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Tumblr hates fascists
  • Tumblr: *posts Brad Pitt memes about killing Nazis* The only good fascist is a dead fascist! I can't wait to smash'em!
  • Tumblr: *posts maudlin photosets of Obama's last days in the White House* Sniff... I miss how he strengthened the surveillance state, and expanded oversightless and illegal military action across the world, and how he protected rich oligarchs at the expense of the poor, used his bully pulpit to shame activists, imprisoned journalists and whistleblowers, and mandated that all Americans had to buy insurance from specific private corporations. He had US citizens murdered without trial based on his personal judgment too. He was so fucking classy! Where will we find a president like that again?!

♥ Final Fantasy XV Appreciation Week 2 ♥

Day 5: Ladies’ Day or Character + Emotion (of your choice)


The rules are absolute. The Goblet of Fire constitutes a binding magical contract. Mr. Potter has no choice. He is, as of tonight… a Triwizard champion.

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Dude, dont listen to them.. you have your own art style and its pretty diff. from scribs' And please dont delete your blog ;;-;; we'll all miss you T^T


Do you think that...

if Draco was born as a girl, he would have been raised a little differently? Like spoiled by Lucius because she is his precious little princess and taught by Narcissa how to become a proper lady? And since Draco would be taught by Narcissa, learn not to discriminate muggleborns much to Lucius’ displeasure. With Draco as Lucius’ little princess, he would tear out his hair in horror if the Dark Lord taints his baby. So at Platform 9 ¾ for Draco’s first year;

Lucius: Draco, sweetheart. Now if you see a man with no nose, make sure you stay far far away from him, do you understand? You never know who he might really be. Good. You have fun. Don’t tell mummy that I’ve packed extra sweets in your bag. Stay safe and love you.....be sure to owl me...a lot...cause daddy’s gonna miss you...*sniffs*...stay away from bullies--no. Attack if someone bullies you. You have my permission...and brush your teeth...*sniffs again*...because I know--*sobs*--you have the biggest sweet-tooth in the family.

Narcissa: *comes in* Lucius, darling? Why are you crying?

Lucius: *sniffs louder* Narcissa, can’t our little baby be home-schooled this year? What if Draco gets hurt? What if she gets bullied? What if she trips and fall down the stairs? By Morgana’s word, what if boys starts flirting with my little princess! Then they’ll start dating, start kissing, meet the parents. What if he’s not pure-blood? I will not have my baby be touched by a mud--

Narcissa: *glares*

Lucius: --muggleborn! They will be engaged! They will have to get married! They will have children! AND MY BABY WILL LEAVE ME? Narcissa, honey. Let’s bring Draco back home!

Narcissa: Oh Lucius, dear, you’re over-reacting.

i miss you a lot. quite warmly in fact. there’s a certain color that i haven’t seen since i left you, and it’s funny because it’s spring and there’s hues all around, but you. i’m missing you, and your awkward conversations and your upbeat comments and your hair that’s chocolate and i’m missing you, and your smile that doesn’t make sense, and your sense of laughter that reminds me of my favorite record - you are my favorite record. i know this now.  and i wish i could take us back to where we were, and i wish i could take back those shadows in your face, cause every time i see you, i can see a look of distaste. not at me, but at the galaxy, and it’s not fair, cause you deserve everything the universe could give, and i’ve always been one for giving but there’s something you have that i like, and i’m not so sure what it is, but i know for it i’ll fight. to the skin and bone and to all i have left behind, because you are the one thing i want to keep by my side. and i’m not so very good at cheering you up, like i was before, but i’ll try anyway with my lyrical prose.