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baekhyun’s ig live today (170626) was super short but here’s what i caught (i missed a bit of it bc i was talking to my roommate sorry):

  • baekhyun was in the car w/ (at least) kai and suho
  • he showed us the window for a few seconds to show that they’re moving in the car and going somewhere
  • baekhyun said “hiiiiii” really cutely and repeated it a few times and got really loud each time he was basically yelling at the end soeifjowijefoef
  • he turned the camera to suho who was next to him in the car and said “say hi suho” and suho said hello and laughed (kind of like “this kid is too much” kind of a laugh if that makes sense like he shook his head and leaned his head back against the seat lol) it was so cute from what i could vaguely tell (it was so dark in the car)
  • he mentioned kai and also told him to say hi
  • bbh said he just wanted to say hi real quick and mentioned the comeback and said theyre coming soon
  • it was so short he literally said hi and left he literally ended the ig live in the middle of his sentence telling kai to say bye oisefhjowiej
  • it was so dark in the car u couldn’t actually see anything
  • he read a comment that said it was too dark and they couldnt see them and bbh laughed and was like “it being too dark that u can’t see us is the concept tho” soiefjowijefoijwofjwoijef the little sh*t ifjowjefoijweoifjwe
  • it was a little past 10 pm in kst
  • i love exo <3
  • Yuta: Look at my little snugglebunnycutiepie. Just look. Look at him.
  • Hansol: .....what?
  • Yuta: My adorable sweet-pea. My precious little cinnamon bun. My homo to the sexual.
  • Yuta: The sock to my shoe. The swimming to my pool. My one and only love.
  • Hansol: Stop.
  • Yuta: My butter to the fly. My king to my thrash. My-
  • Hansol: You’re a dick.
  • Yuta: ......
  • Yuta: The dick to his ass.
  • Hansol: *Punches Yuta in the chest*
L'amore è complicato. Una parolina semplice che racchiude in sè un significato profondo.
L'amore non è solo apparenza, baci, abbracci e fare l'amore.
L'amore è mettersi in gioco, affrontare i vari ostacoli insieme, dialogare, confrontarsi, trovare soluzioni o compromessi, essere affidabili e sinceri.
L'amore è volere così tanto una persona da perdere la testa e fare ogni cosa per questa. L'amore è sacrificio, è sentimento forte, è condivisione.
Basta le solite stronzate da bimbi. Basta le solite prese per il culo.
L'amore merita rispetto, merita trasparenza nel rapporto tra uomo e donna. L'amore merita tutto.
L'amore, quello vero, è rischiare per una persona a cui tieni tanto poiché questa ne vale la pena, davvero.
—  Mia

txghut’s 600+ bias list!

Asher becomes like a sun god in his banished land of savagery, collecting followers nearly as savage as he is but never making it on the level of a beast. In one version of the story he is labeled as their savior, the sun kissed man who lays his hands out and takes once slaves and they go together, they are an army of savage salvation. In other versions he is recruiting demons, they are an army of the damned and should be feared. Asher can be predicted as a literal monster, teeth too sharp and more limbs than needed, the power to control fire or eyes that glow when angered. There are rumors that he can shift into a dragon or a dog nearly a dragons size; countless other rumors, none of which Asher denies are calls as truth. Asher and his army, his friends, are stories told to children to keep them from misbehavior. They are terrifying or inspiring, they are legends among men, and above them all is Asher Forrester.

Never forget that Asher is driven by his heart, but the rawness and pureness of his emotions, and no man or woman can deny emotion. Logic can be countered, but emotion is as steady as a heart-beat, it will only cease when Asher Forrester dies. 

Fuck if I’m not a loser && excited ??? I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and to give you as much love and support as you all have given me throughout the two years I’ve run my beautiful boy Asher Forrester. In truth without the support of all of you, Asher wouldn’t still be here, and like the rest of the ttgot fandom I’d have vanished! But– enough about that. I love each and everyone of you. I have to thank you for your patience and kindness, and the fact you stayed even when I faltered. You’re stuck with me and Asher forever now, and I look forward to the adventures that we get into. Mutual or not, whether I rp with you or not, whether I follow back or not? I still love you– I support you– I know you will be great, and, once again. Thank you. ( ayo the art was done by @likexsummerxrain–archive

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what i've learned from this trip

ive been pronouncing @dork-with-a-uke name wrong this whole time

• if ure planning a trip like this u should always know what airport ure gonna arrive in

• u should always double check the times for the tickets before u book them

• never sit in the back of a coach, cause everytime someone uses the bathroom it will be hell for u

@dork-with-a-uke has the coolest freaking house and her room is goals

@dork-with-a-uke has the nicest family (her baby brother is the cutest)

• @dork-with-a-uke mom is an excellent cook

@stray-dog-sick has the nicest house. its so cozy and her room is super cozy too

@stray-dog-sick has the nicest family and her brother is super good at rock band (i’m the worst at it)

• i like fish and chips

• @uglihowell & @cosmicjinkx are super cool people

@dork-with-a-uke & @stray-dog-sick singing is even more amazing irl ( @dork-with-a-uke sings all the time and its the best thing ever)

@stray-dog-sick has an adorable but super shy cat

• the best way to bond with someone is through pain

• dogs

• 3 (1) days is not enough time

• it was all worth it

goodnight my little poofles and puffles i’m going to bed and i thought i should tell ya’ll that my blog will be running on queue for the next few days (and another few days next week) because i’ll be having my exams!! til then, please stay safe and happy all of you!!! ya’ll are all cute and important to me 

please @ me if hyungwon and wonho breathes, especially if they do it tOGETHER



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye


I feel like you have to connect with fans; individual connection is important. It never used to be that way. It used to be—I’m talking 30, 40 years ago—the less people knew about you, the better, the more different roles you could play. There’s a pro and a con to the whole thing. What I find is that the individual connections you have with fans that transpire—once you get a great message or see some artwork, it’s really humbling. I see it as a plus in that regard.