miss trinidad

(Confession) Reasons why I don’t watch Latoyaforever on YouTube no more because she is very ignorant like for example her “husband” is from Africa and he told her that he wants her and their child to go and to Africa to see his family and she gives him a no look and then says Ebola.Another time (before her baby arrived) she was saying how she hopes that her baby is light skin with “good hair” and recently in the comments she said that they reason that Miss Trinidad didn’t make the cut because she didn’t look “exotic” like whattttt I can’t believe never noticed how ignorant this girl is!

It's not even just that simple.

Because I know someone will say ‘but fifth is high’!
This is pent up, pent up from watching the pageant.
It’s the fact that she was the only black girl (light skinned or not) to make it to the top positions.
Then, she still only got fifth when she was, clearly to some or all of us, deserving of one or two ranks higher.
It’s not just clear to a few of us on twitter or tumblr, a live audience boo’d.
The general public knew it was wrong. Wake up.