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Shoutout to anyone who ships something problematic to cope.

Shoutout to anyone who ships something problematic for fun.

Shoutout to anyone who ships almost exclusively problematic ships.

Shoutout to anyone who prefers pure ships but doesn’t bother people who don’t.

Shoutout to anyone who used to be an anti but ended up loving something the others said was problematic.

Shoutout to anyone who just loves their fandoms and loves to ship in them.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Don't take my lawn decorations.

I had purchased my first home in a slightly lower class area of town, which is pretty close to an even lower class area of town. (Think slightly ghetto a mile from absolute trailer trash.) I know most of my immediate neighbors, since most of them are pretty loud and I’d rather be friendly with them than have them be my enemy.

Some local kid likes to go around collecting trash in his free time. A real nice kid, does it for really no reason. Whenever I see him, I usually get him a drink, lemonade or soda so he can stay hydrated. (California is hot.) Sometimes I give him a few dollars, I offer the kid $30 a month to mow my lawn 2x a month. So, kid has a gig for small, but consistent income.

The kid takes a lot of pride in his work. He mows the lawn, pulls weeds, moves rocks out of the driveway, and just makes my place look extra nice, even though I don’t even ask him to do any extra work. This guy is great.

This goes on for a few years, kid is now a senior in highschool. Family is not doing so great, dad just lost his main source of income, and mom had accumulated debt which put a lot of stress on their failing marriage. Mom was abusive verbally and sometimes physically to both the kid, and the Father. But the kid keeps on walking, doing work, volunteering and being a real happy, up beat dude.

Despite his troubles at home, the kid starts buying lawn decorations. Mostly small, little gnomes, some decorative rocks, and bird bath, and he decorates my yard. It looks amazing, but I knew he must have spent a lot of his own money on that. I try to reimburse him, and he denies. He won’t take it.
I know he needs a car, and I was about to get a newer one for myself, so I gave my mine for free. It really was the least I could do for this guy for everything he has done for me.

A few weeks later, a drunk driver T bones the kid, and he dies on the scene. I was devastated, his parents were devastated, and they soon after got a divorce.

They were fighting over who gets what, and the father discovers that the mother had a drug addiction she had been hiding. Straight out of left field. She wants everything they had, and she lawyers up to fight the battle. Due to the debt the mother had accumulated on the father’s bank account, he had really no money. And nobody knew where she got her money from.
As sad as it is, it’s not my affair. Until she sent me a letter claiming that the yard decorations are rightfully hers, and that she will take them “or else”. Now, this is a problem.

I get it, you lost your only child. You’re in a lot of pain as a parent. But you were never a good parent to him. I was closer to him than you, by a long shot.
So, I had a meeting with the father, and told him not to worry about the court costs. I decided I was going to fund him in court.

Long story short about their divorce battle, but he wins, and gets to keep everything, and even gets a restraining order on her. He then files for credit card fraud, and puts all the debt on her.

I heard from the father that she was recently arrested for driving while drunk, and was search and has a decent stash of meth on her. She is currently awaiting trial for that, while the father is living a life now relatively stress free.
And I got to keep my lawn decorations.
RIP Johnathan. You are missed.

how choice-splaining works
  • pro-life woman: when i had a high risk pregnancy that could have killed me, no one was supportive of my refusal to abort and my doctors were cold to me
  • pro-life woman: i got pregnant in high school, and every one treated me like a dropout even though i worked hard to graduate
  • pro-life woman: no one told me about where i could get access to baby supplies, only where the closest PP was
  • pro-life woman: my doctor pressured me to abort when my unborn child was diagnosed with DS and i had a hard time finding a supportive OB/GYN
  • pro-life woman: i had to fight for my Title IX rights when i had a baby and my professor wouldn't let me redo a test i missed due to labor
  • pro-life woman: i really think abortion has negatively affected women's welfare for these reasons
  • pro-choicer: ummm actually, abortion has nothing to do with those things and pro-choicers care about other stuff besides abortion too????? so shut up :)

With a good caregiver the answer is “indoor cats have a better quality of life,” hands down.

An outdoor cat has the benefit of entertaining themselves, they can engage in natural behaviors such as climbing, digging, hunting, and sunning. If they’re a social cat, they may enjoy the company of other neighborhood cats.

However, they would be exposed to more daily stress. Stress scurrying across the road with a car barreling down, stress from trying to keep other cats off their turf, stress from coming across native predators or dogs.

It’s also more difficult to monitor health of an outdoor cat, so although they may enjoy hunting and digging they won’t enjoy having worms. They won’t enjoy struggling to pee, or being constipated, which their owner may not pick up on because they do most of their business in the neighbors garden.

Their deaths are often less “quality” as well, the reason free-roaming cats tend to live shorter lifespans is because of trauma and illness. They may enjoy sunning themselves, but wouldn’t enjoy dragging themselves to the side of the road to die because they chose the wrong patch of asphalt. They may enjoy climbing, but wouldn’t enjoy it if a bird of prey snatches them off a branch.

Indoor cats with inadequate owners will become bored, depressed, and often destructive. If fed poorly they’re more likely to be obese or develop health issues such as renal, thyroid, or urinary problems. This is, clearly, not a good quality of life.

However this can easily be remedied by providing an enriching environment using cat shelves, crinkle tunnels, cat trees, scratching posts, etc. and engaging in daily interactive enrichment.

If the cat craves the authenticity of an outdoor experience enclosures can be purchased or made, or they can be harness trained to safely enable their desire to roam. Ways to bring authentic outdoor fun inside is providing f/t feeder chicks or rodents, letting them hunt purchased feeder insects, or providing a dig box with soil from the yard if it’s pesticide free.

It’s also easier to monitor a cats health. Cats tend to hide if they’re ill, being around them all the time gives you a better feel for their behavior and if somethings off. It’s also easier to monitor their litter use and urine / stool health, which is often an early warning sign. Being able to notice the issue sooner means less time the cat is suffering, and if it’s a serious health issue the cat then has a better chance of recovery.

The quality of death is often better, a well-cared for indoor cat is most probably going to die of age or from euthanasia.

So the quality of life for an outdoor cat may be situationally better than the quality of life of an indoor cat who has a unqualified owner, but an indoor cat with an owner who knows what they’re doing and is willing to put the time and effort into having a pet isn’t missing any of the “pros” an outdoor cat experiences but is spared the “cons” both the outdoor cat and the poorly owned indoor cat suffer.

If quality is the deciding factor for I would suggest looking through this testimony from behaviorists, veterinarians, and other experts who encourage indoor cats and reading the part of the FAQ discussing the Indoor Cats Are Depressed myth.

Walking out of the bathroom of your apartment; your boyfriend Finn not acknowledging your new custom designed Balor shirt that Sasha’s husband had designed for you. Taking matter into your own hands, you shimmy out of your shirt, but he still doesn’t have your attention. Apparently chatting with Rollins is more exhilarating than his own girlfriend, in her fullest glory with her “Bella Twins” barely clinging on to that lacy bra that drives Finn cray. You ball up your shirt in frustration, throwing it to Finn’s face.”Y/N what the fuck . . .” Finn was cut short when he saw you in nothing but a bra and a pair of skinny jeans. His eyes hungrily traced your upper body; more specifically your breasts.”Hey dude, are you still there. . .Hello. . .” Finn threw the phone aside, wasting no time in kissing you.”God, I love dese babies.” Finn buried his head in your boobs, kissing and caressing them.”These are mine, only mine, understood.” You nod, chills traveling down your spine as Finn fumbles with your bra. He lifts you, his hands groping your ass, and your legs wrapped around his rock hard erection.”What is this?” Finn asks untangling your balled shirt.”Sarath designed it for me. He spent week adding every detail necessary to make it as perfect as possible for tomorrow.” You respond. He lifts it up in front of his face, admiring every detail there is.”Why’d you take it off love? I bet it looks better on than off.” Finn combs your hair to the side, then slides the material down to your belly.”Damn.” Finn sighed, his eyes glued to your shirt.”You know how I say I love you better naked. . . Well I totally change my mind now because this shirt the way it’s cute off to make you show cleavage and all the gems attached to it. . . OH.” Finn tackles you down.”It just makes me want to fuck you more.” Finn’s thirty lips meets your.”Yeah, so I can sense that there will be a lot of daddy, demon references and definitely a lot screaming so I will just. . .hang up.” We had totally spaced out and forgot Seth was still online.

So after much deliberation I’ve decided,, I’m here to teach u how to wreck bloodborne bosses, no sweat nor tears nor fun
so first up, i’ll teach u the electric boogaloo with our favorite sparkle dog Paarl and Detective Annie on the side lets go

few things about Severus Snape

1- He was one of the few teachers to never put a student in mortal danger.

2- He walked in a “twitchy manner” as a teenager

3- His patronus was of a different gender than him (i wanna say he’s the only character that has that but i’m not sure)

4- Hermione noted that he had feminine handwriting as a student

5- he resembled his mother, but got his hooked nose from his father

6- he’s the only character depicted wearing womens clothing (twice)

7- Unlike slughorn, he always pointed out his students mistakes and how to correct them (admittedly rather rudely) 

8- Throughout the series, we’ve never seen him laugh.ever.

9- if Voldemort was really the best legilimen in the world, then Severus is the best occlumen in the world

10- Aside from Voldemort, he was the only other character capable of unsupported flight 

11- In the first book, he was the only teacher who noticed that harrys broom was being cursed and did something about it

12- He was obviously good with riddles, both solving and writing them. and apparently making them rhyme (idk how significant  this is but it amuses me)

13- He was suicidal after lilys death (perhaps even before it, the man didn’t exactly have a good life)