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Hey! I was wondering about your self defense training. Did you pick up everything you know in the military, or did you ever do any martial arts as well?

I got in a ton of fights growing up (kinda happens when you’re a trans girl growing up in South Carolina in the 80’s and 90’s). I copied movements from movies and TV, from reading fighting books, watching boxing matches etc. All before I joined the army.

When I was in the army I started watching and following mixed martial arts and for a few years I never missed a UFC fight. On my ODA (my team) there was a golden gloves boxer, a West Point wrestler, and a Jeet Kun Do practitioner and we did a decent amount of sparring in addition to the ‘combatives’ training courses I took. I was also moonlighting as a bouncer at a dive bar/metal venue for a while.

I’m not the most technical or skilled fighter out there and my submission game is pretty weak because I much prefer to fight on my feet. And of course since I prefer to stand and strike but I usually give up reach to my opponents I don’t really fight on the outside much either (though I’m told I have a good stiff jab). Instead, I have a solid chin so I stand in the pocket and trade, usually opting for heavy shots thrown with bad intentions at close range (the shovel hook is a perpetual favorite). For exceptionally mobile opponents I find a wall or corner to trap them in or I’ll opt for a takedown and throw elbows and punches from the mount and even inside the guard.

My biggest strengths are probably my capacity for walking through heavy hits and my aggression.

Josh Samman, 28, Passes Away

 Following a near-week long coma, Josh Samman, who competed within the UFC’s Middleweight division, has passed away.

 Samman was found unresponsive in his apartment last Thursday by a friend, who discovered the fighter alongside his roommate and friend Troy Kirkingburg. The friend immediately called 911 and began CPR until police arrived.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Samman was still unresponsive and Kirkingburg, 28, was found dead. No foul play was suspected.

Samman had remained in a coma since that time.

Josh Samman was 28. R.I.P.


The undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion said she’d like to play “Miss Marvel” in her recent Reddit AMA, but she’s now taken it a step further on Instagram.

“Since the reddit AMA I’ve received so many badass Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel edits! There were so many cool ones I couldn’t pick just one to share - here’s 1 series of 2 Big thank you to contributing artists: bosslogix (two on right) and salman.artworks (left).”

was followed up with another, with amended text for two more fan artists. “Big thank you to contributing artists: alexmurilloart (right) and Hugo Dourado (left).”

This needs to happen.

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Your thoughts on Liam and Cheryl casino date? To be honest, I'd have preferred Niam at Fight Night, lol


oh man. Liam clearly looks really, really enthused that he missed out on the UFC fight to be with Cheryl and not at all dead eyed like he is on his way to a colonoscopy:

And what’s this? A Daily Mail exclusive? Mis pantalones! 

What luck! What incredible riches! Who would have even guessed that Xposure Photo, a known pap used by 1DHQ, managed to be there to snap grainy footage that looks like the quality of a Sasquatch proof photo.

And, because no one surrounding any members of One Direction has apparently been in a relationship not even once, apparently they are so in lobe, so #MeantToBe, that after three months together, not only has Liam gotten a tattoo tribute to Cheryl’s ass on his hand, Cheryl has alledgedly moved in to Liam’s Surrey mansion! I’m so glad I got the smelling salts before I started answering this in case I swooned from all the romance. 

(as an aside, the logic on this is kind of hilarious. Grocery shopping near Liam’s home = moved in, so since I worked out in the same gym as Sebastian Stan, does that mean we’re married now? How embarrassing. All this time and I never knew.)

But let’s talk about the real reason for all of this loved up Cherliam talk. On the heels of this stunt, a flurry of X-Factor promo headlines have cropped up by the usual 1DHQ suspects - The Daily Mail, Mirror, and OK! Magazine all saying that Liam & Cheryl will be judges on the X-Factor. What’s really important to note is that Simon Cowell is currently in rather desperate negotiations with ITV to try and keep the X-Factor on the air [x,x,x]:

Now, if I was Simon Cowell, and I was trying to save my all but cancelled show, having a lot of fresh media headlines suggesting my show still has the ability to pull big ratings, stay in the press,  and be very relevant wouldn’t be the worst way to do it:

It’s really all about the context.