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A Thought: Jack going back on the Pearl after the “What interest is she to you” scene, to find Elizabeth gone.

He searches the ship for her: paces all across the deck, squinting at people as if he doesn’t recognize them (when actually he is trying to make sure he is not hallucinating and maybe failing to see her), scours the rum cellar under the guise of “doing inventory”, opens every cell in the brig (under the guise of continuing to thrash Will with every insult ever invented), hell, he even checks under his bed in his cabin (because hey, a man can dream, right?)

He, of course, refuses to ask where the bloody hell she is, because why should he care? She killed him! And since he doesn’t ask, nobody tells him she left with Sao Feng. So he just wanders the ship like a wraith, all its darkest crevices and secretest spots, back and forth, with ever-growing, poorly concealed franticness.

Then he comes across Barbossa (on his third visit to the dining room in the last half hour, during which he actually kneels down and looks under the long dinner table). Barbossa sneers at him with a knowing, shit-eating grin. Jack rolls his eyes and fakes indifference CONCEAL DON’T FEEL JACK. He turns to leave the room but is stopped cold by Barbossa’s voice, casual: “She’s not here.”

And Jack — oh, we have a lovely saying for this in Mexico — “Se hace el que le habla la Virgen”, roughly interpreted as: he pretends the Holy Virgin is speaking to him, which is entirely too important a circumstance for him to bother paying attention to Barbossa. I mention this idiom, because I can perfectly well imagine Jack literally pretending a deity is speaking to him to avoid acknowledging someone.

Barbossa’s grin widens. He knows Jack like the back of his hand. He knows Jack’s deflection mechanisms, and he knows he has hit the nail in the head. “There’s more to Turner’s wench than meets the eye, eh? She bargained herself to Sao Feng, in exchange for his cooperation with our cause,” he continues, knowing that Jack is hanging onto every word. “Have to say, I pity the man. He has no inkling what awaits him with that one,” at this he laughs that weird, bouncy sound that seems to ricochet out of his chest like a spring wound too tight.

“Do you reckon he’ll make it to Shipwreck cove alive?” With Jack’s back to him, he can only see Jack’s hands, clenched tightly into fists, the skin of his knuckles white. Then he adds, in a conspirational whisper: “Well, guess it depends on whether the little waif keeps her lips to herself, ain’t it?”

Jack storms out of the room. Barbossa laughs and laughs and chokes on mouthfuls of juicy apples as he continues to laugh.

And his filthy laughter follows Jack all night, as he continues to haunt the ship like a restless soul. 

Jamba, hold your horses! We are going to travel next morning not now! 

My troll boi Jamba is super exited because we are going to travel to my cottage tomorrow morning! So we will be gone about a week which means that I can’t draw because my computer doesn’t work there. But my phone does! ;D So I will kind of be here but drawing things will be pretty hard. c:
But don’t worry! When we will be back, I’m gonna show you some awesome pictures about our traveling! :D 

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I don't if you've listened to Jasper in Deadland, but I have slowly been crafting a Camp Camp AU for it. So far I only have three characters (Agnes as Jasper who died via drowning, Jasper as David who goes to Deadland to save him, and Daniel as. Mr. Lethe who runs Deadland and wants David out of Deadland for helping people remember their past lives but tries to get him to sell water that makes you forget everything in world of the living)

i don’t think i’ve heard of it before? is that a musical? :0

Morrison vampire stuff

Some Morrison worldbuilding tidbits for you:

  • vampires getting super invested in nutrition so they know how to take care of their humans, and then being horrified at what humans will actually consume:
    • three-day-old coffee
    • twenty piece chicken nuggets
    • one (1) granola bar as a meal
    • their own fingernails
  • humans lying about what they eat:
    • “How do pop rocks even work?”
      “They’re made of tiny larvae that explode when they come into contact with human saliva.”
      “… That can’t be real.”
  • the constant exasperated repitions of “human stuff” or “vampire stuff” whenever they don’t understand each other
  • humans dabbing garlic on their pulse points when they’re pissed
    • “C’mon, I’m starving, why are you like this?”
      “Are you sorry?”
      “What’s the magic word, Clarence?”
  • vampires that forget humans are delicate and accidentally hurt them
  • humans that act like wounded dogs over minor injuries just to watch vampires fall over themselves apologizing
  • vampires exaggerating time for comedic effect:
    • “I haven’t heard this song in forty years”
      “This came out in 2004″
      “It’s been forty years. I have aged.”
      “You literally have not.”
    • “When was the last time you did any laundry?”
      “Fuck you.”
  • telling vampires to “go back to your coffin” when they’re grumpy
  • humans constantly asking “how did they do this in your day?” about every single daily task
  • vampires who hoard tools and appliances from the time period they most enjoyed
  • young vampires flipping off the sun and screaming at it about evolution
    • old vampires who pull their collars up and frown behind their sunglasses
  • erroneous threats based on abilities no vampire actually has:
    • “I’m gonna show up to your wedding as a swarm of bats and shit on the cake”

at this point im just abusing the star brush

I really miss those crisp fall mornings, when you wake up and look outside and the leaves are dancing in the wind. There’s something about it, knowing that its cool outside, but being overwhelmed with a sense of warmth & coziness. The way the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk home. That grey-almost gloomy, but welcoming sky, just before an autumn rain. The way every room, smells of pumpkin or baked goods. The creepy movies on tv. It’s almost as if we enter an entirely different culture, with the way things around us shift in those autumn months. Oh, how I miss you, fall.