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My Thoughts On Osoroshi no Tabi

Contains Spoilers 

Great episode, it was strange at first with the trickster raccoons but then the episode got more and more serious.


The episode mostly focused on Leo, he ignores Usagi and his fear on losing his brothers pops up again.

Kintaro was still annoying but not as bad a last week but I didn’t like that he called Leo a dummy after that awful dream.

So the episode started off with them all falling off the cliff but luckily the tree branches breaks there fall on there way down and they landed on the soft ground.

I assume the poor horses were killed.

I was happy that Donnie said Mikey is right about going with Usagi.

Mikey disappears and then reappears again scaring Raph.  It looked like he got possessed by the Mum Thing (Burried Secrets) again.  But it wasn’t Mikey after all, it was a trickster Raccoon, a Tanuki. So Mikey is still missing.

2 Tanuki pretend to be Raph, so Raph gets captured by them as well.

Lol at Tanuki with just Raphs head.

Poor Raph and Mikey, the Tanuki have put them over fires and want to eat them for there dinner.

Lol at Raph “What’s Up Doc” A Bugs Bunny reference When Usagi ate a carrot.

I expect the Tanuki will like the pizza that Mikey left for them in there offering.

I love the beautiful shots/music is this moment when they were walking to the spider section.

I’m glad i’m not afraid of spiders but I probably be freaked out if a lot of them came out of my hat.

Lol, LOTR reference, when Raph said Deja vu when he got wrapped up in spider webbing.

Lol Donnie explaining what the Spider is going to do to them and Raph Shouting out “Not helping Donnie”

The Tanuki appear and save everyone from the Spider Queen, so it was a good thing they offered food to them, they must of loved Mikey’s pizza.

Lol Donnie enjoying ride there.

I like the little moment between Leo and Usagi, with Leo apologizing to him for being arrogant.

Ok time to get this moment over with

I knew it was all a dream, but it still hit me. Seeing Mikey get stabbed by Jei was unexpected and it freaked me out. Mikey’s ‘death’ had the biggest  impact than Raph and Donnie’s as their 'deaths’ seemed too easy (Raph getting hit by Purple fire and falling off the ledge and Donnie, not sure what his death was, he being levitated up  before falling from height).

I was surprised that Mikey even got a serious 'death’ because of all the joke moments he had the other times (like the joke dream from Dream Beavers and the Joke Trap from The Fourfold Trap).

Leo crying and cradling Mikey in arms hit me with feels and I ended up with tears in my eyes. (I can see a lot of fan art coming)

Leo vs Jei was great even though it was just a dream. I just love the background music.

Poor Leo he still looks so sad even though it was a dream, it totally shook him up.

Can’t wait for next week but it looks like it’s another torture Mikey episode.