miss vellum

I forgot all the witchcraft. There totally has to be witchcraft. And divination. With bones. Crackling dead leaves and the brush of thin mimosa branches across bare shoulders, shaking just slightly with the rain that never reaches the forest floor. Full moons and dirt under their fingernails. Someone spilling the water in the cauldron when someone else steps on their heel and goddamn it Melissa, get it together! Did you bring the salt? Shit, we forgot the salt.

At least Jett remembered the lighter.


I’ve never done this before and I’m not even sure if there are interest for it, but I was wondering if anyone wanted get a hand-bound sketchbook with real vintage Hardy Boys cover! They are 7.5"x5.25" sketchbooks, hand-bound saddle stitched. 

The paper I have at hand are white stonehenge, white lenox 100 drawing paper, and conventry rag white vellum paper. 

Missing Chums,The Clue in the Ember, The Great Airport Mystery, The Viking Symbol Mystery, The Boys of Oakdale Academy and Rambles of Normandy does not include dust jackets (they didn’t come with any).

You can choose which cover you want and what kind of paper you’d like if it’s available. 

Prices will vary depending on the cover as it’ll determine how many pages it can comfortably allow as well as the cover quality (EX: The Clue in the Ember will not exceed The Clue of the Broken Blade because of the miscolored cover and lack of intricate cover). The prices will start at $18+. If interested, please send me an email at ylee213 (at) gmail with your cover and paper of choice. Note: these sketchbooks are made after payment. Thanks for reading! 

Edit: The Secret Warning, The Viking Symbol Mystery, The Missing Chums, and Rambles in Normandy are reserved.

I’m not taking any more sketchbook commissions at this time. Thank you so much for the interest though!!