miss pin up


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

I’d like to think that, in those first few months when the lab is hastily abandoned without a trace of the atrocities committed and otherwordly horrors revealed inside, Hopper manages to find his way through to that sorry excuse for a kid’s room and snag the pitiful lion plush with the matted fur and smudged glass eyes left on the hospital bed like a discarded memory. He gets home when she’s fallen asleep, curled into the tiniest ball she can muster on the couch (still sleeping there despite his repeated invitations to let her have the master bedroom to herself). Hopper tucks it gently against her arm and silently retreats to his room. In the corner of the closet, buried under classic vinyl records and crumbling newspaper clippings, a plush tiger matted in dust with smudged glass eyes peers back at him with the same pitiful gaze, and he retires himself to silent sobs on the balcony in the freezing night air 

After class once upon a time,

T:*Lecturing me about my new boyfriend*

T: “Y'know, when you start talking to a guy about another guy, they will get jelous.”

Me: “And are you?”

T: “what?? Haha..no. I have no reason to be.”

Me: “Then why are you lecturing me?”

T: *sighs* “Okay, but im not THAT jelous.”

Me: ‘ah.’

T:“Im just giving you advice, okay? As a man..i know these things.”

Me:“Ookay, Dork.”

T:“Okay, weirdo.”