miss tyler

I can’t believe the Blurryface ERA is over. I am part happy and part sad. Sad because I’ll miss the constant red and black. I’ll miss Tyler’s screams for help that I can relate to. I will miss the music of happy, upbeat sound but sad meaning. I’ll miss the black paint. I’m happy because Tyler has won. We’ve all won. Blurryface has been defeated. We no longer have to be scared. Tyler has taught us that our happiness can be won. Blurry has nothing on us. We’re the few, the proud, and the emotional and we will stay that way ‘til night’s end. We did it. Tyler and Josh did it. We’re staying alive. No more 2 faces. We’ve made it this far, kid. I-/


NEW VIDEO: “Becoming A Drag Queen” ft. Miss Fame - One of my favorite corners of queer culture is drag. There are so many ways to do drag, and there are so many reasons it’s so important to the LGBTQ+ world. While being transformed by the legendary Miss Fame, we explore the art of drag, what it means to people, and by the end, I’m ready for my Drag Race debut! Just kidding, those queens are TALENTED… but really though, I have so much respect for drag queens & what they do. THIS WAS SO FUN.


                                    modern companions + period costumes

You know what really gets me about all of this, is that I was fine before you, maybe happy even. Just kind of existing in the middle. But you show up, uninvited but welcome, make everything all bright and shiny. And then you left and now everything is gray.
—  I regret meeting you and I regret missing you