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So I got the keys and ended up falling asleep right when I got there

So I ended up meeting my new boss ( really nice guy, but he actually has a thick accent so it was a bit hard to understand what he was saying.. I need to find someone to teach me Spanish.) and he gave me the key to my house.. ( Renting to own it) I ended up going there and walked into the living room without even fucking grabbing my bags yet and took a nap right on the floor.

I woke up to texts from Lip asking for pics of my new place and I got a message from Debbie with photos of her, Franny and Neil at the playground near where they live because I said I wanted updates on how my niece is doing.

I’m thinking of going online and ordering a bed at least until I get my first paycheck here-until then I’ll be eating tacos, drinking water and sleeping in a sleeping bag. ( Luckily my laptop as built in wifi because I don’t have cable or anything yet) I think i’m going to go to the beach tomorrow after unpacking today and going to the stores in town to get sunscreen and a couple other things I need.

I should go.. I’m going to be busy the next two days settling in but I’ll try to keep you updated on what is going on for the next two days-soon I should have more interesting updates and adventures but the next few days will probably just be unpacking and beach talks.



If you missed K. Trevor Wilson’s US Late Night Premiere…

And here he is doing panel…

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Name: Genevieve ‘Jon’ O’Keefe 

Nickname: Jon/Gen

Gender: genderqueer

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 173cm

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Hogwarts house: Gryffindore or Sytherian. Idk something about being a hat stall

Favourite colour: black,

Favourite animal: dogs, foxes, wolves, anything of the dog calibur

Time Right Now: 6:15PM

Average hours of sleep: hahahahahaha 12 hours I have no life.

Cat or dog person: DOG

Favourite fictional characters: Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers), Fenris (Dragon Age), Dorian (Dragon Age), Varric (Dragon Age), Yui Komori (Diabolik Lovers), Zen (Mystic Messenger), Miss Audrey (OC), Trevor Phillips (GTA V), Mr Jefferson (Life is Strange), Rire (Boyfriend to death), Strade (boyfriend to death), Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu (Dangan Ronpa). I have more but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

Number of blankets i sleep with: 2

Favourite Singer/Band: Mystery Skulls, Alaska Thunderfuck, the entire Hamilton cast, Ed Sheeran

Dream trip: japan, france, new york, berlin, new zeland

Dream job: artist, actor, pastry chef, or anything in theatre.

When was this blog created: february 2014

When did your blog reach its peak: i think when i started reblogging rupauls drag race

What made you decide to make a tumblr: i got tumblr like 4 years ago because i was one of those nerds who did character rping lol. I was regina from Once Upon A Time

Why did you choose ur URL: my current URL is based off my nickname for Ayato when i was still tryna learn his name, so when i fanboyed about him to my friends i just called him ‘vampire ramsay’ since he reminded me of ramsay bolton at the time.

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A Letter Never Sent (One-shot)

Faith no More Fan Fiction
Rating: 13+


I’m sorry. I can’t sleep again and I keep hearing you cry in your sleep over Trevor. You miss him so much and you can’t stand to be away from him. I don’t remember what it’s like to love someone so much. You’re so young, barely out of your teens, and love is a life or death thing. I know you called him earlier and the two of you got into a fight about something, but you didn’t tell me what you fought over. There’s a word you keep saying over and over again to yourself - “dirty”. You feel dirty because of the way people treat you. The way they look at you, the way they worship you, the way they touch you, and you think you’ll never be clean again. You have this weird notion of sexual purity, like if another person ever touches you or kisses you or fucks you, they take your purity away and you’re polluted forever.

Michael, it doesn’t work that way. Trevor didn’t make you dirty when he took your virginity. I didn’t make you dirty by fucking you. Fans and critics don’t make you ugly by idolizing you. What makes you dirty is your own negative thoughts. Your body is yours. You gave Trevor your body because you wanted to. You gave me your body because you wanted to. You told me once that having sex with Trevor was the best feeling in the world, that nothing made you happier than to lay there with your knees up and let him take you. To me that’s really fucking sweet. It’s so sweet and meaningful. I haven’t had a sexual connection with someone like that in years and I envy you so much for the connection you have with him. Mike, Nothing about consensual sex makes you dirty. Sex is a deeply personal thing and it can be a beautiful and even a spiritual thing with the right person.

This isn’t coming from a patronizing place. I’ve given my body to the wrong people god knows how many times and sometimes I struggle with feeling used up and disgusting just like you do. I look at myself in the mirror and I see this gross ugly faggot that nobody wants to love. I cry a lot by myself because I don’t want people to see me. When you called me a predator after we hooked up the first time it hurt on a level that I don’t think you understand. There’s nothing predatory about sex that two people want. You wanted it as much as I did. We were lonely and hungry and we needed each other. By calling me a predator you’re playing into the kinds of stereotypes that are places on queers like us, the older man cruising for a younger man to use and abuse.

Just like women don’t own their bodies, we don’t either, at least not to cruel strangers. We’ve got AIDS or we’re going to kidnap little boys or we’re too flamboyant or we really want to be women. We’re monsters and they tell us we’re worthless. You have a sense of internalized hatred for what you are whether you realize it or not. You hate yourself for being queer and Trevor does too, and neither of you should. The day you auditioned for the band I caught you making out with him, I didn’t stop you immediately. I stood there watching you for over a minute because the two of you were so passionate and wrapped up in your little world together that I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt things.

It hurt my heart to watch you two. It really did. I want someone to love me the way Trevor loves you. My boyfriend doesn’t love me like that and he never has. No man has ever loved me like that. Michael, you and Trevor have something very unique, something that so many people want and can’t have. You have a bond that’s going to last a lifetime and that’s one of the few things I’m certain of. Me sleeping with you won’t ruin the bond you have with him. I know it will hurt him at first. You might even break up for a while but you won’t stay apart forever. Making things less intense between the two of you will do a world of good. Love doesn’t have to be a constant fight or a contest to see who loves who more.

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7/19/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: Kids Only Press Conference panel, ft. Andrew Shaw, Trevor Van Riemsdyk, David Rundblad and Bryan Bickell

This is where you’ll find the hard-hitting journalism. Best panel of the weekend.

LAST TREVOR ASK! °˖ ✧◝(○ ▽ ○)◜✧˖ °

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