miss you bruh

the Hot Memes(TM) of 2016


look at it! it has anxiety

i heard that kylo ren has a 8 pack. that kylo ren is shredded

is jared leto actually the joker?

tag yourself im ___

12 hr mario

flat earth

old friends senior dog sanctuary

things made of jeans / jtems (jean items)

damn daniel

ted cruz is the zodiac killer

bernie or hillary?

__suggestion blogs

im you but stronger

the end of leo not winning an oscar meme

pacha holding up his hands

star wars “do it”

the triggering

“breaking news”

history of japan


blurry mr krabs

lizard discourse

dark [ ] show me [ ]

dat boi frog

adding DND alignments to posts

caveman spongebob

this or that tag meme

dont talk to me or my sons ever again

class note passing

spongebob characters as different characters/people

squidward trying to sleep with spongebob outside his window

giving stuff to the pope

pokemon go

blurry hand hitting the blue button

hand clap emojis between every word of a sentence

furry professionals

owo whats this

*inhale* BOI


guy pulling the train lever



arthur’s fist

im dropping hints that im [ ]; im [ ]

“me, an intellectual”

bernie watching tv

femme-butch scale



80s template text

the cask of amontillado

i am forcibly escorted from ___

joe biden fighting trump

blurry perfection


me to me

putting other videos within videos (every time this happens, this happens)

that guy with the extreme sock tan

How Taurus Views the Signs

Aries: Honestly you do you boo, idc

Taurus: Everyday I dwell in my own existential crisis, but I still love myself despite everything

Gemini: You’re actually quieter than I thought you’d be? Phew!

Cancer: My main fcking HOE

Leo: You think I’m kinky? Wait ‘till you actually get to know me

Virgo: Tbh do I really like you?

Libra: yikesyikes and even more YIKES

Scorpio: I love you and I miss you HUHHH

Sagittarius: Bruh, we could fuck shit UP together

Capricorn: I don’t I’ve ever met anyone who has self loathed more than you

Aquarius: Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see (;

Pisces: Okay but D A D D Y isn’t a BIG enough word to describe YOU and ALL of YOUR EXISTENCE

RIP Tanvir Talukder

The guy that always made fun of my voice cause it was so damn deep hah but damn imma miss you man ! You were really funny bro ! I wish i can see you again. One of the funniest guy to be in 5th period bio. Everyone missed you when you had that disease. Daaaang maaan =/ RIP bro