserk « you know? »
«  I saw it , in my dreams »
« What did you saw, is it bad? » you grab his arms harder, Aslaug looked at you « The baby is healthy »

You sight with relieved, Aslaug face seams to relax a little, Hvitserk was smiling.  
He hug you hard « The baby Hvitserk! » he let you go in apologies, you swear you could saw Aslaug smile a little.
« Thank you mother »
« Wait, I want to talk to Y/N alone » you panic a little, he gives you a warm look and leave you with her.
« Welcome to the family » Those words was the most beautiful things you ever heard. « You obviously make my son happy, and you are giving him a baby. This is what I wanted for him, and you are who the gods want him to be with. »
You smile, moved by her words.
« Ask me anything, if you need to » She lean to give you a quick hug.

Months after, you give birth to a lovely son, Hvitserk was the most pleased about a little boy, Aslaug was waiting outside and come to great her grandson.

Uncle Ubbe and daddy Hvitserk 

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day x

Best Friends Part 2

One year and three days to be exact. Juice was finally coming home well to SAMCRO just for a visit. You were so excited to see him. He was going to meet his little niece today.
“Hap, I’m a little nervous”. You said as you rocked back and forth.
“Calm down, he will be so surprised”.
“He’ll be mad that I didnt tell him”.
“Nah, hes going to so overwhelmed by the baby”.
As you looked down at the gate, you heard rumbling . “He’s here”. Happy said as he pulled you close.
You spotted Juice, he looked the same as always. Hoping things would go smoothly, you took a deep breath.
Juice came right over, picking you up into a giant hug. “I missed you so much”.
“I’ve missed you too Juicy”.
“So how have yall been”?
You looked at Happy and waited for him to say something but he didnt.
“Umm, I know you just got here but we need to tell you something”. You quickly came out with it. “We have a baby”.
“What a baby, when”? He asked
“When you left I found out”. You looked away wiping a tear.
“Oh, why didnt you tell me before”?
“The way you were acting about us” Happy spoke up
“Sorry about that, I was a real asshole”. He gave you a hug.
“So can I meet my niece or nephew”?
“Yeah”. You guided him to Happys dorm where your daughter was napping.
“Here she is”.
“She, oh Y/N she looks just like you”. He smiled
“So thankful for that”. Happy laughed.
“Hey now brother, we have to keep those boys off her”.
“Their all going to die if they touch her”. You rolled your eyes.
“Whats her name”?
“Gypsy Harlow Lowman”. You proudly said
“Why Gypsy”? Juice asked
“ I want her to see the world, to be a free spirit and just to love life”. You smiled down at your daughter.
“I love it”.
“I’m so glad your back”.
“I’m back for good”. He hugged you.
“Are you okay with us now”?
“Yeah because I found myself a woman”. He blushed
“Oh really, please dont tell me shes a croweater”? You put your hands on you hips.
“No shes a school teacher”.
“AHH, I’m so happy for you”. You squealed. Crying felled the air.
“You woke her up”. Happy shooked his head
“Sorry baby girl”. You picked her up.
“Can I hold her”. Juice asked holding out his arms.
You softly place her in his arms. “You look good with kids”. You walked over to Happy wrapping your arms around his waist.
“I think we found ourselfs a baby sitter”. Happy said
“Nope, we found family”. You smiled looking upon Juice and Gypse. She was giggling at him and he looked so happy to be home again.

Wedding Dates and Sparkly Eyes

I’ve been working on this for months and I’m finally happy enough with it to post it!


Rating: PG

Pairing: JongKey

Warnings: Cursing, Slight Homophobia, Gross Amounts of Fluff

“Kibummie your best friend is here!” Jonghyun announced as he took his shoes off and made himself comfortable on the couch.

“One second!” Kibum yelled from his bedroom, turning on the hair dryer seeing as he had recently finished showering and his hair was still very wet.

He walked to the living room once he was finished and stood in front of his best friend, narrowing his eyes, “You know, the spare key is supposed to be used for emergencies only.”

Jonghyun pouted, “Hello it’s nice to see you too. Does your favorite person not get a proper greeting?”

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Taylor Caniff for Shannon

Dillon was the best older brother ever! Especially, when he brought you to Magcon. You went to an event last week, and now he wants you to come again! This has never happened since he’s never asked. But, you make the best of it and pack your things. “Shannon!” Dillon yells. “Taylor’s here!” You smiled to yourself as you jogged down the stairs. You’ve always had a little crush on Taylor, but never told him because family comes first and you don’t think Dillon would like that.
“Bout time you showed up!” Taylor joked, putting your things in the back of his car.
“Oh can it Caniff,” you retort, sticking your tongue out. “At least I don’t spend an hour on my hair. How long does it take you to pita bandana on anyway?” You say and he play punches you.
“Hey!” He says. “Putting a bandana on is a skill.” He says, adjusting the one he’s wearing. “Plus, ladies love the bandana.” He winks causing you to blush.
“Guys, come on!” Dillon yells. “We’re gonna miss the flight!” You slide into the back seat and Taylor took his place in the drivers seat.
“To the airport!” Taylor cheers.
“To the airport!” You and Dillon echo.

****ON THE PLANE****

The flight to Atlanta was dull and long. But luckily, you had the window seat to your right and Taylor to your left. Dillon sat on the other side of Taylor, his Beats already covering his ears and music blasting from the speakers. Taylor chuckles to himself, causing you look over to him with a quizzical expression. “What?” you ask, hitting his arm.

“Does he ever not wear those things on flights?” He asks, looking at Dillon. You shrug. “I never have anyone to talk to on these things”.

“You know”, you say. “You could just talk to the coolest person on this plane!”

“And who’s that?” He smirks. “I would look weird talking to myself”. You roll your eyes.

“I meant me, smart ass”, you say. “Talk to me if you’re really that bored”.

“I was waiting for you to offer cause I’m never bored talking to you”, he says. You blush. “And Dillon!” he says, taking Dillon’s side. “Don’t want the other Rupp to get upset. 

"Alright,” you say. “What do you wanna talk about?”


“Taylor! Shannon! Wake up!” Dillon yells, waking you from your nap on Taylor’s shoulder. “We’re here! Everyone’s waiting so move your asses!” Taylor jumps up in his seat.

“Alright! I’m up! Let’s go!” he grabs his carry on and runs off the plane. You and Dillon follow close behind, looking for the rest of the group through the tunnel. Upon seeing Mahogany, you run ahead and give her a giant hug!

“I missed you so much!” She says, handing your luggage. “How was the flight?”

“It was good!” You say. “Taylor’s shoulder was kind of boney though”. She looks at you slyly. “What?”

“So you and him are finally a couple now?” she asks excited.

“No!” you sigh. “I just fell asleep on his shoulder. We’re not dating”.

“Well, it’s time for that to change. Matt!” she motions Matt over. 

“What’s up?” he asks. Mahogany leans over to whisper in his ear. An evil grin flashes across his face. “Totally! Let’s do this!” He goes over to you, wrapping an arm around your waist. Before you protest, he speaks. “You want Taylor to ask you out right?” you nod. “Then let’s give him a little push”. You nod and walk towards the group. Taylor looks over at the two of you and stiffens. Is it working?

“You okay Tay?” Dillon asks. 

“Yeah yeah” he says, snapping out of his trance. “Let’s just head to the car. He nods and you all walk to the car. Matt slides in first, putting you on his lap and Taylor follows. "You sure you don’t want a seat Shannon?” he asks through gritted teeth. 

“Yeah I’m fine”, you say. “I’m really tired so I’m just gonna take a nap”. You snuggle into Matts neck, stifling a smile.


“Shannon. Babe! We’re here!” Matt says. Taylor pushes his way out the car. Everyone, including Dillon looks to you.

“What?” You ask in confusion. Dillon rolls his eyes.

“We all know you guys like each other!” He exclaims. “I’m dumb, not stupid! No, get your ass off Matt and go get him!” You blush a deep red and jump out of the car to chase after Taylor. To your surprise, Taylor was still in the lobby, his head in his hands.

“Tay?” You ask in confusion. “What’s wrong?” He looks at you, a hurt and angered expression written on his face. 

“Like you care,” he spat. “Don’t you have Matt to worry about?” Chuckling lightly, you shake your head. “And now you’re laughing at me. Great! That just makes my day even-” you cut him off with a sweet, passionate kiss. “Whoa,” he says in an exasperated breath.

“Can’t you see Taylor?” you ask. “You’re the only one I have eyes on. Matt was just helping me get you jealous. And apparently, it worked”.

He shakes his head.“Now I feel like a complete idiot!” You smile, kissing his cheek.

“But you’re a cute idiot!” He smiles, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“And I’m also your idiot!” Blood rushes to his cheeks. “I mean, you know, if you want to”.

“I do want to.” He picks you up in victory, spinning you around. “Put me down!” you giggle.

“Only if you kiss me again!” he says, putting you down.

“Gladly” you say and grab his face in your hands to kiss him. He smiles into the kiss, running his fingers through your hair. Hoots and hollers erupt in the lobby, breaking your kiss. Turning, you see the group cheering and taking pictures.

“It’s about time!” Mahogany says snapping a picture of the two of you.

“Say all you want”, Taylor says, pulling you tight. “I’m just happy to have my girl”.

“My girl” You say, looking up to meet his gaze. “I like the sound of that”. 

It brings me great pain to type this today.

(and if you read all of it, I applaud you.)

I got a call from my mom this morning saying that this wonderful guy was euthanized within the last few days.

He was soo important to me. He was the first horse I worked with, and the bravest and most kind giant you could meet. He would grab your zipper and zip it up and down, he had the goofiest way of turning his head to look at you, he was the only horse I would EVER let rub on me because he was so special. 

Kumba was an OTTB turned eventer by my barn owners daughter around ‘04ish, and brought to school in California only to contract E.P.M. “Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, or EPM, is a disease caused by a protozoal infection by Sarcocystis neurona that affects the central nervous system of horses.”

Through rather odd circumstance they found out he had EPM and got him to the point where he could be shipped back up to Oregon. They rehabilitated him to the point where he was able to move almost normally. The vet they had at the time had come to float teeth and shot the sedative into the wrong place which sent Kumba back ten steps in his recovery. 

Thats when I met him. When I met him he could barely stand on his own. I didn’t have much interest in riding, all I wanted to do was hand graze my boy. I spent majority of the first 2-3 years of my horse involvement with him. Getting him to walk and build muscle so he could be strong enough to be in a big pasture, to live in 24/7 with a little miniature companion pony. 

I spent a lot of time with him in the smaller day pasture just walking around. He would follow me WHEREVER I went. He never hesitated. The groundskeeper, Antonio, was burning the burn pile. It was a safe distance away from everything and controlled, but the wind was blowing smoke into the arena area. Kumba never spooked. His only concern was me. When we would walk past the burn pile he would nicker to me and gently push me so I would walk past with some urgency. 

I got him to where he could walk/trot/canter in the round pen and on a lunge line. I got him to a point where he could do haunch turns and forehand turns without a HUGE possibility of him falling over, which was very common. Once upon a time I had a video of him following me around an obstacle course, without even almost falling. 

I would do a “happy whistle” and he would come running to the fence. When I was 13 I got my hand smashed between a horse’s withers and a door (but that is another story) and he heard my crying and trying to catch the horse. He ran up to the gate and was very distraught as to why I was upset. 

A few years later I was holding him for the vet, and the vet was trying to look at an abcess that Kumba had gotten, Kumba became off balance  and fell back through the pasture fence. But in attempt to keep him balanced I got nasty rope burn. After he got back up he wobbled over to me and put his whole head into my body and sighed. He was so apologetic. Whenever he did something “wrong” without meaning to, he always came right up and apologized. He was the kindest and sweetest soul I could have ever encountered. He has had such an affect on my life and how I deal with horses.

I stopped working with him about 4 years ago because we had an understanding that he didn’t need my help anymore, but I never stopped loving him or visiting him.

In the last year or two he became blind in one eye, but did that stop him from living his life to the best he possibly could? No. He kept chuggin and being positive. 

but, these last few tumbles he had, required vet assistance to get him back up again.

This last fall he took, they couldn’t get him back up. The decision was made to humanely euthanize my beautiful boy. 

I’m angry I wasn’t there, I’m sad he had to go, but I am happy he live a fulfilled life and that he fulfilled mine.

I’m going to miss you my 17hh gentle giant. I loved you so much. 

You were the greatest thing to happen to me.

I love you Kumba Man.

You were nothing short of greatness. 

Yikes indeed.

It’s amazing the lengths people will go to to try and make F/F ships sound ‘problematic’ but that’s none of my business

I only aim to please, my friend

Could you imagine Angela’s face when she finally sees Fareeha again after so long though? Like, she’s literally passed out in the family waiting room from working 39 hours straight and then Fareeha just waltzes in in her military fatigues and sees her lil’ blonde angel snoring away so peacefully on what looks to be the most uncomfortable chair she’s ever seen.

So she crouches down before her and slowly shakes her awake while saying Angela’s name in a super soft voice, and as Angela’s tired eyes slowly open and she sees Fareeha before her looking like the human embodiment of an ancient goddess, she all but loses her shit. 

It takes her a moment to adjust and she’s pretty sure she stared for a good 15 seconds while Fareeha just smiled up at her, but she finally collapses into her and gives her the most bone crushing hug the world has ever known because holy shit you giant turd I missed you so much but also I can feel your muscles rippling underneath your clothing and I just actually got the biggest lady boner ever and I think I’m in love?

That’s just me tho idk.