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Have courage to walk away even if it means that it’ll break your heart.

-It will heal and so will you.


  • *phone rings*
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Horace:
  • Killer:
  • Horace: How does my hair look?
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Enoch:
  • Killer:
  • Enoch: So can I. Everyday. In the mirror. I don't see the point of this conversation.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Jacob:
  • Killer:
  • Jacob: Welcome. The person you tried to reach is currently on their way to South Carolina. Please try again later.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Hugh:
  • Killer:
  • Hugh: *wiggles eyebrows and looks out of the window* Then how come I've never seen you, mon cherie?
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Millard:
  • Killer:
  • Millard: Well... that is interesting.

i. I know I told you this, but I haven’t heard from you in a while and I just wanted to remind you that I left the ball in your court. That I will sacrifice my happiness and give you another chance, all you have to do is reach out and tell me you don't want to throw this friendship away. 

ii. So by the looks of it you are having a lot of fun with your new friends, don’t get me wrong I’m happy you found happiness. But I just want to make sure that this isn’t you escaping your past and letting these new friends be a band-aid for old wounds. I am here if you ever want to talk.

iii. I miss you. I can’t believe this happened again, that after reconnecting you chose to put me second again. You hurt me more than I thought. And I know I told you that you were hurting me, and you said you were sorry; but are you?

iv. Do you miss me? Or have you replaced me enough to forget me? Because I worry about you every day, your state of mind and if you’re being kind to yourself. But when I picture how you’re spending your day, I can't imagine you missing me. 

v. I am no stranger to the notion of people leaving me. I have been told ‘forever’ only for 'forever’ to expire later on. This isn’t new for me, missing people is almost routine for me. But you linger more than others. You creep up on me. 

vi. I thought I would be able to move on, because you hurt me so bad. But turns out you too are a bad addiction of mine that I just can’t shake.

—  Texts I would text you if I ever got drunk enough and brave enough.

#dgraymanweek || Day 2: Lonely Boy

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Best jokes to come out of TFP

- The stagehands that had to set up Eurus Edgelord Holmes’ various dramatic traps
- Mary’s gigantic dvd collection
- Attributing the groundbreaking/television history/rugpull comments to some completely ridiculous thing that happened during the episode
- Mycroft’s adventures in being OOC 
- The Moriarty reaction gifs 
- Johns missing feet
- Quotes from Mark & Steven a year ago self dragging Mark & Steven now

stupidships3335  asked:

I'm sorry I've been missing days, I'm really stressed with homework that was due weeks ago, writing fics, trying to be healthy, and the bomb. REJECTION! You have married an Icarus, he has flown too close to the sun. Piss off, I'm watching the show now.

That’s fine! I missed these quotes but life is important to do as well. If you have stuff to do, don’t worry about missing a day or two. This is literally one of my favorite Angelica lines honestly. And George Eacker…I mean this is a funny line but I don’t like that guy.

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