miss universe q & a

First, I’m very happy that Pia won. As a Filipina, I’m very proud that her hard work paid off and she’s able to represent the country in a competition as huge as Miss Universe.

Full of consumerism, hyperreality, glam and standardization of beauty disguised with causes and advocacies, there is no surprise that Miss Universe is a huge hit. I’m also happy that the Q and A portion is well-researched and apt for the situation of the country where the representative came from.

Now, I fully understand that Pia has to subtly disguise her answer since she has to please the crowd and judges that are predominantly Americans. I know that Pia is knowledgeable of the biases because she’s able to use the word COLONIZED in a prestigious event handled by the colonizers. She’s able to turn the word COLONIZED into something positive despite the aggression and the unfair relations between the colonizers and colony.

I just hope that her last statement I don’t see any problem with that at all is not her final final final answer.