miss payzer

(This post is not to bash you or any of the like. I did NOT in any way say that you can’t like other bands other than One Direction.)

Don’t get me wrong. I find Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum hot as fuck. But is it really fair to the One Direction boys if you guys leave them for a new band? Yes, they’re younger and you still might have a chance with them. But those 5 boys were there for you before 5SOS was. Admittedly, I don’t find 5SOS special, well, not in the way that I found One Direction special, at least. No hate there. But I will support them because my five idols believe in their talent. And that is enough for me.

But to those directioners who completely switched to the 5SOS family, you will be deeply missed. I hope that those 4 boys will take care of you like how our 5 boys did. I hope they make you happy the way One Direction did. I hope they treasure you the way your past family did. You may have left home already, but when you want to come back, your sisters from this fandom will be waiting.

To the Niall girls: I hope they shower you with selfies that will trigger all your damn feels in motion. I hope that when they make it big, they’ll jump up and down from joy. I hope that they will look at you like the princesses that you are.

To the Zayn girls: Well, damn. I hope they look at you guys like you’re the only ones keeping them alive. i hope that they’ll be there for you when you need them the most. And most importantly, I hope they’ll pour their hearts out in songs that they sing for you.

To the Liam girls: I hope that if time comes that your fandom breaks apart, they will be there to glue you guys back together. When people bash you left and right, I hope that they’ll be right behind you to protect you from everything. And I hope that they’ll communicate with you guys in any chance they get.

To the Harry girls: I hope that they’ll be your sunshine in your darkest days. I hope that whenever you guys feel like giving up, they’ll be there to prove to you that things do get better. I hope that they will encourage you to continue dreaming and that through your own will, you’ll get through all the challenges in life.

To the Louis girls: I hope that they can sass away your haters. Whenever the whole fandom seems boring as hell, I hope they pop out of nowhere to prove to you guys that you aren’t forgotten and that you are loved. I hope that they give you their all even when they’re broken inside. And I hope they make you happy, even when they aren’t.

To those 4 boys: Take care of my sisters. Give them what they deserve. Congratulations! You’re on your way to ultimate stardom, and I hope that you’ll take care of the family we, the directioners, cherished. 

I felt emotional today so…