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Words: 4k

Genre: Fluff, Smut & a smidgen of angst

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Hoseok is the sun.

He is blazing warmth, smiling eyes and glowing cheeks; the golden rays luminescent on his skin and you can’t stop your heartstrings tugging, a fast rhythm missing one beat when he turns to you, a face that lights up and speaks your name.

The world seemed to revolve around him, everything in creation built and made. He is the brightest star, holding the adoration of countless and the center of your shared group of friends. Friends.

That’s what you were to him.

Someone who he could depend on without needing to return a favour, someone who he could spill all secrets to and not worry about slips of the lips to strangers; someone who he could share with all the girls whom he was infatuation with. He looked at you like a friend and you couldn’t help your softened eyes and gaze that lingered, even when he already looked away.

Hoseok is the sun.

But you are the rain.  

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AU in which that shin and louis (almost) kissing gif gets 100,000 notes and everyone is asking “what’s the name of the anime!!!!!” And the fandom is like “It’s king of prism” and the pretty rhythm fandom is like “lmao they’re going to be so disappointed bc it’s not a yaoi” and it starts getting popular but people find out it’s not a yaoi so they’re mad but there are people who still watch it anyway and it gets popular and there’s some people who say “it’s a fanservicey copy of yuri on ice don’t watch it!!!!!” and there’s lot of discourse. It gets fanart and animenewsnetwork starts reporting about kinpri.

Then people find out it’s a spin off of a magical girl and idol anime for girls. everyone is shocked. People watch rainbow live and start hating on the girls because “they’re useless” and because “they get in the way of their yaoi pairings”

why did they make that spinoff. urban legends start floating around. And the ones who have been here since pretty rhythm know that it’s bc a bunch of fans went to see the boys’ version of the Pripara movie. But they find all of those weird legends funny anyways so very few people bother to explain

What I’m saying is how the heck does pretty rhythm exist

FYI…and that’s why reading my hashtags explain why I say the things I say when I am awake, which is all the time. Therefore I am an elf. :)

@never-a-clever-username just did an interpret dance for me over video call and it was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day