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A little surprise for you guys!

I was inspired today so I decided to draw all the Rayman fan nymphs I could find! I apologise greatly if I missed one, anyway I didn’t have much space anymore so… c’:

The Rayman fandom in here is so joyful and kind-hearted, so I wanted to contribute in a way! I’m very thankful to all the support I got with my main Rayman OCs! It mean a lot to me <3

Credit time! (from the front to the back)

Laure Loge, time palace nymph © Me
Biffle A. Rum, robot pirate nymph © @fayfaery
Agata Bontapik, desert of the knaarens nymph © @raymolk
Rhonda Foo, Blue Mountains nymph © @aimsart
Cara Douce, Picture City nymph © @slightly-gay-pogohammer
Carrie Mel, Candy Chateau nymph © @badlydrawnrayman
Kim Ono, Wild Wild East nymph © @raygirlramblings

Hope you guys will enjoy! I had a lot of fun drawing all of them! Might repeat one day if new ones pop by!

Always Remember You

AU: Reincarnation

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Kaldur and Roy (Red Arrow)

Reincarnation was a funny thing, sometimes your remember everything about your past life, sometimes only parts, and other times nothing at all. For most everything about their past was the last, one but for Roy, Kaldur and yourself you remember everything about each other no matter the time. However this time your couldn’t seem to find Roy. You worried that maybe this time he didn’t remember either of you. Kaldur always reassured you that Roy would always find his way to both of you but you could feel his worry too.

You were sitting on at a picnic table in the local park one day working on a few songs, as Kaldur was recording in the studio a few blocks away. You hummed the tune as you wrote in your notebook. After a bit you felt a tug on the back of your shirt, looking behind you, you saw a child with her red hair in piggy tails.

“Hello. How can I help you?” You asked wondering where this girl’s parents were. The little girl took a seat beside you.

“I’m waiting for my daddy.” She said. “Mommy told me to find a spot and wait.” You furrowed your brows. ‘What the hell.’ You thought to yourself.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Lian.” You nodded, looking at the girl once again with the cool weather she was not really dressed for it.

“Are you cold Lian?” She nodded, you stood up and taken your jacket off, put it on her as you grabbed the blanket you were sitting on and wrapped it around yourself. You then took some paper out from your notebook and gave her a pen, it wasn’t much but you couldn’t just leave her here alone.

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I took the whole afternoon + evening to make this but I decided to draw all my Rayman OCs!
All of them belong to me, only Philips Bolt is also shared with @haruka-tavares since she came up with his design at first!

As a small fact, Angel and Diabolo were my very first Rayman OCs when I was 13! …Aka 10 years ago… Shit time goes fast.

If you want more infos concerning one of them, don’t hesitate to ask me! c: