miss u steve

bucky writing to his ma during the war and rambling about steve in his letters, answering her arsenal of questions about the two of them like “nah he can keep himself warm now,” “yes we could use more socks” “I’m fine, yes I’m getting enough rest” and “you should see steve, he’s massive.”

also getting steve to do a quick sketch to send so she’ll know they’re ok and together bc of the odds of that were slim and everything bucky is saying sounds so outrageous (tho he makes sure to hold back the grimy stuff like almost dying with steve on purpose)


if bucky had an instagram

heimdall said everything is bigger in asgard, wanna find out?
—  steve trying to awkwardly seduce bucky while visiting asgard
stucky + bridesmaids
  • steve: please help us find bucky, he's missing
  • tony: how long has he been gone?
  • sam: he's been missing for like over 70 years
  • steve: he meant 12hrs ago, we found him and lost him 12hrs ago
  • tony: only 12hrs? it's not a missing person until it's at least 24 hours. have you ever seen CSI? 24 hours. let me go on with my job steve [continues working on his suit]
  • steve: please, I really need your help
  • tony: [sighs] [does some quick searching on his device] he's still in your apartment steve
  • sam: [confused] but we checked there
  • steve: I'm sorry I didn't mean to waste your time... that's so embarrassing. thank you
  • tony: no, you're welcome [in a sarcastic tone] this is kind of high octane stuff that really made me want to become a superhero. missing boyfriend found at their apartment... it's adrenaline pinching
  • steve: [grimaces]
  • tony: anyway, go and save your boyfriend from your apartment. bye bye
  • steve: [finds bucky under their covers mumbling about his arm] [paints white and blue around the star to make him smile, it works]