miss you hell


(Y: I guess we’re doing it again for mine, too.)

((In reference to this post.))

Undertale Characters as History of the Entire World, I Guess Quotes
  • Asriel: Even crazier space dust
  • Flowey: You could make a reli- no don't
  • Frisk: That's a human person
  • Chara: Whoops, half of Europe just died
  • Toriel: That's bullshit. This is bullshit. That's a scam
  • Asgore: Well, blame something on them and go to war
  • Also Asgore: Fuck it, time to plant some grass
  • Sans: Do you sin?
  • Papyrus: Pretty cool, huh?
  • Undyne: Fuck you obey the law
  • Alphys: Wanna print a brain?
  • Mettaton: some stars burn and die, bigger stars burn out and die with PASSION
  • Napstablook: It's sad. I'm sad. I miss you
  • Muffet: Hell yeah, now we got business
  • Gaster: Yeah it broke apart. Don’t worry about it, it does that all the time
  • Grillby: And about a kjghpllion degrees
  • Tem: Learn to use an egg