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Okay but like,,, the concept of crying. Imagine a bunch of aliens and they're chilling with a human, talking about families, and suddenly the human is leaking emotion??? And then they start talk like "I just /sniff snort/ miss my dog so much!! She's so beautiful and I wish she knew how much I loved her but she's a dog so she can't know" "I'm sure your miniature wolf highly values you..."

Yes!! And how tears have different chemical compositions depending on the emotions!! Absolute confusion for any alien

8th August ~ Water

Decided not to use the meaning of the element but rather the element itself,
because kiss in the rain~!

Vrains theories

The first episode finally was released subbed and wow it think this was the most intense starting ep yet, or at least the one with the most visible plot since Zexals and Arc-Vs plots started very subtle. Anyways here are my thoughts and theories about this first ep:

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Nightmares (Tony x Fem!Reader)

Character: Tony x Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Death, nightmares


Request: I hope Im not bothering you, I just wanted to ask u to write one in which the reader who is one of the avengers and lisves in the tower has horrible nightmare and tries to find someone to help her, she randomly enters Tony rooms and wakes him up crying and hugs him because she is super affraid and Tony inside is super happy and fluffie with her because he is secretly in love ? I hope u understand. Ill keep reading everything u do cause its great.. thank u

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Please… no… no, no, no…. please no! NO!

You jolted up in bed gasping. Tears flooded your eyes as the nightmare. You watched all the Avengers die… no, they’re alive… right? You knew you probably had this dream because of your upcoming mission in a few days. You always got scared that when you got back, something bad had happened. Last mission you had missed someone’s birthday… but never them dying.

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♥ Final Fantasy XV Appreciation Week 2 ♥

Day 5: Ladies’ Day or Character + Emotion (of your choice)

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*smooches* heyoo- how are you?? *sniff* I missed you qwq

AHHHH NELLY! 😢😢😍. I’m fine for now lol after come back to school, the hell will start again XD. And you???? Idk i missed you tooo 😢😢😘

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A few things: one, I love the new blog layout! It's pretty :D Two, YOUR FACE IS ADORABLE I'M SCREAMING YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL and three - is Jack filming an Anti video? I saw the return of the BlackShirt™

One, you really like it?! Thank you! It’s more my aesthetic tbh :)
And three, nah I highly doubt it. With the moving stress and him not wanting to overdue it, I don’t we’ll see Anti for a LONG time. Which sucks because we miss our demon boy //sniff

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darling,i miss your fatesona… sniff (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

I’ve been very busy prepping for con and haven’t been able to draw much fatesona stuff. orz||| Hopefully I can draw more fatesona stuff once cons are over.

i miss the little things about you 

Once upon a time little Rose went to visit her family in Hawaii, and Rose had this awesome cousin, he was always giving Rose piggy back rides and made Rose feel included and less shy around her other cousins. 

Rose had to go home and cried a bunch because she didn’t want to leave said cousin…

Yeah present Rose was thinking about her cousin today and decided to doodle him and a lil Rose bud…..

Rose is now very emotional and realizes she still misses her awesome cousin very much…..

Rose also keeps talking in third person for some reason…

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i dont do this a whole lot but i saw you talking about warrior cats and i wanted to tell you that i feel ya. like i was just talking about this yesterday and i shit you not i used to be part of a forum and all that shizzle. i think the only reason i didn't become a furry was because i could never draw cats. so yes i approve of your posts

dont let ur lack of ability stop u from achieving ur dreams, be the best goddamn furry you can be