miss right

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate suga's rap in "miss right"

How can a person be like this?
I start to feel like I’m the only one living in this world
You pass by my side
A sweet wind called you is blowing in my heart
Even if you don’t put on makeup
You’ll put on your perfume called Attraction
I never believed that there was a god
But now you make me believe because to me, you’re a goddess
Whether you’re young or old, whether you have a hidden child
I don’t care because I love you
If I’m with you, anywhere we go is a flower garden
Instead of holding designer bags, you hold my hand
Instead of jealousy and envy, you understand my nature
With you, I draw out my future
In between our couple shoes are a pair of baby sneakers


“…Yes, you’re my only girl
Neoneun naege choego…”