miss you jules

This boy, with the brown eyes and cheeky grin, can make anyone’s day better. This boys heart is so big and he is so warm, anyone would be lucky to just know what it is like to hold him. I watch him, day after day and wonder if he sees me too. If maybe I could be apart of the countless number of people who love him. He smiles and everyone can’t help but smile back. His laugh is a melody that I wish could be stuck in my head everyday. He is that person that everybody spends their entire life looking for and now that I have found him I can only pray that he watches me too.
—  4am

Jules: Neha! How are things. I am surprised to hear from you so soon. 

Neha: Yeah… things are fine. I just wanted to hear your voice. 

Jules: Are you certain that ‘things are fine.’ 

Neha: You know how my dad can be. He’s being difficult but I’m sure he’ll come around… I miss you. 

Jules: I also miss your presence. We will see each other soon. 

Neha: Yeah, soon… I hope. 


It’s been two years, hard to believe. There’s a space in the paddock which no one else can quite fit, like trying to force a jigsaw into the wrong place. We think about you every time the lights go out, images flashing behind our eyes whenever a car spins. 

No, not again. we say, our breath in our throats. The driver climbs out of the car and we exhale. There’s this little weight in our chests thinking of you, how you didn’t climb out. It should be you out there.

We miss you. Every race there’s a seat you should fill. Every interview there’s words you should say. You should be here to share your smiles with us. I miss you.


All of Us

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i honestly never though i’d see the day… like i can’t thank yall enough because these past few months have been some of the most memorable times of my life, i’ve made memories i’ll never forget and truly changed as a person. no matter what happens, this will always have been worth it. it’s been so crazy and so incredibly fun. get ready to get fucky. 

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Anubis would sit down with Carlos and Dakota on the wooden floor, flipping through pages of pictures in her scrap book from high school. Her dogs would look at her curiously and would sniff the pages.
She wasn’t searching for any pictures in particular, she just wanted to look at them. But then she stopped at the last page, staring at one picture. She’d slip the picture out, looking at a younger version of herself with a boy with brown hair and would smile sadly.
“Oh, I miss you Jules.”
She’d fondly remember the time they went to the beach and her uncle wanted to take a picture of them.
He couldn’t get Julian or her to just look at the camera and smile, but he took the picture just when they looked at each other, pitying Daniel. She missed her cousin and uncle, hoping they were okay.
Tears welled up in her eyes as she put the picture back in place and closed the scrapbook.
“I guess it’s time for me to get ready for that ball anyways…” She’d tell herself softly.


just found this video again and it is my everything.

You have DJ Giedo, Dan with his funky dance moves and Jules just being adorable as he always was. I wish we could have more of these videos.

We miss you Jules. 

Today all F1 fans feel sad, full of emotions because two years ago on this day happend something that all of us will remember but will hardly forget. That horrible something led to losing a precious young life of an amazing driver, of an amazing man.

Everyone loved him, everyone respected him, everyone loved hearing his voice and opinion, seeing him smile, seeing him do what he loves the most…

This day marks something that gets all of us deeply thinking. And the worst thing is that it never needed to happen. Weather conditions were awful. It happened before (1976) and you would think that FIA learns from their mistakes but it looks like they need to do them two times and lose one life to now have them race after a few raindrops under a safety car. Why does it take losing a life?

We were always happy when we said that last death in the sport was in 1994 that took a long time to recover from. We thought and still think that this sport is so safe. But it still took someone away from us. It took Jules. A boy, a man, son, boyfriend, driver that didn’t have any F1 championships, victories, pole positions behind his name but a 9th place in Monaco in a Manor.

It got us all speechless, shocked then crying less than a year later. Having all the drivers in a circle together thinking about him. His helmet in the center. Him being the focus. Trophies and champagne forgotten. Empty podium. Empty garages. Empty track. But your name everything about you is still here. Reminds us every day what of a person you have been. Always happy even when everything in life wasn’t right…you were still smiling.

Japan was always remembered for rivalry and championship battles but it isn’t anymore.

Jules, I know that you always dreamed big saying that you will be chasing the championship and you would be happy even if you died trying. But even if you said that it still doesn’t take the pain away, it doesn’t stop my tears from spilling. It doesn’t make me stop thinking about you.

We miss you Jules. If we could anything to get you back here get you back to us we would do it. You are now up there with God smiling down watching us, the drivers, your team, your family, your friends. You are up there with Ayrton (and other drivers) racing every day and you beat him occasionally.

We love you. Fly high Jules.