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do you think dio's weird fashion sense in p3 stems from how he just got out of 1888 and arrived into the world of 1987 and wore what he wears because everything was so New and Cool to him or has he always just worn weird things like those dang pants in p1? i know this is really just araki's taste (maybe) but i'd like to hear it from his point of view. asking u caus you're really good with dio and (dk rapper voice) You Know Him Well

I mean, like you said it’s definitely Araki and his love of fashion.  Funny thing is that Araki’s always inspired by irl fashion but when he draws clothes it’s more about feeling - what feels right for the character - and less of, “could this outfit exist in physical space in the real world?”  So the outfits he draws can get way more surreal than even the irl couture that sometimes inspires them.

But you’re asking for an in-universe explanation.  You’re totally right, Dio and Jonathan tbh both wore really weird stuff in Pt.1 … so it’s probably less about everything being new and cool so much as Dio just keeping on wearing stuff that uniquely suits Dio.  Although I’m sure he appreciated 80s synthetics after the stuffy textiles they had when he lived in Victorian England.

I’m also like 95% sure that Dio’s ‘questionable’ fashion in Pt.3 - not so much when he’s revealed in his short coat and those ‘pants’ at the top of the stairs in his mansion, but all the stuff he wears as Shadow Dio - is supposed to be couture, or at least couture-inspired.  I’m convinced for reasons that the infamous trashbag dress is based off an 80s Valentino silk collection full of draping and dramatic cutouts.

So I think a lot of what Part 3 DIO wears is supposed to look lux and dramatic in keeping with his being a dramatic guy who also gives off a chill and sensual vibe, but I mean, again, it’s not really stuff anyone could or would want to pull off in the real world.