miss you sayaka

The Outcast and The Exiled: Chapter 35

Brought to you by Gay Idols & Co. and co-written by sei-tan48 and @tyrant-king-toru

This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. -Plato

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-- [@Kyouko]

“Mnnn…” Antsy. Sayaka felt so antsy. She wasn’t really in heat or anything. Well, maybe a bit, that might explain it. Mostly she was just antsy to see Kyouko again. The human was her mate, but she didn’t really hang around the forest and live there like Sayaka did. Which meant she had to wait for the girl to stop by before spending time with her.

That was why when she spotted the familiar head of red, long hair, Sayaka was already bounding towards the girl, long ears flopping behind her head until she finally practically tackled the redhead. “Kyoko!” She announced cheerfully, clinging to Kyoko. “Mmm–I missed you~”