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I did no research to how this process goes, so I apologize for anything wrong. Anyway, here’s a random, late night one shot:) 

Sofia took her mother’s hand when the doors to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital slid open. 

 “I don’t want to go to daycare.” she whined. 

 Arizona was already running late to her appointment. She swore she could hear each tick and toc from the watch on her wrist, the tiny hand held in hers tightening. “Sweetie, I don’t have time to argue with you-”

 She looked down and saw the pout on her daughter’s face; it resembled Callie’s so much, it caused her heart to tug and twist and give. “Okay. But you have to promise me one thing.” 

 Sofia beamed and nodded. 

 “You have to be on your best behavior and not touch anything. You’re only gonna be with me until mama’s shift is over.” 

 “Okay, mommy.” 

 The two made their way to the higher floor and Sofia couldn’t help but wiggle in place. She was so excited that she got to explore the hospital with her mom. She remembered doing it all the time when she was younger, but as her mom’s got more busy with work, especially Arizona going back and forth between peds and fetal surgery, Sofia found herself in daycare more often than not.

 “Is mama gonna help fix your leg?” Sofia asked when they stepped off of the elevator. 

 The blonde dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone to check a few things and send a text before answering her daughter’s question. “Mama fixes bones. This doctor is going to help me get a new prosthetic.” 

 “Like when you had to get one when I was little because of Miss Stephanie.” Sofia deadpanned. 

 Arizona mentally cringed at the memory, highly aware that the only reason Sofia remembered was because Callie brought up the accident on more than one occasion. So with lightly clenched teeth, Arizona muttered, “Yep. Just like that.” 

 The two entered the room; pieces of metal, silicone and other material limbs spread about the large area. Arizona was a little more hesitant this time around. Her old prosthetist had moved to a different location, so she had to let someone new examine her, learn what she liked and didn’t like. 

  Taking off her shoes and her slacks, Arizona composed herself, already knowing how this ordeal was going to go. “Stay by me and remember-” 

 “Don’t touch anything, I know, mommy.” Sofia hopped up on the stool next to her mother and the two awaited for the doctor to come into the room. 

 It was barely a minute later when a woman came into the room, a stack of folders in her hand and frazzled look on her face. “Good morning, Miss-” the woman used one hand to adjust her glasses and the other to fumble for the file she needed most. “I-I mean Dr. Robbins.” she looked up, green eyes under thick glasses glimmering with a smile. 

 The woman dropped the pile of files to the side, straightened her pencil skirt and quickly read of Arizona’s file. “Well, Dr. Robbins, it seems you’re in here for a routine fitting for a new prosthetic.” 


 “Dr. Vitti.” The woman took a step forward and shook Arizona’s hand, just then noticing the tiny human sitting next to her. “And who is this?” 

 Sofia held out her hand with a dimpled smile. “I’m Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.” 

 “Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Sofia. Is this your mommy?” 


 “Okay, well, I’ll try to make this as short as possible!” 

 The new prosthetist asked her a few questions, but one of them caught Sofia’s attention. 


 Arizona narrowed her eyes. “Sofia…” she chastised. 

 “Can it be blue? Or some of it? Can my mommy’s new leg be blue? Please!” 

 Dr. Vitti grinned. “Arizona?” 

 The blonde chewed the inside of her cheek. “Okay. Just a little bit, though.” she looked at her daughter and, seeing the beaming smile on her face, knew it was the right choice. 

 “Blue is the best color. It’s my favorite color. And I love unicorns. And mermaids. Oh! Mommy, can you get a unicorn on your leg, too?” 

 “Well if your mom really wants-” 

 Arizona held up her hands. “Blue is fine.”

 “Hey,” Callie smiled when her wife finally came home. She placed her medical journal down, eyes never leaving her wife as she got ready for bed. “Sofia told me all about your new leg. I didn’t know unicorns were in season.” she laughed. 

 With a roll of her eyes, Arizona scoffed. “Ha ha, Calliope.” 

 When they were both under the covers and the lights were off, Callie took Arizona into her arms and kissed her forehead gently. “How are you doing?” 

 She knew appointments like this sometimes put Arizona into a bad funk, but each year it got better and better. “It was okay. It helped that Sofia was there. She made it,” Arizona smiled. “She made it fun. Unicorns and all. She really wanted it it to be blue.” she turned in Callie’s arms and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. “I love you.”  

 “I love you, too.” Another kiss. 

 “Did she ever tell you why her favorite color was blue?” Callie asked. 

 Arizona shook her head.

 “She came up to me one day and said, ‘Mommy has the prettiest eyes. I think it’s my favorite color. Yeah, blue. I love blue.’ It was so cute.” she chuckled. 

 Arizona was speechless, never hearing such a simple yet heart warming explanation. 

 “She is right. You have the most beautiful eyes, Arizona.” Callie said seriously. 

 It was dark, so Callie couldn’t see the blush that now spread across Arizona’s cheeks and neck. “You want to know what my favorite color is?” Arizona asked now looking deep into Callie’s eyes. 


 “Green. Like the girl at the coffee cart’s eyes. Wow-”

 Callie swatted Arizona away and laughed. “Shut up.” 

 Their bodies entangled together within seconds, smiles placed on both of their faces. 

Vernon (Seventeen) as Your Best Friend

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A/N: He’s my second bias but now I want him as my best friend dagnammit.

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  • @ him: Headlines, headlines // Him: *throws pillow at you*
  • He’d take ((or drag)) you to any concert consisting of Drake, T.I, J Cole, Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar
  • Frequent conversations in English. Duh.
  • “You suck at speaking Korean” even though you’re lowkey better than him
  • “Hey, Sofia misses you”
  • “I swear if you tickle me one more time…” // *tickles him anyway*
  • @ him: Stop acting cute in front of girl groups // Him: Should I act cute in front of you then?

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San Junipero

The situation: Callie sadly and unfortunately dies on the plane ride from New York to Seattle. After years of mourning Arizona remarries and Sofia, Arizona and Arizona’s partner all love each other. How does Calzona continue???

A/N: by the title, i think it’s pretty obvious where I went with this. I wrote this straight forward, non stop, so I hope it isn’t too terrible. 

 The year is 2020. Medicine was advancing quickly, ways of connecting the brain the soul were developing. It was innovative, it was inspiring, and it was something that Callie was inspired to be involved with. Previously–and unfortunately unable to continue–her work with censors a few years prior, Callie signed up for this new trial. She loved Sofia, but the tiny human was mostly at school and participating in after school activities and Callie wanted something…more.

“We’re calling it San Junipero.”

“What? San Junipero?” she laughed looking at the tiny device. They told her it would take her to another world, would separate her mind and body when she wanted to escape or when she could no longer do the things she wanted.


“So, how does it work?”

They explained the simple task and, Callie had to admit it sounded very intriguing. “There’s just one catch.”  

Callie singed one of the last forms, her signature ending with the click of the pen .”And what might that be?”

“The whole experiment is in Seattle. It will only be for a couple of weeks, but-”

“I’ll do it.”  

“I’ll be there soon, okay?” Callie said via face time. Sofia had went to Seattle a few days prior, Arizona’s time with her perfectly lining up with Callie’s trial. She decided to use her father’s private jet, the team that she would be spending a great deal of time with putting their things on the plane and making sure that they had the items necessary for this trial to be successful.

“The other half of our team will be in Seattle tomorrow but they still have a few things to do.”

Callie blew a kiss to her daughter and hung up, putting the phone into her pocket. She had to admit she was a little excited to be going to Seattle, to be seeing some of her old colleagues and even…Arizona.

“Are you ready to go, Dr. Torres?” the pilot said.

She took her phone out of her pocket once more to check the time, the picture of her and Sofia eating ice cream together with chocolate all over their faces making her smile goofily. “Yeah.”

Arizona sat in the front row, Callie’s father saying a few words about how amazing his daughter was, how brilliant and talented she was, how he was so proud of her. She hardly looked up, Callie’s body sitting in a sleek, oak coffin barely a hundred feet away. She held her daughter’s hand tightly, the little girl who looked so much like her mother, now painful to look at.

She felt empty, she felt lost. She still couldn’t believe that she was gone. She could not believe it.

A few more words were said, the last goodbyes uttered before Callie was lowered into the pure, clean earth six feet under.

“Are you okay?” Arizona looked over at her wife, blue eyes meeting blue. She wasn’t. She shook her head and turned to face the coffin that sank lower and lower into the ground. Her knuckles were a milky white, one hand in her new wife’s and the other in her now–biologically orphaned–daughter.

No. She wasn’t okay.

“So how do you feel about trying this thing out?”

Arizona sat at the breakfast table, her wife’s face covered by a holographic newspaper and fragile hands.

Arizona and Sofia have had this conversation on multiple occasions and it always ended with spiteful words and gritted teeth. They had never agreed on the topic at hand, and it had become increasingly harder to ignore as it’s popularity grew while the years passed.

“You already know how I feel.”

“Then you know what I’m going to say.” Sofia quipped. She sat down, setting a place of eggs, toast and jam in front of her mother before taking a sip of orange juice. Her brown eyes narrowed, her hair falling long down her back, much like her late mother’s.

“And you know what I think. I’m getting old Sofia. I think it’s about to I explore the horizons and…have some fun.”

“Why can’t you be like her and get why this is so idiotic?” Sofia said pointing to the other woman across the table. “This thing killed mama, mom. Don’t you get that? How can you even think about wanting to do this?”

Arizona’s grip on her fork tightened and she couldn’t help but flash her dulling blue eyes at her daughter. “The plane killed her Sofia. I know it’s hard for you to understand but-”

“No, actually, it’s not hard for me to understand. Mama got involved with a risky project and because of it, she died.”

It was deadly silent, Sofia’s face a dark shade of red from anger. The tv still played, the drips and drops from the sink still smacked against a dirty plate in the sink. It was normal as it had been every other morning, but every time they talked about this, the normal ambience became much louder.

“I’m going at 12. You can go with your step mother and me or you can end your vacation early and take the kids home. It’s up to you.”

Transitioning from her seat to a wheelchair, Arizona slowly wheeled herself outside and let the sun sink into her skin.

She just wanted to escape.

Arizona looked up at the doctor and smiled, her dimples barely visible from the deep lines of her wrinkled skin. “So I just show up someplace and what?”

The doctor chuckled. “You have a few hours to try it out, and, if things go well, we can discuss short term or long term options.”

Accepting that as an answer, Arizona shut her eyes and let the doctor place the tiny device on the side of her head. It was almost as if she easily fell asleep, her mind disoriented for a moment before she was suddenly in a familiar place.


After all these years, Arizona knew that voice. She could never forget it, no matter how hard she tried. Even if she practiced every day focusing on removing that soft tone from her memory, she didn’t think she’d ever be able to.

She spun around, seeing Callie with a surprised look in her eye. “C-Calliope?”

Callie took a step back and ran off, weaving and sliding through the small crowd. Arizona was shocked. She was bewildered, full of disbelief. Men laughed and women hollered while glasses were clinked with elated toasts and people she had never seen filled the bar.

Whipping her head in every direction she was able, Arizona was finally able to catch a glimpse of a familiar black leather jacket and followed her to the ladies’ bathroom.

Much like the first time they met, no one else occupied the small, damp space.

Callie was standing at the sink, her fist flying into the mirror leaving a large spider webbed crack. Though, within the blink of an eye, the shattered mirror was gone leaving a sobbing Callie behind.

Arizona took a step forward, still in doubt of the woman before her. “Is it really you?” she was unable to stop the knife that cut her words, tears drowning her tongue and leaving her chest heaving as grief and relief became one and took over.

Callie turned around and wiped under her eyes. “What are you doing here? I’ve been in hell for the past…” a sniffle. “I don’t even know how much time has passed.”

Arizona couldn’t help but throw herself into Callie’s arms. She felt her all around her, their heart beats thumping against each other, Arizona’s breath tickling Callie’s neck. “You’re in San Junipero. The trial worked.”

Stepping away, Arizona took Callie in. A hand raised to caress her face, blue eyes taking in every line and feature. “I thought I had lost you forever. You died.”

“I don’t know how I got here. I just remember them putting something in my head, me showing up here and never going back.”

“Calliope,” Arizona whispered.

Callie mimicked Arizona, caramel hands brushing over Arizona’s skin with ease. “I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve been so alone here.”

Arizona leaned in, their foreheads touching. “I promise, you won’t be alone anymore. I’m here. I know where to find you. And Sofia…”

Callie fell to her knees at the mention of her daughter’s name, a sob punching her chest. “Please tell me she’s okay.” Leaning down to her level, Arizona laughed and nodded, tears still running down her face. “She’s beautiful. She looks just like you, Callie. We have grandkids. All kinds of grandkids.”

Arms wrapped around crying bodies, Callie feeling a mixture of happiness and despair. She had missed everything and she didn’t even know it. She had missed Sofia. She had missed Arizona.

“Please, don’t go.”

“I have to leave in a few hours, but I promise I’ll be back. I’m not running away this time. I’ll find my way back.”

They were now face to face, hold each other’s hands in the first place they met. In Joe’s dirty bar bathroom. In San Junipero. In each other’s arms.

Their souls had found each other.


Colombians Ruling Showbiz

  • Shakira- singer, dancer, composer, humanitarian
  • Juanes- singer, composer, humanitarian
  • James Rodríguez- soccer player, model, top goal maker at FIFA’s   2014 Worldcup
  • Sofía Vergara- actress, model, covergirl’s spokesperson, best know as Gloria from Modern Family
  • Nina García- fashion journalist and ciritic, fashion director at ELLE     and MARIE CLAIRE magazines, best known as one of the judges in Lifetime’s Project Runway
  • Manolo Cardona- actor, best known as Teo Braga in USA network’s Covert Affairs and Tomás, Prince of Portugal in The CW’s Reign
  • John Leguizamo- actor, best known as Sid from Ice Age, Tolouse from Moulin Rouge, Tybalt Capulet from Romeo + Juliet, Javier from Kickass 2 and this year’s John Wick as Aurelio
  • Paulina Vega- 2015 Miss Universe
  • Diane Guerrero- actress, best know as Maritza from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and The CW’s Lina from Jane the Virgin
  • Carlos Valdés- actor, best know as Cisco Ramon from The CW’s The Flash